One of the biggest hurdles a beginner affiliate marketer face is understanding how to construct high converting sales funnels.

With an endless choice of page builders, buttons, shortcodes, plug-ins and integrations it is a very overwhelming process to understand how to funnel a prospect from an email subscriber to a paying customer, or even as cold traffic to an email lead. 

What happens is that 95% of of ALL newbies end up buying multiple "strategies" and "methods" but they never truly understand how to put together a sales funnel to effectively promote that particular strategy or method.


You also need to understand how to utilize boost pages properly, thank you pages, tracking pixels, HTML scripts and a whole host of mind-bending jargon which 95% of newbies just can't wrap their head around!

Enter Jaykay Dowdall's "Funnelize"...

There is a new training module out by JayKay, called FUNNELIZE, which addresses this problem.

The training consists of eight hours of video tutorials which guide you from the basics of understanding how to structure a funnel, to the more advanced sales funnel where you are promoting high ticket offer.

This training suitable for any level, even if you think you have a lot of experience because the user-friendly nature of JayKay Dowdall's training modules mean that everybody can learn incredibly valuable and profitable tips from the Funnelize training module.

In this review, I'm going to give a detailed look inside the training to illustrate why this training is so crucial for your online business so you can grow your email list and start gaining some real traction in your online journey.

However, this is not a training module on how to use page builders, autoresponders or WordPress; this is purely about the structure of your entire sales funnel and how you can retarget your audience to bring them back to your sales pages.

In other words, you NEED to learn this knowledge to understand how to build your sales funnels; otherwise you are wasting a lot of your time creating sales pages and funnels which are never going to convert well enough!

You will learn in-depth techniques and conversion tips to capture people imagination, their attention and, not surprisingly, their email address.

jaykay dowdall funnelize training

What is FUNNELIZE About?

The training is a comprehensive beginner-friendly video based tutorial series which walks you through 8 lucrative sales funnels which are designed to help you:

  • build an email list
  • increase email open rates
  • increase email engagement rates
  • sell mid to low ticket products
  • increase lead conversion rates,
  • launch products,
  • selling high ticket offers,
  • and much more.

The purpose of the training is to help newbie affiliate marketers master the art of sales pages, customer engagement and to increase their optin rates.

With over 30 videos and 25 PDFs, not to mention a whole collection of cheat sheets and the Facebook Group access, you will get a true helping hand in increasing sales and email subscribers.

There are also numerous case studies which give a detailed account of how to use these sale funnels to the utmost efficiency to generate 4,5 or even 6 figure money making funnels.

All the tutorials are broken down into easily digestible parts, accompanied by PDF documents, walkthroughs and cheat sheets to aid you in your learning.

Who is JayKay Dowdall?

JayKay Dowdall is an online marketer and entrepreneur. He first started his career as a young marketing genius at the age of 22, earning about $20,000 per month, and saw great success within his field.

However, as with so many young up-and-coming success stories, the glitz and glamour got the better of him, and he lost his direction and ended up losing most of his new found fortune.

Undeterred by this fall from grace, Jaykay regrouped and changed his focus to the affiliate marketing world specialising in Facebook advertising and, more recently, as a product vendor/creator.

In the last 18 month he has released four product:

jaykay dowdall funnelize

JayKay's primary goal is to create training modules which are synonymous with the word "high quality". He wants to build a true and loyal following who understand he wants to give VALUE and provide practical and genuine training.

Each product he creates has become more and more successful as his reputation spread across the affiliate marketing circle - he has now made almost 10,000 sales on Warrior Plus platform alone!

Rest assured, when you see Jaykay's products in the future; they are going to be high quality.

Who is this training for?

The training inside Funnelize is perfect for ALL levels of affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. These types of sales funnels can be adapted to any product and are incredibly effective.

Even if you have ZERO experience, or you are making a good income online, Funnelize will help you immensely by showing you a highly optimised way of getting laser targeted traffic and converting them on a much higher level.

Is the training any good?

The training itself is phenomenal, as per usual with JayKay's products. Everything is in depth and to the point which makes it incredibly informative and great value for money. 

The price tag is way too cheap in my opinion when you consider the amount of knowledge you receive here. 

In this section, I am going to talk you through all the training you get inside. This is going to take some time as there are over 8 hours of training, but it will give you a clear indication of what you are paying for.

Here are the modules inside Finnelize:


The first part of the training breaks down some fundamental aspects of a sales funnel. You are shown the difference between funnel marketing and shotgun marketing

You get a clear overview of some very common misconceptions about sales pages and funnels, ALL of which you will most likely have the wrong idea about!

The second part of the opening module shows you that you do NOT need expensive tools to make a comprehensive sales funnel.

