Piggyback Payday is a service which shows you how you can use Shopify and Instagram to make money online.

The service was created by Tom E, Chad Rego and Jay Slomba and it also comes with a piece of software which will save you hours of research and searching for the influencers you need to gain traffic to your website.

You use the software provided to find highly influential people on Instagram in seconds so you can contact them about shoutouts and promotions.

So, I have purchased Piggyback Payday, and I am going to work through the training to make sure it is going to help you make money online.

I have purchased the basic front end package with no upsells, and I base my review on my personal experience when I used the service.

What Is Piggyback Payday?

The monetisation method for this strategy is quite simple.

You choose a niche which you know is popular and is eligible for drop shipping with small packages.

You then set up your Shopify store on which you place products. This does not need to be an extensive website, just a handful of products will be sufficient to start.

Dashboard Piggyback Payday

Let's take a look inside the members area!

Following that, you start to contact highly influential people on Instagram to pay for shoutouts and promotional posts which you can use to drive traffic to your Shopify shop.

The strategy may sound confusing or a bit long-winded, but it is quite simple and straightforward.

The training provided gives you a very clear overview of what you have to do.

What Is Inside The Training?

Inside the membership area, you get over one and a half hours worth of training.

The tutor, Jay, is very good at explaining concepts and gives you a clear overview of how this strategy works.

Each tutorial video is over the shoulder and you get a very good idea of what you have to do in order to make this method work.

So let's take a look at the training

Introduction To The Method

The first part of the training introduces you to the concept behind this method.

You are first given the manual way of how this strategy works so that you understand what the software does when it searches on your behalf and how much time it saves you.

You are shown how to identify influencers and how to find good value accounts which you should contact to gain traffic to your website.

Jay goes into great detail here and does a fantastic job of explaining the essential elements and data for which you need to keep an eye out.

You are also given clear instructions about how to approach influencers and how to use the right language when you contact them regarding your promotions.

You even get templates which you can use, on a copy and paste basis, in your communications

Piggyback Payday training

All the training is in video form!

Instructions On The Software

The software training is also excellent.

The tutorial shows you how to use the software and how to digests the data which it gathers.

The software itself will save you hours of searching and researching, so it is definitely worth the money.

The software training shows you how you can take the information provided and quickly load up those pages and manually check if that influencer has the right following and the proper engagement which will suit your product.

Shopify Training

The bulk of the training within Piggyback Payday is centred around the Shopify set up.

You are shown:

  • a basic overview of all the functions
  • how to set up the theme
  • how to set up every single section of the dashboard
  • how to integrate Google analytics
  • how to install the Facebook pixel
  • how to create the legal pages you need

The bulk of the training is of Jay talking you through every single section of the dashboard and explaining which ones are important and which settings to tick or untick.

This is quite helpful because as a beginner the dashboard on Shopify is very overwhelming because there are so many settings and so many options from which to choose.

Will You Make Using Piggyback Payday?

I want to talk to you briefly about whether or not you are actually going to make money using this method.

There are some very obvious drawbacks to the strategy, and this will ultimately depend on you and how you handle them.

The method itself is sound, and it is a legitimate and reasonable way of making money online, but there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Piggyback Payday promises

A little bit misleading.

This Will Only Work If You Follow Through!

If you want to make money online, you have to follow through with whichever strategy you are using.

If you buy the service and give up within five days, then you will never see results.

  • If you are a complete beginner, it will probably take you at least 2/3 days to set up this strategy, so it is ready to start.
  • It will also take you a little while for trial and error when approaching influencers on Instagram to try and get your first product placement.
  • You also need to experiment a bit and think outside the box on how to approach this method.
  • You will also need to accept that choosing the right product to promote which returns a profit takes trial and error.

Ultimately you may not see your first sale for a week or two due to the complications arising from you being a beginner.

Therefore it is vital that you follow through and actually give this a good shot if you give up after two free days then, of course, it will not work.

Piggyback Payday authors

Creator of Piggyback Payday


  • It is an easy concept to understand
  • you do not need to create any content or have any technical skills
  • results will come in quite quickly
  • will work for any niche imaginable


  • It will be a costly way to try and make money online. Each shoutout will cost you anywhere from $5 to $80+ which means you have to have a very clear idea of how many sales you need to get from each shoutout to make it profitable.
  • You will need to figure out how to customise your Shopify website yourself because they do not actually show you how to do anything, they only give you an overview of each option. You have to upload the products and set all the categories yourself.
  • The Shopify monthly fee is also expensive at $79
  • There are some gaps in the training where you have to use your own initiative to learn how to implement certain aspects - such as using autoresponders, how to find a good drop shipping product and how to fulfil orders.
  • There is no training on how to choose a product to promote, which is vital! Why is it not included?? Keep reading to find out.
Piggyback Payday review

Without Upgrading This Is Worthless

The main issue here is that the basic training leaves out some very important components which you need to make this work.

  • How to use the Facebook pixel
  • How to select products to sell
  • How to use autoresponders
  • How to edit product descriptions
  • How to fulfill orders
Piggyback Payday Gold Digger misleading

This is not included in the basic service and you HAVE to buy it to make it work.

My MAIN issue is the product you are going to sell. They do NOT show you how to find them.

It seems like you have to buy the "Gold Digger" upgrade to be able to find hot selling products within this training. 

Granted, you can find additional training elsewhere on Google which will show you how you can find dropshipping products on Aliexpress, but that is not my beef here. 

My issue is that they hold you to ranson - basically the initial training is worthless without a product because you HAVE NOTHING TO SELL!

Would I Recommend Piggyback Payday?

I must admit I am a little bit torn on whether or not I should recommend Piggyback Payday.

I do like the idea, and I do like the concept of this monetisation method, but there are certain gaps in the training which doesn't make this very beginner-friendly.

Therefore I have come to the following conclusion:

If you are a complete beginner, then I do not recommend this. When I say a complete beginner I mean that you do not know how to use:

  • autoresponders
  • source a popular drop shipping product
  • how to deal with order fulfilment and complaints
  • how to calculate effective campaigns and understanding click-through rate, bounce rate, abandoned carts and so on.

So, therefore, I would only recommend Piggyback Payday to someone who already has a reasonable understanding of Internet marketing how the process works.

If you do have experience with:

  • building websites
  • you understand the concept of drop shipping and how it's done
  • you know how to re-target people on Facebook
  • you have a good understanding of affiliate/Internet marketing as a whole and can think outside the box to fill in the gaps of the training.

I wanted this review to be as transparent and as open as possible; I hope you found it useful.

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