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traffic ivy review
Traffic Ivy cindy donovan

In this review, I am taking a closer look at a product called "Traffic Ivy", created by Cindy Donovan, and I will giving a detailed overview of what is inside this viral traffic membership area.

I have purchased the product myself to get first hand experience so I can show you, my readers, whether or not you get your money's worth when you buy this product.

The sales page promises untold viral traffic and an online community/network of like-minded marketers who will share your content to their social following, driving targeted traffic to your websites, social media pages, blog posts and product promotions.

The following is based on my personal experience as I logged in and tried it for myself. Will I get targeted, viral and engaging traffic to my website? Let's see!

What Is The "Traffic Ivy" Strategy?

The idea behind this strategy or traffic method is to have a community of bloggers, marketers and social influencers who come together under one platform, in this case, this would be the Traffic Ivy App, and share each other's content.

In exchange for sharing content you earn points which you can then use to reward others for sharing your content. Think of it as a "I scratch your back, you scratch my back" kind of deal where everyone helps each other out.

The more members join and as the community grows with more social media accounts and blog available to share content, the viral traffic takes hold and the idea is to create a continuous flow of targeted traffic from like minded people within your niche.

The more points you offer as a reward for sharing your content, the more shares you get and the more traffic comes to your website, social media page and product promotions.

But, the questions is, will this type of viral traffic actually work?

6 Simple Reason This Will Never Work

These types of products look and sound to good to be true. They promise viral traffic on autopilot and they make beginner affiliate marketers believe that the whole process is going to be incredibly easy.

However, if you apply some basic common sense and a touch of experience, you will see why this kind of viral software/application will never work.

No.1 - Not Enough Members

To make a concept like this work you have to have a huge amount of members because the vast majority of people who join any community online are never active within that community.

They may read the emails and log in once in a while, but they rarely engage or interact with anyone within their community.

You can see by the screenshot with the red squares, highlighting the shared content, that people are not sharing anywhere near enough content.

This is because there are not enough members and the user engagement is not there due to to the low quality content and lack of variety of content available.

Traffic IVY Traffic Network no one is sharing

No.2 - Majority Of Members Will Not Have A Following To Share

Let's face it: 90% of anyone who joins Traffic Ivy will not have a social following of any kind. This means they offer no value to the community other than to contribute content to be shared by others.

This will create a huge problem because the supply and demand will be out of balance and most members will not be able to get their content shared enough to make it worth their while. 

Even if people do share them, no one will click as the engagement rate on social media is very low and couple that with the low quality and irrelevant content available, no one will click on these links.

No.3 - Not Enough Niches Available

This ties in with a previous point of not having enough members. 

When there are not enough active members, there will also be a huge shortage of niches available. Don't forget that your content has to be shared in relevant groups and blogs. There is no value in sharing irrelevant content and equally the influencer who is sharing the content will also only want to share relevant content.

This means if there are only a handful of niches available then you will be very limited and your content is extremely unlikely to go viral or get any traffic at all.

After scrolling through all the categories I can see that the 90% of the content is for the "make money online" niche and the "online business" niche - both of which are littered with spam and nothing else.

As you can see from the screenshot below, most of the normal categories have almost no content to share.

Marketplace Traffic Network

No.4 - Points System Is Flawed

A point system for rewards such as this is always going to be flawed, especially when you have limited members. The likely outcome is that the cost for sharing will increase heavily as there are not enough influencers to share the volume of content.

Couple this with lack of members, low-quality content and community activity and things will just fizzle out very quickly.

No.5 - Successful Marketers Will Never Join This App

Any marketer out there who has got a large following and who is successful online will never join an app like this. The reason for this is because they would immediately see the same issues I have identified here within this review.

Also, the simple fact is that if you already have a large following then you will already have content and a structure in place, so why would you join a community with so many obvious flaws?

Anyone who already has a following would have grown that following successfully already and there would not need to join Traffic Ivy as there would be zero benefit to them.

No.6 - Quality Of Content Is Going To Be Very Low

This is the final and most important point. The vast majority of marketers who join this service will be complete beginners.

Therefore the content being produced by them to share is going to be low quality. Some of it will even be plagiarized and certainly not have user intent in mind.

Most of the content created will only have the intention of getting backlinks back to their blog posts and social media channels.

This is yet another reason why real influencers will never join this service and even if they do they will never be willing to share the majority of the content available inside the Traffic Ivy community.

To drive targeted traffic to a post or product promotion that converts you need to know your social media audience, which is something only the admin can do. So, why would sharing an irrelevant and un-optimized blog post be worth sharing on someone's Facebook wall, for example?

As you can see from the screenshot below, these are the types of ads people want you to promote.

Promote Campaign Traffic Network

What Is Inside The Member's Area?

Inside the members area you have the following features which are relevant to generating traffic. I will cover the basic ones that operate the main features that are relevant to this review:

traffic ivy reviews


The marketplace is where all the content is listed which you can earn points by sharing on your blog, social media or YouTube channel. You search through the categories to find content that is relevant to your niche that you can share with your followers or post on your blog.

My Assets:

This is the section where you can connect your social media channels with Traffic Ivy dashboard so you can easily share content with just a couple of clicks and earn your points.

Supported social media platforms are - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit.

My Traffic Campaigns & Manage Ad Sets

These settings allow you to create your own content which you can ask others to share in exchange for rewards. You can also manage your ad sets which are being used on other people's platforms.


This tab allows you to see the overall statistics of your campaigns and point distribution. This will allow you to keep track of all your activity on the platform.

Earn Traffic

This is a feature that allows you to install a plug in which will automatically post content onto your blog which will earn your points passively in the background. This is a terrible idea as most of the content will be duplicated and will offer zero value to your readers. Not only that but your site will be littered with backlinks to unknown website which you will not be able to check their authenticity or trustworthiness.

Buy Traffic

At the time of writing this there is a shop "Coming Soon". My guess is this will be an area where you can buy additional points which you can use on the Traffic Ivy platform.

Is "Traffic Ivy" A Scam?

Even though this service is by no means a scam, it is a legitimate product, I would say that it is purely a gimmick to suck in the unsuspecting beginner affiliate marketer

There is no value here, as I have discussed in this review, and therefore I hope you can see that these types of viral traffic communities and software simply have no benefit to anyone.

traffic ivy is not recommended

Who Is This Product For?

Cindy Donovan has a history of releasing very similar product and they all follow the same theme and the 100% tailored for beginner marketers. 

  • "Easy commissions"
  • "Auto Pilot such and such"
  • "Done For You this and that"
  • "Secret software"

You can see by the list of product below that she does tend to release the same kind of product which always come with the kind of flaws and obvious downsides - meaning, Cindy's products are aimed at beginners who do not know any better and are the only ones who are naive enough to buy them.

Previous products by Cindy Donovan:

All of them are gimmicks and hold no real value. They are shiny objects and I would agree that they look and sound amazing. However, the end result is the same as before where there is no value due to lack of traffic, experience and results which you will never see using these methods or strategies.

Would I Recommend "Traffic Ivy"?

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product. As I have outlined in this review, there are too many flaws and too many problems with this kind of business model to attain viral traffic.

There is no solid reasoning behind this method and sharing low quality content on social media and creating low quality blog posts to share on multiples website is not the way to build a long term and sustainable business online.

I believe that anyone who tries "Traffic Ivy" will quickly see their excitement drained as they realise their content and posts are not being shared and when they are there is no traffic coming and it certainly will not be targeted.

I hope you found my review of Traffic Ivy helpful and if you have any questions then please do leave a comment below in the comment section.

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