Income League Review – An Inside Look!

INCOME LEAGUE honest review

This review focuses on a new product called "Income League", by Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis, and I am going to show you inside the member's area and tell you what I think about this training.

Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis are well-known marketers and their success cannot be questioned but is this training any good?

Will you make money by using the strategies they suggest?

I have purchased a copy, for $47, and I am now going to digest the training material inside to assess if I think it's going to help you make money online as an affiliate marketer.

I will talk about the strategies they suggest and the traffic sources they tell you to use. I also talk about whether or not this will give you a recurring and sustainable income.

My Overall Rating:

Program Name: Income League


Price: $47 + upsells

Owner: Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis

What is Income League?

The money making methods they show you are going back to the basics. They teach you how to send traffic to a very simple opt-in page where you collect somebody's email address.

The training then goes on to discuss and show you how you can use email marketing to follow up with promotions which will increase your conversions.

The products you are promoting are from ClickBank, and this is in the "make money online" (MMO) niche.

All the training is laid out in a very easy to follow fashion and is tailored for a newbie affiliate marketer.

The member's area comes with a clever piece of software which will automatically link your autoresponder to their premade opt-in forms which are highly converting.

Your only job is to send traffic to these opt-in forms, and then you can start making commissions when people by the products you are promoting.

Pretty simple, right?

Is the training high quality?

There is roughly 90 minutes worth of training included in the basic package which I purchased, there is more, but you need to buy the upgrades (OTO's) to get access - totalling over $500 if you them all!

There is also an additional two hours of YouTube videos where Jamie Lewis talks more about making money online as an affiliate marketer. However, those videos are more about self-promotion with outdated videos, as opposed to teaching you anything.

The core training itself is more than adequate and gives you a good insight into the method they teach you.

Matthew does a good job of explaining about ClickBank, tracking links and how to integrate your Get Response email autoresponder with the software they have inside.

You also get clear instructions on how to get traffic and how to integrate your promotions with ad placements and the suggested traffic sources.

The traffic sources they recommend

The training suggests traffic sources like:

  • Solo ads
  • Network advertising
  • Ad swaps
  • Warrior Forum classified advertising

These traffic sources are legitimate and perfectly fine to use, but they are costly and also can be very untargeted.

For example:

The network advertising company they suggest you use,, is very cheap for a reason because the traffic you get is most likely going to be low quality.

If you skim through the websites which are a part of that ad network, you will very quickly see that they are of a spammy and low-quality nature. I would not be surprised if the majority of their clicks would be bots or some automated service. This would, of course, result in either no email opt-ins or fake email addresses.

I will be running a case study where I do run some traffic from these types of ad networks to see what traffic is like.

The other sources they recommend are very expensive, such as solo ads or Warrior Forum ads.

Solo ads will very quickly cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and due to the second-rate nature of the emails you will get, as most people will use a spam email address which they never check, it means that your list is going to be littered with substandard emails.

You would then have to continuously chase the money to recoup the investment you made with the solo ad vendor in the first place.

Should you not make your money back you are then immediately on the defensive to try and chase the money and get back into profit.

Equally placing adverts on places like the Warrior Forum cost $20+ per advert, which again, would be very expensive if you do not write a good ad copy for your advert. You would have to make two sales, minimum, to make your money back!

Given the fact that you are going to be advertising ClickBank products, which aren't going to be newsworthy or anything special, your classified adverts are very unlikely to draw much attention.

Overall I feel that the traffic sources they recommend are perfectly reasonable but for a newbie, they are going to be very expensive because the learning curve is very steep.

That means that anybody who tries to make money using this method are very likely to fail due to the massive budget needed. Couple that with the mistakes they are going to make is improbable they will see success.

The monetisation method they suggest

The primary monetisation method they recommend is email marketing, which is perfectly acceptable.

Email marketing is still the number one way of making money online. The idea is that you use the solo ads and other traffic sources they recommend to drive traffic to opt-in forms which you use to collect email leads.

You would then promote offers to these prospects via email in the following days.

The problem here is that they don't teach you how to write emails.

That will present another huge stumbling block because you need to learn how to write simple but effective email copy.

There is also the issue of how to use an autoresponder and how to create automated sequences.

You also need to learn to segment your lists into buyers and capture people who will become long-term customers, but this is not covered in the basic training.

My guess is this is something you need to upgrade to learn, but once again, this will lead down a road where you will have to buy yet another upgrade, which will lead to another upgrade requirement.

What the training doesn't tell you!

What the training doesn't tell you is that you are going to be promoting very low-quality products.

If you take a look around the dashboard inside the member's area, you can see that it is covered with banners for other services, and they also mention a few inside the training, such as Viral Cash App.

I reviewed Viral Cash App not long ago, and it is a very low-quality product, so why in Gods name would anybody promote it?

Do you want to be known as somebody who promotes mediocre services which are not going to help anybody make money online?

This is why you need to be very wary of people like Matthew Neer.

