In this review, I am looking at a new service called 'Destiny' which is created by JayKay Dowdall.

The service is an in-depth affiliate marketing training course on how to use chatbots on Facebook and use them to turn cold traffic into buyers. 

You use these chatbots to drive traffic and conversions to your website by creating a lengthy and engaging interaction with the audience.

A strategy like this is incredibly effective because the level of engagement is unprecedented and you get direct access to your prospects - removing any spam filters or chances of being drowned in an overcrowded email inbox.

I have personally got access to the training module inside Destiny, and I have sat through every single minute of the 8 hours + worth of training material.

I have written this review so you can get an in-depth look at what you are paying for. This will give you the information you need to ascertain if this training is for you and whether or not it will enhance your ability to make money online.

The following is my personal opinion after I worked my way through the entire training module to ensure the training inside would be of the highest quality.

Will Destiny really help you make money online??

What Is Destiny About?

Destiny is a training course with 100% over the shoulder video tutorials on how to make money online using Facebook chatbots.

The basic principle is this;

You drive traffic to a landing page or a lead capture page of some kind where people will engage with a Facebook opt-in form, not a traditional email opt-in, which looks something like this.

Growth Tools

Once they click and accept to opt-in, they are then sent automated messages on Facebook messenger which will send them predetermined questions and answers based on what you tell the chatbot to do.

Whichever multiple-choice answers the user clicks on the determines which sequence they are subsequently sent by the chatbot.

Once the visitor has successfully interacted with the chatbot, they are then funnelled down to a point where you can send them an affiliate offer of some kind or product promotion which they will be much more likely to buy.

destiny honest review

Want to know why they are more likely to buy?

Along the journey inside the chatbot, they are sent to a variety of review pages and bridge pages to help you warm up your audience and build a relationship with them.

Here is an example you can see a live chat bot in action.

The results of the high engagement level, not to mention it feels a lot more personable when chatting in Facebook messenger, the result is that the person becomes much warmer and builds a relationship with you a LOT quicker than any other traditional marketing method.

Strategies like email marketing and SEO work for sure, but the open rate and engagement rates are low, and the competition is fierce!

By using a method like chatbots you are cutting through all the noise and competition by getting direct access to your audience!

inside members area of Destiny

A Look Inside The Members Area

Is The Training Good?

If you are familiar with my blog, you will know that JayKay Dowdall also created another training module called Facebook Ad Mastery which is the only other product I have reviewed which I gave 10 out of 10 stars.

It is safe to assume that Destiny is of equally high quality, which it is.

Inside you get over 30 videos and over 8 hours worth of training material, every single one is detailed and very practical.

Unlike most other training modules out there you are actually given sensible and direct advice without any fluff.

Explanation Of The Strategy

JK does a fantastic job of cutting through the fluff and tells you exactly how the procedure works. He gives you a clear overview of what you need and how to implement everything! For example from the second module, there 8 modules all together;

  • How to setup your chatbot software
  • How to create your first sample chatbot
  • How to add your chatbot to a landing page
  • How to select an offer (newbie focused)
  • The differences between product launches and evergreen products are explained in-depth and a detailed overview of how to select products in both categories is explained.
  • How to follow my high-converting review page template
  • How to create a “storysales” bridge page that works for paid traffic like solo ads. This video also includes an optional breakdown of some lengthy copy I use on one of my highest converting bridge pages.

And that is only in the second module! This gives you an indication of the quality of the training inside because there are 8 modules all told!

There is not much left to the imagination because you are talked through every single click on every single interaction with the audience.

But most importantly, you are told why you implement specific strategies and why you use certain methods to capture people's attention.

Explanation Of FREE Traffic Sources

JK shows you a very effective way of getting free traffic from Facebook by using an attention-grabbing and emotion-driven message to your Facebook friends.

This is a very straightforward and non-invasive method which has a viral effect as people comment and like and share your post.

This method works exceptionally well because it has a social and viral element to it which increases engagement and brings people into your chatbot funnel without actually selling them anything, you're just telling a story.

Engagement is one of the most important elements to Facebook success!

JayKay Dowdall destiny

JayKay Dowdall

Explanation Of Paid Traffic Sources

JK also shows you how you can get traffic using solo ads and Facebook ads. Both of which will be very very effective when using the Destiny strategy.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am against using solo ads due to the low success rate and misleading way solo ads strategies are sold to beginner affiliate marketers.

However, in this case, it is very different because when you use Facebook as an opt-in form and people cannot use fake email addresses as they usually would.

Couple this with the quality of the training that JK gives you I highly recommend you give these paid traffic source to try.

JK gives a very detailed and thorough explanation of how to find trusted Solo ad vendor and how to capture people's attention when sending solo ads.

You are also given a very clear overview of how to create a Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

Who Is Destiny Ideal For?

Destiny ideal for somebody who is serious about making money online. Even a beginner can use this strategy without much prior experience in the affiliate marketing world.

I think 9/10 people who buy this will be genuinely surprised at the quality of the training and they will be taken aback by the fact that this is not your average run-of-the-mill "get rich quick method", this is really high-quality training module!