JayKay talks you through the tools you need and gives you an ample choice, from very expensive to very cheap.

The last part of this training teaches you the critical elements to a good lead magnet and what you need to understand about the quality of your offers.

This last video is crucial to absorb and understand!


The third module concentrates on creating the perfect lead magnet. You are given a clear overview of how to identify what your audience wants.

What solution is it they need to a specific problem?

Creating a valuable lead magnet is something which most marketers get completely wrong, and JayKay has a clever tactic for narrowing down exactly how to pinpoint your target audience.

The second part teaches you how to create an incredibly captivating headline for your lead magnet, in other words, the promise you are making them.

By the end of this tutorial, you are going to have a high impact headline which will blow your audience away.

The third part of this module shows you EXACTLY how you can create a simple toolkit to offer as a free lead magnet.

JayKay shows you how he would research in Google to find information relevant to your niche which you can then use to build a valuable lead magnet.


This module teaches you about the funnel gateway, in this case, the squeeze page. You are given a clear example of JayKay's top performing squeeze page where he breaks down each element to illustrate what function they have.

  • the layout
  • the headline
  • the opt-in form
  • the call to action
  • the legal pages
  • the design
inside training of funnelize

You are also given a clear and in-depth analysis of how to put together a boost page as a thank you page. This acts as another entry point to the next part of your funnel.

The visitor gets their lead magnet but is also encouraged to enter the next step of your funnel. This is going to be incredibly powerful and will drastically increase your success rate.


The tripwire training teaches you about the relationship between OTOs (one time offers), upgrades and downsells within a sales funnel.

JayKay expertly explains about retargeting using Facebook pixels and Google pixels to bring people back to your product sales pages to drive additional commissions your way.

You are given a detailed rundown of exactly how you would execute this entire self-liquidating tripwire funnel to pay for itself as your commissions will cover the cost of your paid ads, effectively giving you a completely FREE email list of buyers.

The second part of the tripwire module is precious. JayKay walks you through a live example of his tripwire funnel to illustrate how the process works. With just a handful of pages, JayKay can create a super effective sales funnel which promotes his products.


In this section, you are shown a diagram of the webinar funnel. JayKay explains very clearly the relationship between your retargeting pixels and your email campaigns to get your subscribers to come and watch your webinars.

You get explicit instruction on the flow of the funnel with regards to:

  • the webinar funnel gateway
  • webinar registration page
  • webinar confirmation page
  • webinar pretraining page
  • webinar replay page

Alongside this JayKay explains how each of these steps fit together and how/when and where you re-target people to achieve the maximum conversion rate.

There is also a clear cut case study that shows precisely which pages JayKay uses for his own evergreen webinar funnel. You see his exact pages along with:

  • the layout
  • call to action
  • relationship between the different pages
  • headlines

JayKay talks you through exactly what the pros and cons are of using his exact method and landing pages for his funnel! This is high-level insight from a top marketer, pure gold!


The launch funnel training gives you a clear overview of how to approach a product launch promotion. The concept is based on Jeff Walker's Sideways Sales Letter.

Here you are taught how to break up a series of sales pages and email into small digestible junks delivered throughout seven days before a product launch.

You will learn how to use a cheat sheet to break down:

  • who
  • what
  • when
  • how much

That process will help identify what audience this type of funnel is best suited.

In the second part of the training, JayKay dissects a recent product launch funnel by the legendary marketer Anik Singal, who recently launched YouTube Academy, and you learn a detailed rundown of what steps they have taken to create this funnel.


The affiliate funnels focus on promoting affiliate products by using a pre launch hype sales page, accompanied by a case study/social proof page and a review page.

An affiliate funnel is the kind of funnel I would use and these are very effective.

inside the funnelize training area

Potential customers need to see social proof, and they want a solution to their query/issues.

By hyping up your affiliate product and showing your followers social proof, that other people have found their solution by buying XY & Z, you will drastically increase your conversions.

You are then shown a case study which details how JayKay made over $4,500 after using this exact method. You are taught the sales pages and given a clear description of what to do!


The mega funnel video tutorial walks you through a super high ticket sales funnel, $5,000+, and teaches you about the funnel you need to use.

Obviously, the majority of people are not in a position to offer such a high-value service, but it is interesting to learn about scheduling sales calls and understanding the process and how it differs from a typical low ticket funnel


The offline training focuses on how you can get local clients for local businesses. This is not a training module for YOU to get local clients but for local businesses to get more business by using your funnel.

In other words, you can use this funnel to drive clients to local dentists, plumbers or hairdressers, for example, and you could charge a fee for your services.


The tagging tutorial shows you how you can tag and segment your visitors as they move through your funnel so you can show them the most suitable landing page or sales page.

By utilising pixels and simple quiz forms, you can find out what the user wants and determine which page to send them to next.

