In this review, I am looking at a product called 'Reactor' and I am going to tell you if I think it's going to help you make money online.

This service, which was created by Bill Hugall, Brett Hitchcock and SimpleSpencer, shows you a way of making money using Facebook by driving traffic to product landing pages.

The method they use is free and promises to convert very nicely

So, as always, I have purchased the product and I am now taking it for a test drive to make sure it is of the highest quality and that it will help you earn your first commission online.

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What Is Inside The Member's Area?

Inside the member's area, you are given three modules and a bonus page with four other products contained within it. There is also an accompanying PDF document which gives you a written overview of the method you were going to use.

Here are the titles of the training videos which will give you an idea of what the training contains:

  • Video 1 - How To Find A "Reactor" Offer That Converts Well and That Is Backed By Proven Stats - 6:04 minutes.
  • Video 2 - Surefire Ways To Get Approved For Almost ANY Offer - 4:50 minutes
  • Video 3 - How To Write Super Simple Copy For Your First REACTOR Post - 4:24 minutes
  • Video 4 - How To Find Your Target "Reactor" Audience - 5:20 minutes.
  • Video 5 - How To Get Maximum Engagement & Responses For Your Reactor Posts - 2:23 minutes
  • Video 6 - How To Narrow Your Audience & Engage With Them The Correct Way - 4:22 minutes
  • Video 7 - Simple Hacks To Deliver Your Links Without Fail - 3:52 minutes
  • Video 8 - Bonus Strategy + Conclusion/Final Words - 4:46 minutes
Members Area reactor

From inside the members area!

You are also given access to four bonus products which are:

  • BONUS #1: Lazy Profit Engine 2.0
  • BONUS #2: 3-Day Cash Machine
  • BONUS #3: Smackdown Profits
  • BONUS #4: Supersonic List Machine

I have not reviewed any of the bonus material so I cannot tell you if they are of any good quality or not, so please use them with care.

As you can see there is a reasonable amount of content within the training area and the videos explain nicely what the method is and how you can use it to make money using Facebook.

This method is extremely simple and straightforward but as I always say, you get what you pay for, and you can't really complain too much when you've only paid $12 for this product.

Is 'Reactor' A Scam?

I do not think this part is a scam, however, I do feel it's very simple.

The authors could have padded it out a little bit more with a bit more information and guidance on how to convert your traffic.

The method they teach is by no way unique and I have seen other products using the same method but with the other products this was just a complimentary traffic method, where is with 'Reactor', this is the only method they show you.

They could perhaps have added a few sections about using autoresponders to follow up on leads or perhaps some information about creating a Facebook fan page, for example, to give a bit more value within this training.

This strategy is actually very similar to Loop-It and Traffic Flood which I reviewed recently because they all use very simple Facebook strategies to drive traffic to a product page.

Slightly Hyped

I do you find the sales page slightly overhyped, not necessarily with the sales claims, but in terms of the timescale they claim it takes to make money.

They continuously talk about the fact that you can make money within 24 hours, or 48 hours, which is going to be out of reach of most people who buy this service.

Reactor overhyped timescale for results

Sales claims from the sales page!

The simple truth is that you need to first seek approval from vendors and get together a reasonable sales copy - which will take more than 24 hours, especially if you have no experience and you don't know what you doing.

Nevertheless, I will keep saying this over and over again - you get what you pay for!

You Get What You Pay For

Don't forget that I only paid $12 for this training module, which does make this great value for money.

Once again, knowledge is power, and if you're only paying the price of a few beers to gain more knowledge then that is worth every single penny because you can use it in your arsenal when you are trying to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Is The Training Good?

The training serves its purpose and it is ok. There are roughly 35 minutes worth of training material and you're given a good overview of what you have to do in order to make this method work.

They could have added a few more modules to make it even more valuable such as:

  • autoresponder training
  • email follow up training
  • more training on how to converse with people on Facebook
  • how to give value and help convert your offers better
  • and so on...

Will You Make Money Using The 'Reactor' Method?

You can make money using this method and in terms of providing a method which literally cost no money to implement, this is a good strategy.

Other than the cost of this training you can use this method completely free, which is kind of cool.

However, I do want to illustrate here that with this type of method there is no automatic money. You only get sales if you sit on the computer and implement this method continuously throughout the day.

Don't use this thinking that you're going to be rich from doing nothing - you have to do the work.

Reactor you have to work for your results

Sales claims are achievable but you have to work for them!

What NOT To Do When Using The 'Reactor' Method?

As with most cheap and cheerful methods, there are one or two downsides and I am going to show you how you can avoid a few possible pitfalls when using the strategy.

DO NOT Spam Facebook

Whenever you are promoting anything on Facebook, regardless of the niche or product, never spam people or Facebook groups.

Always contribute and give value to whichever discussion or person you are speaking to BEFORE you post any links. Everyone can see through spam these days and everybody knows not to trust someone who just leaves links everywhere to products placements.

Also, Facebook will put you in Facebook jail and will label your account as a spammer which could hamper your progress as an affiliate marketer.

reactor review

DO NOT Add Too Many Friends At Once

The main methods they use here, to gain a following, is to add targeted Facebook friends, which you then contact on Facebook Messenger, but it is very important you do not add too many friends in one sitting because this is an unnatural occurrence.

Should you add too many friends too quickly than Facebook will block you and label you as a spanner.

Think about it logically - how many people do you know who would sit and add hundreds of friends on Facebook on a daily basis? Not very many, right?

This just isn't natural, so be conservative, and only add 10 or 20 people per day.

Resources To Complement This Training?

Here are a few free resources you can use in order to enhance your profitability when using the 'Reactor' method.

These will help you increase the click-through rates, conversion rate and help you with interaction and making more money in general.

I hope you found my review helpful and I wish you the best of luck if you choose to use this monetization strategy on Facebook.

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