The strategy will work, and if you take action and implement what you learn you will see results but only if you take this seriously and take action.

No method online will make you rich overnight on its own, you have to actually make it work and take action and implement the strategy that JayKay teaches you.

You can even implement the strategy if you have an existing website or an existing profitable business because it will only heighten your engagement with the audience and provide you with another highly targeted avenue to convert your visitors into commissions and leads.

You can also use the strategy if you have no money because you are shown a free approach on how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages or landing pages for free.

What About The Upgrades? Should You Buy Them?

Yes, there are three upgrades available with this purchase; however, they are not essential to make this strategy work, they are merely there to enhance your experience.

destiny sales funnel2

*OTO 1 Downsell - This $17 Downsell will only include 5 of the DFY Chatbots
**OTO 2 Downsell - this $27 Downsell will only include the video training for the autopilot list building, it will not include the DFY Chatbot or the email swipe files.

OTO 1: 10x Done For You Chatbots

Price - $37

This upgrade gives you 10 pre-written chatbots which are proven to convert and will save you hours of tinkering and setting up your chatbots manually.

This also saves you a lot of time because you don't have to write any copy within the chatbots. If you are someone who likes to save time and likes to take the easy road and this is for you.

OTO 2: AutoPilot List Builder

Price - $47

The second upgrade teaches you how to automatically capture people's email address as well as adding them to your chatbot.

This is a very detailed training module which explains everything you need to know.

You are also spam compliant because you are asking for permission to use their email address when they opt-in.

Using a strategy like this is incredibly powerful because now you can reach them both of Facebook and by email!

This one-time-offer is highly recommended! 

OTO 3: DESTINY Masters

Price - $197

The last upgrade is a big one! You will be shown in exact detail how to create a "webinar chatbot" which are custom made to promote a high ticket product.

No product creation is needed because this is a "done for you package" - you merely add your affiliate link and send traffic to the webinar - how easy is that?

You can use all the traffic methods you have learned so far: free, solo and paid, to drive traffic to these automatic money making chatbot funnels!

Other Resources To Enhance Your Chances of Success?

If you want to take your Facebook learning to another level then i highly recommend you try JayKay Dowdall’s other product called "Facebook Masters Program". 

Inside you have over 15 hours worth of training of the highest quality which teaches you the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook. 

fb masters training program review

You learn about the customers purchase cycle and how to warm up your audience. You get a detailed analysis of how to get inside the mindset of your target audience and convert them into buyers.

In other words...

The Facebook Masters Program will show you everything you need to know in order to make money suing Facebook!

Couple this with the specific method taught inside Destiny and you have a deadly arsenal in your back pocket to supercharge your online affiliate marketing career!

Access To 10x Mastermind Facebook Group

When you become a member of Destiny, you also get access to the 10x Mastermind Closed Facebook group which means that you can get instant access to JayKay himself plus many other affiliate marketers.

You can ask questions and explore the world of affiliate marketing on a more personal level. You can seek guidance and inspiration from like minded people.

10x Mastermind by JayKay Dowdall

Would I Recommend You Buy It?

Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend you buy Destiny.

The training provided by JayKay Dowdall is very detailed and incredibly valuable. If you are looking for a way to make money online using an easy to follow and beginner friendly way, then Destiny is for you!

My review shows that you can trust the training inside and so if you are wondering if this product is worth the money, or if it is a scam, I think I have proven that you can buy Destiny without any fear of being ripped off or buying a mediocre product.

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  1. ok this not good I just purchased this system I haven’t even started yet, I went to check on something else from my bank account and I saw that jaykaydowdall company charged me over $20… when I ordered this product it was advertised at 9.99 and I was going to add one of the upgrades but now I am worried it will charge me more than expected.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I am sure it is just a mistake. Send me the transaction ID and email account used for this transaction and I will contact JayKay for you. He is an honest and standup guy – he does not overcharge anyone.

      Send the details to phil……

  2. Hi Philip,

    I noticed that there are a lot of warriorplus offers used in the training area.

    These are usually very difficult to get approved for to promote.

    Do Jaykay or yourself have any tips for getting approval.


    1. Hi Tom,

      Yes, JayKay will give you tips on how to be approved for affiliate offers. If you join the Mastermind Group you can ask JayKay direct questions. You can use the Destiny strategy to promote anything you want, so you are not only limited to the Warrior Plus platform.

  3. Hi Philip.

    I tried to buy it before it went to $47 (7 hours on the clock), but their were “validation issues”.

    I logged into Paypal seperately to make sure it wasn’t me, with no problem.

    Clearly the problem was with warriorplus.

    I have to get sleep now because it’s late, but I’m not paying $47 for something that wasn’t my fault.

    He might be a legit marketer but he needs to get the payment system sorted, or it’s just bad luck on the day.


    1. That was unfortunately just bad luck. JayKay did report some issues with the payment platform but it was only a very temporary setback. If this happens again then I suggest trying a different browser or clearing your cache.

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