9/10 Stars – Honest Penny Clicks Academy Review

In this review, I am looking at a product called Penny Clicks Academy. This training module was created by James Sides and Sam Finley who are the co founders of Ignite Academy. This training was designed to help beginner affiliate marketers create brand new Facebook pages and get quick low cost and targeted likes and build a following on Facebook.

Penny clicks academy review

Creators - James Sides and Sam Finley

Website - ​pennyclicksacademy.com
Cost - $47

The training also shows you how to engage with your audience and to get free likes by using a few clever methods to capitalise on Facebook engagement and to create a snowball effect with your Facebook posts.

In order for you to use this service you do not need any experience, you do not need a product and email lists or any content. You do not need a website, because you only need a niche and the willingness to spend a little bit of money in order to increase your likes and then to spend some time interacting with your audience and gradually grow your Facebook following.

This review is based on my personal opinion after I bought and used this training in order to create a comprehensive review based on my experience using the service.

I Highly Recommend This Product!

It is quite rare for me to recommend something. 90% of all affiliate programs and training modules I test are generally very poor quality and only serves to make the author money. Penny Clicks Academy is different because this Facebook training will help you and it really does work!

What Will You Learn

Inside the members area there are a collection of about 16 videos. These video modules will take you through step-by-step on:

  • how to choose a niche.
  • how to set up a Facebook page and also how to build your initial fanbase.
  • how to post efficiently on your Facebook wall.
  • how to increase engagement, CTR and sharing appeal.
  • how to get free likes in order to increase your following. 

These modules also show you how to monetize your Facebook page and they show you some case studies on how you can further improve and convert your new following.


The Process Of Making Money On Facebook

Here is the process taught by Penny Clicks Academy to make money on Facebook. This gives you a brief outline of what you would learn with the training. Bear in mind, this is just an outline and the training itself is more in depth.

Step 1

Your first objective is to simply create a Facebook page within your chosen niche. The niche is decided based on your own personal knowledge of a product or a niche or an area that you think might be profitable.

Step 2

The second step is to create the Facebook page.

Step 3

The third step is to learn how to post content on your Facebook page and how to make them engaging and how to make people want to click the link and engage with your content.

Step 4

The 4th step is to start running paid advertising starting at $5 per day to get likes to your Facebook page. This is a very simple straightforward and low-cost method, which is very safe and manageable.

Step 5

The next step is to use the snowball effect of your page likes to increase your free likes by interacting with your audience, commenting and inviting new members to join. This is achieved by posting relevant and engaging content which gives people a reason to share and like your content.

Step 6

The last step is to start monetizing your content. This is achieved by, once again, posting relevant and engaging content with product placements and links to landing pages.

penny clicks academy proof

Is The Training Any Good

The training with in Penny Clicks Academy is great because it breaks down the process of getting cheap Facebook likes into very easy chunks. This makes it ideal for beginners because there is no overly complicated methods, just simple straightforward advice.

I would agree that there could be some more advanced methods included in this training but that is not who this is target for. Penny Clicks Academy is designed for people who are creating a Facebook page from scratch who need cheap likes which are targeted and ready to convert.

Even and experienced affiliate marketer will find benefit by using these methods.

Luckily James sides and Sam Finley have released other related products which will help you take your Facebook page to the next level when you need to increase conversion optimise Facebook ads and move on to video marketing and more advanced methods to capture leads and increase conversions and sales. Such as the Social Ad Pro and Video Mastery training.

Is Penny Clicks Academy Worth The Money

In my opinion, yes it is! This is because it only costs $47 but the training you get is very, very good. You will learn some very cool tricks on how to increase engagement, how to increase your Facebook likes and once you have completed the training you are in a very comfortable position to take your Facebook following to the next level.

Running the Facebook ads themselves to to get the likes in the first place is very cheap and you can start running them for so little as $5 per day, which I think you can agree is very, very cheap.

If you were to try this on your own without any guidance you would most likely end up wasting at least $150 before you were able to target your demographic in the same way that you are taught at Penny Clicks.

So, with that in mind, I feel that this training is worth every penny because the foundation that your learning will benefit benefit you in the long run and you will make money by using this method.

Penny clicks academy review

How long Will It Take To Make A Profit?

This is the only true variable with this training. When it comes to making money online there is no true gauge or time which can be applied to every person.

Using the training provided will definitely set you up to make money online but at the end of the day you have to put in the effort and you have to follow through with the training given. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take a few months before you start seeing a regular profit coming back to you.

This is because you have to:

  • engage with your audience
  • split test and filter down your demographic
  • post regularly throughout the week with interesting and engaging content
  • offer value before you try and sell products
  • build a trusting relationship with your followers

But, most importantly, you have to understand that building a Facebook following which converts into sales takes time because someone who likes your page today might not feel comfortable buying something from you for another two months or perhaps even six months.

The average person needs at least 6 or 7 exposures to a brand or product before they feel they trust them enough to actually buy something.

This is why using Facebook and training modules like Penny Clicks Academy is a long-term project because you have to understand that it takes time to build a real and a trusting relationship with your following, regardless of the source of the traffic.


How Much Do You Need To Invest

Apart from the initial cost of the training, which is $47, you will need roughly $5 per day to run the initial ads to increase your likes. You should be able to get roughly 1000 likes for every $100 you spend, but this can easily be doubled if you engage with your audience and use the methods taught within the training. However, as a conservative guess, 1000 likes per $100 is a reasonable estimate.

So, I would say based on my experience, if you spent $500 and one month of your time engaging with the audience posting regular valuable contents, and by using the methods taught within Penny Clicks Academy, you should be able to build a following of about 10,000 people within 60 days. However, as I said, this very much depends on your effort, skill level and ability to follow instructions.

My overall opinion

Personally, I highly recommend Penny Clicks Academy. I have reviewed many products over the last few years and most of them always fail to deliver. However, in this case, the training provided is accurate, relevant and will definitely help you build a targeted and loyal Facebook following.

The monetization methods they teach are reasonable and will help you get a better understanding of how to make money from Facebook.

I Highly Recommend This Product!

It is quite rare for me to recommend something. 90% of all affiliate programs and training modules I test are generally very poor quality and only serves to make the author money. Penny Clicks Academy is different because this Facebook training will help you and it really does work!

  • February 5, 2018

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