This review focuses on a brand new product, call 'Loop-It' by Jason Fulton & Aidan Corkery, and this service promises to show you a brand new method which will help you make money online on Facebook.

The method uses a simple strategy to gain followers and then a very clever way of using a small video segment to draw the attention of your followers.

You then use this video to send traffic to a landing page and build your list and your conversions.

As always I have purchased the product and I have sat through the training to make sure it's going to help you make money online and the following is my opinion based on my experience with 'Loop-It'.

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Quick Summary: Recommended but be careful!

I do recommend the service but you have to pay attention to the warnings I give you in this review.

The methods they teach are really cool and it will work but depending on which niche you're in you have to be very careful regarding copyright issues and possible spam complaints.

You should definitely buy this and try it because it will help you increase conversions and increase your following online.

What Is Inside The Member's Area?

Inside the member's area, you are given a series of 13 videos which walk you through the entire process of this method.

Obviously, I will not give you the exact method because you have to pay for a membership but I can give you a few sneak peeks.

The videos you get access to are well made and they take you through every step that you have to take to monetize this specific method.

Members Area loop it

The idea is that you build a following on Facebook, using the method they suggest, and then you make a captivating looped video which is promoted to your new following using a very specific method.

There are also three case studies where Aidan shows you his results from using the specific method and he also shows you the video he used along with the interaction he had with his followers.

You also get access to the Facebook group and a PDF with a written version of the implementation you have to do.

Is The Training Good?

The training serves its purpose well by showing you how the process works.

You are given detailed instruction on:

The training is short and sweet because the method itself is quite straightforward and so there is no need for any serious in-depth training here.

loop-it money claims

Can you really make this kinda money with this method??

I think the training is good and it well made.

However, I do have some reservations about this method which I will go over right now.

What Are The Negative Sides?

During the training modules, I did spot a couple of things which I would like to draw your attention.

Even though I do recommend 'Loop-It', I do feel I need to give you a heads up regarding a few issues which you might encounter when using this method.

Possible Copyright Infringements

During the video creation tutorial, Aidan tells you to simply go to Google and search for certain types of images to use in your video.

He then downloads them and uses them in his promotional material.

This is a problem because he doesn't mention anything about copyright issues here, and he seems to simply copy any image which is suitable for his own needs without considering whether or not he has permission to use them.

Now, even though you may not get in trouble immediately, this is something you have to be very careful with.

In most niches, I do not think this will be a problem but if you are unlucky enough to choose an image of a well-known brand or a well-known personality then you can land yourself in very difficult waters under the copyrights laws.

Personally, I feel it is very sloppy of Aidan to simply recommend you just copy other people's images haphazardly without even mentioning the Creative Commons exemptions or any resources.

For example:

If you were in the dieting niche and you decided to use the image of a well-known doctor or fitness guru in your promotion, thinking it was OK because the training tells you to do so, you could very easily get a notice of copyright infringement in your email inbox.

So, with that in mind, please use consideration when using images which may be under copyright protection. You can watch more about how to find royalty free images here.




Royalty Free GIF's

loop-it review

Possible Facebook Complaints

The second issue I have is the method Aidan suggests you use to gain a following on Facebook.

Aidan tells you to go and find out other people's authority posts, who are within your niche, and simply look for people who have commented and liked the related posts and start adding them as friends on Facebook.

READ MORE: Dangers of adding too many friends on Facebook.

If you are not very careful then you do run the risk of getting complaints from people who feel their privacy is being encroached.

Personally, I get very irritated when I get added by people who are clearing NOT my friends and based on their profile I can tell they are going to try and sell me something.

If I see this I will quite happily click on the report button and lodge a quick complaint.

This would normally not be an issue but given the volume of new friends that Aiden suggest you add, this could be a problem and I'm sure you can understand that most people will not be happy with having their personal profile being reported as spam to Facebook.

I understand that the training does not imply you start private messaging people at random.

The training tells you to only to private message the people who respond to your promotions, but this is an assumption that most people may not follow and that's when the temptation to directly contact people with promotions may cause issues.

Is 'Loop-It' A Scam?

The service is most certainly 100% legit and you should definitely give it a try. Both Jason Fulton & Aidan Corkery have released products before and, even though they're not always the best quality, they are generally honest and they do provide a good service for the money you pay.

Loop It creators

Creators: Jason Fulton & Aidan Corkery

Is It Worth The Money?

All I would say is that you do get what you pay for here, I paid $13 for my access and so you can't really expect too much.

As long as you're able to read between the lines and apply some common sense to the method then this is a valuable lesson to learn because the strategy that they teach is quite cool.

I would definitely only promote products that you know are legit and helpful and be honest with your promotions.

Never try and deceive people just to make money.

Basically, what you are paying for here, is the knowledge of learning a cool new method to gain free traffic from Facebook in a simple and straightforward way.

I suggested combining this with another method, such as Traffic Flood because then you can use both paid and free methods to get traffic to your landing pages from Facebook.

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