2/10 STARS – 60 Minute Profit Plan Review

This review focuses on a new product called 60 Minute Profit Plan by a woman called Brittany Francis. This is a service which promises to show you how you can make thousands of dollar per week using email marketing and affiliate marketing techniques.

The following is my opinion only as I buy the product, try it and see if I think the training provided will help you make money online.


What Is Inside 60 Minute Profit Plan

Inside the member's area, you are presented with a series of training videos which introduce you to email marketing and affiliate marketing.

There are 11 videos which are all quite short and they introduce the idea of web hosting, landing pages, driving traffic to your squeeze pages and how this will ultimately lead to a passive monthly income.

The idea behind this method is to use the traffic sources they recommend to drive traffic to a landing page and capture people's email addresses.

This is obviously a very standard and normal way of doing things and it is the cornerstone of 90% of every affiliate marketers portfolio.

Therefore, I was quite surprised when I saw this because the sales page promises way too much in relation to the method they suggest you use. This is because email marketing is a long-term process and you do not generate income immediately, as suggested in the sales video.

60 Minute Profit Plan training videos are too short

Training videos onside the members are too short and incomplete!

There are also three other methods mentioned:

These last three methods are, in my opinion, generally a waste of time due to the low payouts and the large workload involves. These also require a lot of time and unless you have a solid plan will not help you make money online.

You are also presented with some supposed "bonuses" which are essentially just affiliate links to other products such as AZcode, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, and a web hosting service. Both of which will pay the creator of the 60 Minute Profits Plan a huge commission when someone joins through this link.

Is The Training Any Good?

The training itself is more of an introduction rather than training. There is no tutorials or any over-the-shoulder training because the videos themselves are an introduction and a brief overview of the concept of email marketing, rather than actually showing you anything.

The videos themselves are incredibly short, most of which are only about 4 minutes long, and they will only serve to confuse any beginner affiliate marketers.

This is because there are so many "ifs, "buts" and "what do I do if this happens" scenarios when you create a website with the intention of driving traffic to a landing page, which means these tutorial videos will not help anybody actually fix any problems that might have.

The training videos compound the misleading information from the sales page by promising easy money and making it sound easy.

60 Minute Profit Plan misleading sales page

Sales page tries to convince you that other products lie to you. Then they go on to tell you how much money you can make with 60 Minute Profit Plan. Very misleading!

Will You Make $10K in 90 days?

Anyone who has done any sort of email marketing or lead capture will know that building an email list using solo ads and the methods they suggest takes a long time and will cost a lot of money.

The sales page claims you can make thousands of dollars within a couple of months and generate and autopilot profit system where you can make money passively every single day for no effort.

The simply is not the case and is extremely unlikely to happen to anyone who buys this product, at least that is my opinion based on my own personal experience with the training I was given and my experience with affiliate marketing.

Building an email list which generates hundreds of dollars per day takes a lot of effort and you have to nurture your list.

You need to provide quality content and have an engaging website which will give your readers information it wants and provide value.

As you can imagine this process takes time, you do not simply create a landing page and send cold traffic from solo ads and, "Hey! Presto!", you start making money. That is not how it works!

Misleading Sales Page

The sales page is very misleading and whoever buys 60 Minute Profits Plan will be very disappointed with the training they receive.

The sales page claims that you can make hundreds of dollars per day within a very short time period and they also claim that each of these methods can be implemented within 60 minutes, hence the name.

I can tell you right now that setting up a squeeze page, as a beginner, takes a lot longer than 60 minutes because it is a fiddly process involving using page builders and building a website.

60 Minute Profit Plan misleading sales claims

COMPLETELY misleading and untrue! 

This product targets the vulnerable and the naive and I can say with a clear conscience that anybody who by the service is unlikely to make money with it because the training is simply too thin and doesn't cover any of the aspects of actually making a website which will capture email addresses.

It is true that the training does show you some brief material on building a squeeze page but other than that there is no training available.

They want you to buy additional products, which are likely to be of equal a low quality, in order to show you the extra steps needed.

Why 99% of people will fail using this training

Here are some simple reasons why 99% of people who buy 60 Minute Profit plan will not make money.

Here are some examples of aspects which the training fails to provide any basic information about:

  • how to set up an autoresponder
  • how to write good ad copies and emails
  • how to use page builders
  • how to use convincing Call To Action (CTA's)
  • how to use a privacy policy, affiliate disclosure and terms and conditions which suits the industry standards
  • how to properly use affiliate links
  • how to identify a profitable niche
    and so on and so forth

I could easily list another 20 important items which are not covered in this training but are essential for a successful emailing campaign.

Is 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam?

I do not believe that this product is a scam but I will say that it is incredibly low quality and only serves to trick the desperate and inexperienced beginners who want to make money online.

The training itself is very brief and fails to mention a lot of very important implementation strategies and set up configurations that are needed in order to run a successful affiliate marketing websites.

This is quite similar to another product I reviewed called "30 Minute Money Methods" which follow the same marketing techniques.

60 Minute Profit Plan errors in training

This video does not even load!

You Are Being Sold An "Idea"

http://60minuteprofitplan.com/​​​Essentially, this is what is happening here. 

You are being sold a pipe dream. You are being sold an idea and a method, nothing else.

You may think and hope that you are actually going to be shown how to build an online business but unfortunately, that is not the case.

It is my firm belief that this product was created purely to make money and not to provide any value for its customers.

At no point are you actually shown any methods or how to implement anything on your website.

There is no clear path or plan to implement or any strategies you can use.

Let me put it in perspective that any Layman can understand.

This is a classic affiliate marketing technique to earn money from a low-quality product.

Essentially what they do is they take an idea and a simple method, which does work, and they repackage it in a very shiny box with a very emotionally triggered sales page.

They then sell you this idea, even though they know it has no value on its own, and rebrand it as a revolutionary method of making money online.

The unfortunate truth is that they are simply repackaging an idea and selling it again and again and again and again for no other reason than to make money from inexperienced affiliate marketers.

So, as you can see, they take a simple and proven an idea out of it's proven context and repackage it with all the "bells and whistles" and make it sounds 50 times better than it actually is.

Some FREE and helpful Email marketing guides

Here are a few resources you can use to kickstart your email marketing knowledge. These are completely free and far surpasses the quality of 60 Minute Profit Plan. 

  • April 23, 2018

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