Income League inside the members area

Inside the members area

Why you can't trust Matthew Neer.

If you take a closer look at some of the videos he creates, Matthew talks about link tracking and you can see some of the products which he has promoted in the past.

By looking at the stats, you can see that he has promoted products such as

He says, "All these ones are the different offers we've been promoting".

Plus many others which I have reviewed personally and I can tell you they are all extremely low-quality products, which follow the same pattern of pressurised upgrades and misleading information.

So, bearing that in mind, would you want to learn from somebody who promotes and actively sells products of this nature?

Trust is a significant cornerstone of most people's businesses and why would you want to be associated with somebody who promotes junk like this?

That is why you need to be wary of people like Matthew Neer because they literally promote anything they can because of the super high commissions they earn from those product vendors.

They are of course perfectly entitled to promote anything they want, it's a free country and a free world, but when it comes down to the basics and your eagerness to learn: How can you trust what Matthew & Jamie are teaching you is correct if they're willing to sell junk?

Did They Fake Their Demo & Sales Figures?

I spotted something interesting as I watched the tutorials inside the "Click By Click Demo" section of the training.

The videos show Matthew setting up an advert on AdHitz and he immediately makes sales.

NOTE - this is purely my opinion here and this is my interpretation of this video. If I have misunderstood what I have seen, please do let me know so I can correct this. But, to the best of my knowledge, this is what I discovered.

Here are a series of screenshots from their tutorial videos where they show you "live" how they make hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours!

income league lie 1

As you can see from the screenshot above, Matthew, has created a fresh ClickBank account and is preparing to show us how to set up link tracking and create the optin form to capture the email leads.

Make note of the time and date - 21st August! 6.44PM!

income league lie 2

Next, as seen above, you are shown how to add a tracking code to your link on the ClickBank dashboard. The link being tracked is "ADHITZ2" - remember this tracking ID.

income league lie 4

That same tracking ID is then added to the ClickMagick tracking software. As you can see the same tracking code. So far, so good.

income league lie 5

You are then shown how to create a text advert on the ad network of AdHitz. You can see the same tracking code/affiliate link is being used. The advert is then LIVE and Matthew says he will come back later and check the results.

income league lie 7

An hour later, Matthew returns. Check the time in the screenshot above. You are then shown the sales results and, sure enough, there are a couple of commissions showing on the sales dashboard inside ClickBank.

income league lie 88

You are then shown inside the "Reporting Dashboard" where you can clearly see that the tracking ID is the "ADHITZ2" which was allocated to the advert he created an hour prior.

income league lie 9

Only an hour later, there are another few sales which brings the total to over $200 in just a few short hours.

income league lie 100

Once again, you are shown inside the Reporting Dashboard and you can clearly see that the "ADHITZ2" link is responsible for the sales. However, here is where I spotted something fishy!

income league lie 11

This is the following morning when Matthew show you even more profits, you can see it is now the 22nd! The next morning! See image above!

income league lie 133

The next morning, check the time and day, you are shown inside the tracking dashboard. The dates selected are up to and including the 21st August, which are the dates we need.

There were only 4 unique clicks to that advert which was created with the "ADHITZ2" tracking code.

All the sales which were shown come from 2 people + their upgrades.

Here is the question I would put to you right now!

Are you telling me that Matthew managed to generate $250+ in the space of 4 hours from a 100%
COLD traffic source (text advert) and achieve a 50% conversion rate from 4 clicks?????

Not only that but those 4 clicks, and two sales, also converted on the upsells and basically purchased the whole funnel?

What do you think? Do you think this seems a little bit, "Too good to be true?" Leave a comment below!

Will you make money by using the "income league" strategies?

The basic principle behind what they teach you is correct. However, the execution here is tailored for one thing, to make you buy more upgrades, nothing more.

The training is short, sweet and to the point but the problem is that a newbie affiliate marketer is very unlikely to see success from this purely because of the gaps left in training and the low-quality services you are going to be promoting.

Due to the lack of training with email marketing and list segmentation and so on, coupled with the high cost of advertising and traffic sources, I see it as an improbable event that anybody will make money using the strategies.

It Income League A Scam?

Products like this are tailored for one person, a beginner.

Unfortunately, any beginner who buys this is quite likely to fail and spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in the process on wasted solo adverts and second-rate network advertising.

Leads they will collect are very likely going to be low-quality and due to their own inexperience they are likely going to make some huge mistakes, which is normal, and give up on the process.

I think this review shows that, even though Income League is not a scam, it is tailored for one thing and one thing only: To make you buy another upgrade, followed by another upgrade.

This is a classic example of emotionally driven sales pages and funnels where you are filtered down and forced and pressured into buying more training and more useless services which ultimately lead down the path to no results and no commissions.

Therefore, I cannot recommend you buy this.

I hope you found my review helpful and please do leave a comment below if you any questions regarding income league.

  • September 13, 2018

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