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Turn Your Passion
into an online business.

Have You Ever Considered... 
Making Money From Your Hobby?

​Hi, guys! My name is Philip and let me start by welcoming you to my simple blog.

If you have a serious hobby or passion which you would like to turn into a high authority niche website then keep reading, because I can make it happen for you.

I can help mentor you on how to create a blog which will showcase your knowledge and make you money!

Not just any blog or website! A site which is 100% genuine, high quality and most of all, created from scratch by YOU.

I would like to share with you the secret to creating a blog online which makes money. This is not a get rich scheme. This is a long-term, rewarding and sustainable income stream.

philip www.ipoopcash.com

Philip - Creator of IpoopCash.com

You can read
more about me here.

What Is This All About!?


Choose and Interest


Build A Website


Attract Visitors


Earn Revenue


STEP 1 - Choose An Interest!

Your first step is to choose an interest to write about. Usually this is something that you are passionate about - such as running, yoga, a hobby or a passion that you love to talk about and have a solid interest in.

Everyone is an expert at something - even though you may not know it!

You know we all have that friend who you call when you need help with your computer or diet tips, or perhaps help with your garden plants? What are you passionate about? What gets you excited and gives you joy in your life?

Did you know that over 25,000 people searched Google for "How To Learn Spanish" last month? People are seeking information on BILLIONS of keywords in the search engines, every day!

So, basically, you can make money online with ANY topic or niche that you choose!

No Experience Needed!

Regardless of your experience level, I can help you build a website and turn it into a money making machine – over time of course. Nothing is as easy as it seems, however with a little bit of determination you will succeed!


STEP 2 - Build A Website!

Once you have chosen your niche, you need a website. A WordPress website is stupidly easy to create - takes about 30 seconds!

Your website is the foundation of your business. This is where you will create all your content and drive visitors to.

This probably sounds very complicated, I know but it really is quite straight forward.

I can show you all the ins & outs of how to manage your plug-ins, theme, widget and much more.

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There are countless ways to drive traffic, and REVENUE, to your website. All you need now is to be educated on how to do it. That's where I come in!


STEP 3 - Attract Visitors!

Once you have created your website, you need visitors. There a BILLIONS of Internet users worldwide and they are all looking for information on products, services and life itself!

Driving organic, free and natural traffic to your website is the fundamental training you will get when you join me.

Google & Bing (Yahoo) will provide your website with endless, FREE, visitors once you have created an abundance of valuable and creative content on your website.

Do not worry about "Am I smart enough?" ..or.. "Do I know enough about my topic?", because you will see very quickly that you are in fact already an authority figure within your niche - you just don't realise it yet!

seo ipoopcash

I will show you how to use some advanced tools to give you that "edge" you need to get a head start on your competition.


STEP 4 - Earn Revenue!

Once you start getting traffic to your website you can monetize your blog posts and pages. This involves placing appropriate affiliate links on your content.

There are over 100,000 affiliate programs you can join and they all offer incredible commission on any product you can image. I kid you not, you can get commission on any product you can think of!


Buying product online has now become so normal that we buy without even thinking about it. It used to be a case of "buying online" was a novelty and new but today, it is as common as a bag of chips.

That is why it can be so lucrative for people who are willing to put in a little bit of effort because there are always new products coming out, new trends and new ideas being spread across the globe.​


If you are looking for "quick cash" then this is not for you. I am looking for people with an honest, serious and long term mentality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"Is This For Me?"
I am looking for people with a passion or a hobby.

Someone who is willing to turn a topic they love into an authority website that creates a monthly income stream.

"How Long Will It Take?"
When creating a blog from scratch it usually takes 2-6 months before you start seeing a regular income.

This depends on chosen niche and how much effort YOU are willing to put in.

"What Will I Learn?"
I will be with you from your very first blog post to your first sale as an affiliate marketer.  
No stone will be unturned.

"Is This For Real?"
Yep, I am for real! The advice and foundation training is widely recognised on the Internet as one of the best available.

"Will I Be Alone?"
No! I will be with you every step and so will everyone else at the community.

At any point, you need help, you can contact me directly.

"How Much Does It Cost?"
To create a website is completely free!No hidden costs, no credit card required.

You get full access for 7 days and then there is a monthly fee of $49 - OR – you can just keep using the free service! It is that simple.