5/10 Stars – TrafficZion Review

This review will look at a new product that has just been released (January 2018) called TrafficZion by Demetris Papadopoulos and Alek Krulik.

This software promises to produce free traffic with a set and forget software that takes your chosen tags and keywords and automatically sends traffic to your website.

I will tell you where the traffic comes from and how it may or may not benefit your website to use this product.

Is TrafficZion a scam, or is it a legitimate service? 

In this article, I try my best to answer these questions and I base my review on my own personal opinion and experience when using this software.

An OK piece of software. Has some obvious drawbacks but it is good value for what it does.

How Does It Generate Traffic?

This software uses WordPress.com to send traffic to your website. The process is actually quite unique, I have never heard of this method before.

Within WordPress.com there is a huge community of bloggers and like minded-people who share content, communicate on forums etc. That means there is a fantastic opportunity to use these platforms to generate traffic to your website, but this is a very time-consuming process.

That is where TrafficZeion comes in. This software will automatically like content and authors according to set tags and keywords you set. This will, in turn, incentivise a reciprocal like or follow from other people and when someone clicks on your profile (gravatar), there will be a link to your website.

This is quite harmless and effective because you are not spamming or doing any article spinning, you are just liking and following other people.

To start the software you simply add niche keywords or tags that you want to target and the software will automatically target those keywords. How effective is it at bringing in targeted traffic by using the know variables and alternate meanings of similar words? No idea! 

does trafficzion work

What I Don't Like

1. Software Needs To Be Installed

The main thing I hate is the need to install software on your computer. This is incredibly risky because you have no idea what the software is doing behind the scenes. You have to keep in mind that you do not know the author and there may be other programs running in the background alongside this software. Will your computer and identity be safe? I do not know!

2. Untargeted Traffic

The keywords the software searches for will not return targeted traffic. For example; if I searched for a keyword such as "make money online", there are so many variables and different context this could be used in that most of the interactions will be worthless.

Unfortunately, if I were to add more words to this keyword then it becomes much too long-tail and narrow which means my net becomes to narrow and no one will see or notice my interactions.

You can apply this any keyword or any tag because there are so many different meaning in the English language to a variety of words that a lot of your interaction will be completely off topic.

3. Unsustainable, Uncontrollable & All Eggs Are In One Basket

This form of traffic generation is not sustainable. Should the software stop working or perhaps lose its effect when more and more people use this method, your traffic will disappear overnight.

Also, remember that you genuinely have no control over what the software does. Should there be a programming error which accidentally causes your profile likes the wrong post or start automatically posting spam comment all over the place, you have no control over this and you would not know it was happening. 

The unfortunate thing is this: If an error like this occurs, the software is acting under your name and your profile will suffer for it.

Can the team behind this software guarantee, that when WordPress changes a simple code on their website which changes the size or location of their like and follow buttons, the software will be up to date immediately to deal with this problem?

traffic zion review

Will You Make Money With TrafficZion?

I would not expect too much. Yes, you will get some traffic but you have to remember that generating revenue from this type of traffic is hard.

When was the last time you clicked a person's profile on a social platform, went to their homepage and immediately purchased something?

The only real way to make money with this method is to capture emails and then retarget them. 

Is this method legitimate?

It is legal but...  I do not know the Terms & Conditions of WordPress.com but I am pretty sure they would not be too happy if they knew this thing was going on. Most websites will not allow any form of automatic methods like this that manipulate their website for cheap traffic - especially when there is no real benefit to the users of WordPress.

You have to remember that methods like this are "cheap" if you know what I mean. You are not providing any value here for the people who you are automatically interacting with on WordPress, do you see what I mean?

Have you ever used this product? Please do leave a comment below with your comments!

  • January 6, 2018

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