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In this review, I am looking at a product called Bing Bang Profits, created by Demetris Papadopoulos. This service is a training module for creating paid adverts on Bing which you use to drive traffic to products and landing pages. The idea is you use the software included to find winning ad copies and then use these as inspiration for your own adverts in order to capitalise on winning keywords and descriptions.

The thinking behind this is great but will this product live up to its promise. I have previously reviewed a product called Traffic Zion, by the same author and I wasn't too impressed with that.

So, let me take a look at Bing Bang Profits and I am going to tell you if it will help you make money online.

As always - I buy the product and work through the training to make sure it is going to help you. This article is my opinion only and I base my opinion on the fact I actually use the product and training.

What Is The Bing Bang Profit Strategy?

The strategy is a combination of using a piece of software, domain forwarding and CPA offers to generate commissions using Bing Pay-Per-Click adverts. You can also use the strategy in conjunction with any offer, to be honest, because it is easily applied to any niche and any product.

You use the software to scan Bing search results for your chosen keyword. This search will flag up existing Bing adverts which you can use for inspiration for your own ad copies. You then automatically import these advert directly into your Bing Ads Manager, which does save you a lot of time.

You then setup a new domain, something related to the product you are going to promote, and initiate domain forwarding so you can send people directly to the offer page.

The idea is you send lots of very cheap traffic to an offer and once you find a winning combination, with a goods click-through rate and return on investment, you can scale that by increasing your ad budgets and improving your ad copy.

You can also implement a lead capture page and start using email marketing in order to increase profits by retargeting your email list.

Essentially, you can use this strategy with any niche or product and combine it with a multitude of other monetization methods.

does bing bang profits work

Is The Training Good?

The training at Bing Bang Profits is an introduction to affiliate marketing by using pay per click advertising and CPA offers to generate commissions. This only shows you certain types of methods and, even though it is of good quality, should ideally be used in conjunction with a website and other monetization methods.

Bing Bang Profits honest opinion

The training inside is of reasonable quality. After all, you have to remember, that this product only costs $27 so for what you're paying the training is very good.

There is a long list of videos which show you how to:

  • find CPA offers,
  • buy domain names,
  • setup domain forwarding,
  • find affiliate offers,
  • how to setup Bing ads,
  • how to use the software which finds good ad copies,
  • how to build landing pages,
    and much more.

There are 3 modules which cover everything you need to know on how to make money using Bing ads.

When you buy a product like this you need to keep in mind that the training will never answer all your questions. There are gaps and cracks here and there were certain information is left up to your own intuition.

For example, if you don't understand what a click through rate is or how to analyse user intent when doing keyword research, this is something you will need to find outside the training.

Also you need to learn how to build the landing page or you might need to know more about email marketing, in which case, you will need to find an alternative source to teach you about this.

The training you’re buying here shows you a method using certain steps to set it up, anything beyond that or any combination of other strategies is not covered.

Bing Bang Profits Support Group

However, Demetris - the author, does have a Facebook page for Bing Bang Profits so if you get stuck you can message him and get more guidance on what to do. He is a genuine guy and he does want to help but at the end of the day it is up to you to make this method work. You need to be willing to learn and expand your horizon.

Will You Make Money?

Will you make money using the strategy? Perhaps. This is entirely up to you. If you approach this with a lazy and negative attitude because you can't be bothered to watch the videos and implement what Demetris shows you, then you will not make money. This is something that is mention a few times in the training. You have to make it happen and take action.

If you follow the training and do things properly, then you will make sales using this method. How much profit you make totally depends on the product and ad copy you use.

To be honest, it doesn't matter what you do online, if you have the wrong attitude and you are not willing to dive in and learn, then you will never succeed online.

Using this method gives you an angle to use, but you have to make it work and you have to absorb the training and put your own personal spin on it.

Bing Bang Profits benefits

Do I Recommend This Bing Bang Profits?

I would recommend Bing Bank Profits, but only under the understanding that you give it your best shot. You need to work through the training with a positive attitude and approach this with an idea of learning more and testing the service.

Implement what you learn from Demetris and run some test ads in order to gauge the effectiveness of your ad copy. Once you find one which gives you a positive return on investment, you can scale from there.

You need to learn how to build landing pages and get stuck in so you can develop your knowledge of pay-per-click advertising and all the methods that come along with it.

If you are looking for easy money and you are unwilling to spend anything then this product is not for you. You need to invest in some adverts, along with some trial and error, and it will be beneficial to invest in an autoresponder and perhaps a website which you can use for further promotions.

I hope you found this review helpful and please do leave a comment below if you have any experience using this product.

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  1. Hi Philip, Like your reviews in general. You really seem to buy and test the products before giving your honest opinion.

    Far too many folks half-arse the review and slam the product in question just to promote ‘their’ thing.

    I have bought from Demitris before and he’s a good guy, plus I use this strategy myself and Bing ads work for affiliate marketers (provided you manage your keywords closely dumping the ones that aren’t profitable).

    Easy to do, easy to start, and Bing give new accounts some sort of a deal, which is nice 🙂

    Keep up the good work


    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Yes, I do not believe in writing reviews about products I have not tried. It would be misleading of me to recommend something I have not tried and equally misleading to write a negative review about a service which I have not tried.

      I see a lot of people writing incorrect reviews just to get traffic to their website, which is such a shame.

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