In this review, I am looking at a product called 'Clickbank University 2.0' which is a training program which shows new affiliates and product vendors how they can make money online.

You can become a product creator and sell your own digital products or you can learn how to become an affiliate and promote other people's products, or both if you wish.

CLICKBANK adam and justin

The training is broken up into step-by-step tutorials and is presented by Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan. I have purchased the product and I have worked through the training to assess if I think it's going to help you make money online. The following is my opinion only based on my personal experience when using the service.

QUICK SUMMARY! Worth buying but be careful!

The training is good and you will learn a good amount of information about how to create your own products and how to become an affiliate.

However, the training is tailored around ClickBank's own page builder which is incredibly expensive, at around $600, not to mention the lack of over the shoulder training.

I do feel it is 100% worthwhile buying the front end product and soaking up the information they have but I would not use their traffic methods or the ClickBank page builder due to the cost involved and risky traffic strategies for beginner marketers.

Who Is CB University Tailored For?

Clickbank University is tailored for people who are complete beginners in the affiliate/Internet marketing world. There is also room for more experienced Internet marketers, but I would say that the main demographic for the service is beginners.

clickbank university is for beginners

The training inside shows you how you can become either a product creator or an affiliate and you are talked through the basics of affiliate marketing and how the whole process works in relation to:

  • the basics of Internet marketing.
  • the basics of creating products.
  • the basics of sales funnels.
  • the basics of page builders.
  • the basics of email marketing
  • and so on and so forth...

In my opinion, 99% of the content within Clickbank University is tailored for beginners and is designed to give you an introduction to making money online.

A Detailed Breakdown Of The Training

At this point, I want to show you inside that member's area and I am going to give you a brief outline of what you learn in each section, this way you can better estimate if this training is something you need.

Each section of the training has their own pros and cons and I'll try to be as accurate as I can when describing my opinion about what you learn inside.

Vendor Training

Inside the vendor training, you are shown how you can create a digital product to sell as a Clickbank vendor.

ClickBank University 2 0 vendor training

Inside the training!

The section is broken down into 12 weeks worth of training, each containing different tasks and objectives. Most training modules have an accompanying PDF document with additional training material to help keep you on track.

Justin walks you through a huge amount of content and about the process of making money online as a vendor, including:

  • the mindset of a successful vendor.
  • how to find your niche.
  • how to analyse markets.
  • how to create sales videos.
  • how to do split testing.
  • how to build squeeze pages.
  • how you approach upsells.
  • content creation and outsourcing.
  • and much more…

You are given a very good overview of what it takes to become a successful product vendor on the Clickbank platform.

The majority of the content is simply informational where Justin talks to the camera, there is very little over the shoulder training.

Want to know the pros and cons? Jump the them here!

Affiliate Training

The affiliate training focuses on how you become an affiliate marketer by promoting other people's products.

Adam talks you through the process, much like in the vendor section, of how you approach the concept of becoming an affiliate.

ClickBank University 2 0 affiliate training

Inside the members area!

You learn about things such as:

The affiliate training is also mostly done without any over the shoulder videos or presentation slides. Adam talks to the camera and only on a few occasions do they actually show you anything on a more practical level.

This is also built over a 12-week course and for each section, the training is complemented with a PDF document with additional learning material.

Traffic Training

The only two traffic methods they recommend are Facebook and Instagram.

There are six videos in total where they talk you through the process of getting traffic and leads from Facebook ads and Instagram shoutouts.

ClickBank University 2 0 inside the facebook training

Inside the Facebook training of CB University!

The Facebook ads

The Facebook training is done by Justin and he shows you some ad campaigns he ran previously promoting Clickbank University.

He then proceeds to dissect his adverts and tell you about split testing and how you can dig deeper into a demographic to get a more targeted audience.

You are also shown how to make Facebook ads from scratch including the ad copy, image and how you set up the targeting.

Even though this is very basic, it is very informative and Justin does a good job of explaining how the process works.

The Instagram Shoutouts

The Instagram training is done by Adam and I must admit I was quite surprised when I saw this because shout outs of this nature are very risky, not to mention very expensive.

