Matthew Neer has just released a new product called Viral Cash App and this is my honest review.

This service is a training module which shows you how you can find YouTube videos and post them on a communal website which is supposed to be viral and have thousands of visitors. 

The content you share has advertisements and product placements, embedded with your affiliate links, which then people click on when they come to your pages.

The idea is that you share these videos and pages on social media and when people visit and view the video they will be tempted to click on the adverts and product placements.


I base this review on my experience after I purchased it and worked through the training material provided.

This is what I think of Viral Cash App:

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Is Viral Cash App A Scam?

No, this service is not a scam as such - however it is my opinion that it is of very low quality.

The sales page promises easy money and has the usual hyped up theme to it. This my main problem with these types of products. Even during the training videos Matthew keeps talking about how much money there is to be made and the fact that the videos are going to get thousands of views, etc.

Everything that is said inside the training area is so misleading and people can lose a lot of money by buying into this kind of "easy money" methods.

How Much Does It Cost?

As you can see from the image below the costs can be huge! If you are unfortunate enough to get caught up in the sales hype and buy all the upsells, which will not help you in any way, then you can end up spending over $500!

viral cash app sales funnel

Given how low quality the product is this is insane! I cannot imagine how heartbroken someone would be when they finally reached the members area, only to realise that they are part of a flawed method to make money online, with little to no chance of success.

Is It Legitimate & Sustainable?

The first thing that stands out to me is the fact that the website which you post your content on,, has no organic traffic. The website has no SSL certificate and yet the author keeps talking about the thousands of visitors the website receives.

As you can see from the image below, there is NO organic traffic coming to the website.

viralsyndicator com Domain Overview Report

No organic traffic! - data from

This is backed up by the fact that there are very few views on most of the posts on the website, as you can see from the image below. Even the posts dating back to 2016 only has a few thousand views, at most, and a large number of them seem to be "unavailable". I assume the owners have deleted them over time.

Viral Syndicator Share Viral Videos

Barely any views on recent posts!

This is compounded by the Facebook page which is supposed to be active, and as Matthew says in his training, "will drive traffic to your posts". I am quite confused here as not a single one of the last 30+ shared pieces of content I examined on the official Facebook page has ANY interaction or engagements of any kind.

This is quite strange considering it is called "Viral Syndication"...?

Is this method sustainable, no.

Is it legitimate? Well, technically yes it is, but it is not honest. I do not understand how they can sell this product in such a way which promises so much when it is quite clear that no one will make money with this method.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Using the strategies taught in the training modules of Viral Cash App, you will probably not make money in my opinion.

This is because they base their entire monetization on the adverts they place on the page on which you embed the YouTube video. Anyone who does any social media marketing knows that simply sharing a video, like these, on your personal profile will not generate any viral traffic. You need targeted traffic and posting random content, hoping it goes viral, is not a business plan.

The only option you will have is to start spamming and posting these links all over Facebook groups and so on to try and get a few clicks here and there.

This is the main flaw because all the eggs are in one basket.

The monetization methods are also not great. They suggest:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank
  • Adsense

There is nothing wrong with these methods but here is the thing. If you use Adsense you need A LOT of traffic. I mean a lot! The CTR on Adsense is around 2% and the RPM (Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) will be equally low.

Given that the viral syndicator website does not produce much traffic what is the point in using this method to earn money?

I cannot see Amazon approving any affiliate that make any sale via this website. They have strict rules about who can join and they want to have their products listed on quality websites, not spammed ones like viral syndicator.

Clickbank products are generally quite poor quality and have a high refund rate.

So those are your monetization options and it does not look great, if you see what I mean?

Can Matthew Neer's Products Be Trusted?

Well, I have not reviewed his other products but I have had a look and they do follow a general "get-rich-quick" theme. I have been reviewing Internet Marketing products for a while now and you do start recognising low quality products quite quickly.

However, I will not judge them too harshly until I try them. They are next on my list.

Weapons Of Mass Commission
List Leverage: Viral List Building ​
$5K Formula System
Viral Traffic Hack
Viral Money Magnet
Niche Moolah
Wealth Ascension System

Bing Your Ads!
Vid Lyft - Upload. Rank. Profit
Viral Engagement
Speed Wealth
Neer: Viral Cash App

At a glance, I get the impression that these will be of similar quality.

viral cash application review


My overall feelings and opinion about Viral Cash App is that it is low quality and is unlikely to help you make money online. As I have said before, I base this on my experience when I use the product as a consumer and I cannot see any reason why the training provided would give anyone a reasonable chance of earning a living online.

What do you think? Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comment section below.

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