30 Minute Money Methods Scam Review!

In this review, I will be covering a product called 30 Minute Money Methods which was released in October 2017.

According to the sales page you can make hundreds of dollars in just 30 minutes. Generally speaking, these kind of claims are hugely hyped up but I will see what happens when I buy this product.

I based this review on my personal experience as a paid customer of this product. My finding as as follows;

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

The sales page is misleading and the product is of little value. You are essentially paying over the odds for some very basic training material on how to make money online. More details are in this post below.


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My Personal Experience

Once I paid for this product and made my way through the upsells I was quite disappointed when I saw the content of the members are. There are four training sections, which I will talk about further down in this post, and they are very poor quality and hold no relevance to what was said in the sales video.

All of these methods shown require you to have a website, which is a very valid point, as you do need a source of reference and somewhere to showcase yourself and what you are capable of. But the hosting provider she recommends has incredibly poor ratings, personally I have never heard of it, and the link is an affiliate link.

This means Shelly will earn another $100+ if you use this hosting provider. There is nothing wrong with recommending a service to earn commissions, that's how I make money too, but it seems this whole product is set up purely for that one purpose with no consideration of the quality of the actual content.


Shelly claims to have an inside source, not sure exactly where, who has identified a gap in the market. This gap will increase your earnings from $500 to $5,000 per week, according to Shelly.

Shelly goes on to explain that she is earning about $35,000 per week using this secret method. 

She keep saying how secret it is, trying to make you think it is top secret, even though this is available to everyone.

Not very top secret if you are selling it on for $100, Shelly!

I passed on the upsell, despite how 'time sensitive' this offer is...

The downsell, which inevitably follow, offers you a 52% discount which brings the price down to $47.

30 minute money method upsell 1

Upsell No.1

The there is another upsell which offers to automate the whole process for you. According to the sales page you sit back and watch the profits come in on "100% Autopilot". Once again, I declined this opportunity.

This automation offer is also accompanied by another downsell, once you decline the offer, which offers you a $30 discount. I truly hope this is the last upsell.


There are 4 training sections inside the members area.

This is where I was genuinely shocked at what I found. I was expecting this to be a bit different than what I found.

The 'training' is just a set of four PDFs. Inside the training pages you are given a brief overview of the following topics.

30 minute money method inside members area

I am not even kidding. These are the '30 minute money making methods'. I will not go into detail about what is inside them because that material belongs to Shelly but you can make an educated guess here.

There is not a single item in here which will make you $500 in 30 minutes, let alone the $35,000 Shelly claims to make. I had to double check if I bought the right product.

The training PDFs are basically a lengthy introduction to all these various topics. There is no detailed guide on how to do any on them because each and every one method inside is an entire training module on it's own. This cannot be summarized in a 1,000 word paragraph inside a PDF.

I am genuinely confused here because the sales video does not even relate to anything inside the members area. 

Is this legitimate?

In my opinion, the sales page is completely misleading and the training that is provided is nowhere near adequate. This product is legitimate as there is no scam here and the information in the training is accurate but it is just such super low quality!

The sales page even uses fake testimonials from Fiverr.com to try and convince you that there are real people making money from this service.

30 minute money methods fake testimonials
30 minute money methods fake testimonials fiverr

Will You Make Money?

No. If you buy this product hoping to make $5000 per week, as the sales video promises, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

The methods shown are all valid methods of making money online but every single one takes time and effort to build a customer base and build your reputation within each niche.

Each method requires a great deal of effort and consistency to produce a long term profit. Why Shelly thinks you can make money in 30 minutes from any of these is beyond me.

Have you used this product? What are your thoughts? Please comment below!

  • November 24, 2017

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