You are given a real-life example where JayKay is tagging and segmenting his audience based on what answers they give in a quiz. This allows him to show the most appropriate and conversion driven headline and sales video based on the responses from the quiz.

This module is very valuable as you get an insight into the way JayKay's mind works and how you can predetermine what you audience wants.


Now we are getting into the good stuff. Here you learn how to set up your tracking and retargeting integrations.

This part WILL seem daunting and overwhelming but trust me when I say that if you follow the steps given here, it is a piece of cake.

If you struggle then take things slow and watch the videos again.

You are shown in great detail how to install and test your:

  • Facebook tracking pixel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • How to create custom Facebook audiences
  • How to build Google custom audiences

Not only that but you are given a clear blueprint for both Facebook and Google AdWords retargeting so you can refer back to this documentation for guidance in the future when you set up your campaigns.

When it comes to retargeting things will get very confusing, and you will have to watch some of these videos more than once, I know I do!

If you feel overwhelmed, do not panic! Just go back and follow JayKay and he shows you how to paste the tracking codes into the header tag and body tag of your landing page settings.

Activating and synchronising custom audiences is the key to scaling your business because it allows you to build a data list of visitors who you can target on demand.

Running retargeting ads to previous visitors who did not buy or opt into your leadpages is a great way to increase conversion rates.


The email marketing training teaches you how to initiate the first engagement with your new subscribers. 90% of marketers get this wrong because they think you are supposed to send them your lead magnet and that is it.... WRONG!

JayKay puts the record straight on this one and introduces you to the REAL way of engaging with your audience with his simple email marketing template.

There are six steps to putting together a confirmation email, did you know that?

You are then shown how to nurture your list and increase the level of "micro commitments" from your followers. This is something which increases conversions 3x when done right because it makes your subscribers physically commit to a sequence, product or sale funnel.

JayKay outlines four types of dating/nurturing emails you can use which works for him. This type of training is great as it sets you in the right mindset as a marketer and if you change up your email sequences from "buy this" to "Let me show you something valuable", you will drastically increase your results.


The last section is a 20-minute recap and blueprint of the entire process! This is very helpful as you can use this to go over your funnel process as a whole.

Are there upgrades/OTOs available?

There are three upgrades/One-time-offers available after you buy the front end training. They are:


OTO 1 - Funnelize Black Book - $37

You are shown an additional 10x funnels where JayKay reverse-engineers sales funnels created by the top gurus in the Internet marketing business, such as Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield, Anik Singal, Anthony Morrison, Sam Ovens, Ted McGrath, and more…

You're given a detailed overview of the entire funnel from their emails, OTOs and sales pages so you can better understand what they do, why they do it and WHY you need to adapt the same principles!

This OTO is ideal for someone who wants a deeper insight and to learn much more about how sales funnels are put together by the top performing affiliates online.

OTO 2 - Funnelize University - $47/month

This is an upgrade to join a membership area where you get weekly/monthly updates and live support. You can post any questions and join the discussion with all the other members.

JayKay himself will answer any queries and guidance you need with in-depth and practical advice. You will get detailed tutorials, live feedback on any funnels you need help with, one-on-one guidance and you can ask any questions you may have!

This represents a great deal as you get direct access to JayKay. Also, if you buy this upgrade BEFORE the 27th December, you can purchase LIFETIME access for a one time fee of $47, instead of paying the monthly fee. That, my friends, is a no-brainer!

OTO 3 - DFY High-Ticket Funnel - $197

This is an incredible deal. You get a 100% done for your sales funnel which promotes JayKay's Facebook Masters Programme which pays out $497 in commission to YOU when someone buys it. 

All you have to do is to send traffic to the webinar landing page and JayKay does the selling for you. You get to keep any leads you collect and you can follow up with an email sequence which is also given to you by JayKay's team.

You do not have to do anything, other than to send traffic, with this sales funnel and this represents a great chance for a complete beginner to promote an incredibly high quality training module.

An added bonus here is that your "Thank You" page will be branded with both your profile picture, and JayKay's, so it will look like you work together and this will give you a HUGE authority boost as it gives you a big influence over your potential buyer.

Is there a money guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you change your mind, you can get your cash back straight away!

money back guarantee for funnelize

My Overall opinion.

My overall feeling about Funnelize is that this is a MUST have training module; I only wish I had access to this when I first started the whole "Internet marketing thing" as I would have saved COUNTLESS hours scratching my head trying to figure out why my sales pages where not converting!

The training is complete, honest and to the point. You are not sold any fluff or misleading information. Every tutorial is in depth and gives you a clear insight into how to generate profitable and highly converting sales funnels.

I hope you enjoyed my honest review and if you have any questions then please do leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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