The training on the Instagram advertising it is very vague and there is no actual detail about how targeted the traffic is and it seems rather ad hoc in relation to who you're targeting.

Adam suggests that you should pay roughly $150 for a shoutout from accounts with more than 1 million followers, which I find very risky.

ClickBank University 2 0 expensive

The shout out traffic method is very expensive with no targeted traffic.

All social media platforms are littered with fake and low-quality accounts and unless you know what you're doing you can easily end up paying $100 for shoutouts which are completely worthless.

Personally, I will not use this method unless you knew what you were doing, but given the fact that this course is aimed at beginners, I think this is a very sloppy method to use because there's a very high chance that the people using this will end up losing money.

Toolkit Training

The Toolkit section is a collection of 14 training videos which complement the training modules of the affiliate and vendor training.

You learn about such things as

  • setting up custom domain names.
  • creating sales presentations.
  • recording sales videos.
  • designing banners.
  • outsourcing content.
  • email marketing.
  • and so on....

These videos are essentially the same ones you see in the training but they are gathered in one location so you can find them quickly without having to skip through the other modules to find the one you need.

This doesn't really add to the training it just makes it easier to find.

Is ClickBank University Worth The Money?

This is where things get tricky for me because it depends on what you buy.

If you only buy the front and product, meaning the basic access at $31, then yes it is worth the money so you can learn a very good introduction to affiliate marketing and product creation.

However, I do not feel that's the page builder is worth $600, which is what they want.

This is a huge outlay for any beginner marketer, especially when the training is not in a position to help you make this money back anytime soon.

I do think it is worth the money but only if you buy the front end product, nothing else.

is CB university worth the money

Do you have what it takes to become a successful marketer?

The Pros

  • easy format to follow
  • lots of useful tips and information from the experts
  • great advice about creating sales pages
  • the front end product is very cheap for the information you get
  • the PDF documents, which compliment training, are very helpful
  • the interviews with other experienced marketers are also very helpful and inspiring

The Cons

  • The Clickbank Builder is very expensive - $600 - and all the training is built around that, which means if you don't buy it you will be left confused because you don't know how to build a landing page.
  • The training lacks over the shoulder training and I think most beginners will be left confused by what they are supposed to do.
  • There is very little training about what to do with the email list you build with the squeeze pages and the traffic they suggest.
  • The comments section on the training platform is littered with spam comments and questions which are clearly not being moderated or answered, this is never a good sign.
  • The traffic sources they recommend are good but the training is not thorough enough which means the chances of a newbie losing a lot of money quickly is very high. A better method may be to try something cheaper, like Traffic Flow.
CLICKBANK pagebuilder very expensive

$600! That is a very expensive page builder!

Will You Make Money Using The Training?

The training itself only acts as a helping hand, you have to make it happen.

In order to succeed using the training provided from Clickbank, you have to think outside the box and have the drive to work at this long term.

You have to capture the leads and follow up for months after with valuable emails and product promotions.

You have to be willing to bite the bullet and spend some money on advertising before you see results.

You need to be willing to learn from outside Clickbank University as well in order to fill the gaps left by the training.

will you succeed with cb university

Ultimately, whether or not you make money from affiliate marketing or as a product vendor completely depends on your own drive and how much you're willing to work for it.

Personally, I feel the whole package, if you include the Clickbank Builder and the option for a monthly membership, is very expensive.

As a beginner, you are extremely likely to make some very silly mistakes and given the traffic method they recommend you could stand to spend a lot of money quite quickly when using this method.

Do I Recommend ClickBank University?

Yes, I would recommend you buy this training.

Even though this review may seem a little negative, I did find the training to be good and it will help you better understand the process of making money online as a vendor or an affiliate.

As long as you pay attention to the warnings I have drawn your eyes to in my review you should be able to navigate the main dangers.

Overall, I do feel that the Clickbank University 2.0 is of good value and I hope my review has given you a better insight into what you get for your money when you enrol.

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  1. Even though I’ve never used any type of service like those you talk about on your website, I appreciate how thorough they are and how openly you discuss both the positives and the negatives. It’s often hard to distinguish reviews from those that just exist as advertisements, but honest reviews are always appreciated.

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