In this review, I am looking at a new product called 'Tube Profit Sniper' which is a service that shows you how you can make money online using YouTube. The authors are Mike Andrews and Lucy Anders.

The idea is that you make YouTube videos and product reviews to earn commissions through YouTube. The training provided shows you how you can rank your videos and analyse your competition to get the upper hand.

As always I have purchased the front end product, without any upsells, and I'm going to tell you what I think of the training they provide and whether or not it will help you make money online.

I base my review on my personal experience while I work through the training inside Tube Profit Sniper.

What Is 'Tube Profit Sniper'?

Tube Profit Sniper teaches you how you can create an online business using a YouTube channel.

The idea is that you build a YouTube channel and create an online following and monetise your channel and social audience to earn a steady online income.

This training is broken into nine video modules totalling roughly two hours worth of training material.

My alarm bells start to ring very quickly because the sales video talks about a 4 step automatic process involving other people's videos and that you earn money when people watch these videos - but there is no sign of that inside the training.

Was the sales video made for a different product?

TUBE PROFIT SNIPER misleading sales page

Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, and they show you:

  • how to create a YouTube channel.
  • how to customise the channel to make it look professional.
  • how to do keyword research to find content ideas.
  • how to analyse competition.
  • a few tips on how to produce a video.
  • how to interpret the essential elements and ranking factors for YouTube such as tags, description, title and so on.

The idea behind Tube Profit Sniper is that by using this training, you can become an authority figure on YouTube within your chosen niche and start making money on autopilot as your viewers and subscription base grows.

Is The Training High Quality?

In the section, I'm going to talk you through the training you receive and point out a few pros and cons which come along with this product.

more misleading sales claims from tube profit sniper

Training Video No.1

The first training video teaches you about SEO and the importance of long tail keywords. Even though the video was only 6 minutes long, I think they're doing an ok job at explaining what SEO is.

They illustrate the points by comparing your videos to an island in the ocean and SEO is the bridge between you and the search engines to help people find your content.

Training Video No.2

The second video is only 3 minutes long, but it doesn't need to be any longer due to the simplicity of the topic. This video shows you how to create a new YouTube channel, which is a speedy and easy process.

Training Video No.3

Module three consists of a five-part video series about customising your YouTube channel, totalling about 25 minutes. You are showing how to:

  • personalise your YouTube channel art.
  • how to create a custom header.
  • where you can outsource this art creation or how to make it yourself.

You are also shown how you can add social media accounts to your YouTube channel header to make it easier for people to find you and follow you.

There is also a reasonable explanation about why it's essential to have a large following to gain exposure and why this brand recognition is good for your email list growth and sales.

false hope from tube profit sniper

Even if you have what may seem like a small following you can still make good money if you build a good relationship with your audience.

You are also shown how to optimise your channel with keywords to help YouTube understand what your channel is about which, in turn, will help you be found by users when they are searching for information.

You're also given clear instructions about how to activate thumbnails and how you can create a custom URL for your YouTube channel.

The last part shows you how you can upload the channel trailer for your YouTube channel. The trailer is the first video your visitors will see when they arrive at your homepage.

Training Video No.4

Module No.4, which is also split up into five parts and is over 30 minutes long, begins by showing you how to find long tail keywords using two free keyword research tools - Keyword Shitter and Keywords Everywhere. How accurate these tools are I do not know!

You are shown how to set up the API for the keyword tools and how to see the search volume for your long tail keywords.

The training shows you how to decide which keywords to choose to do further research on and you're given some fundamental rules about how to select a keyword on which to base your videos.

The training goes on to show you a detailed video on how to use the alphabet soup technique to discover further keywords and explode your keyword list.

I like this video because it clearly shows how quickly you can find hundreds of extra keywords and keyword phrases you can use.

There is also a video on spying on your competition where you learn:

  • About a free extension tool which you can use to spy on your competition to see what they're doing and how they are doing it.
  • You will learn how to use the tool and how to analyse the data provided, such as tags, search volume, descriptions and the key statistics of the YouTube videos.

The last part teaches you how you can take the long tail keywords, which you compiled earlier, and compare them against the competition.

You then use this information to choose which keyword you want to target depending on how competitive it is on YouTube.

misleading sales claim from tube profit sniper

Training Video No.5

Module No.5 is a short four-minute introduction to the concept of creating your first video.

You are given an overview of what you need to say and a few quick tips on what software to use.

HOWEVER, you are not shown how to actually make a video!

Training Video No.6

Module No.6 shows you how you can create intros and outros for your YouTube videos.

You are shown a very cool resource, called Tube Arsenal, where you can upload your logo or an image and create wonderful introduction snippets.

The training is straightforward to follow, and you can create a wonderful instroduction or art show within a very short space of time.

Training Video No.7

The seventh module starts off by talking about how to create a catchy title for your YouTube video by using your competitions titles and taking inspiration from what they have already ranked under.

The training goes on to explain about:

  • Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Playlists

You get instructions about video descriptions and how to write highly targeted descriptions to accompany your video.

The training also gives you clear instructions about tags and how they help people find your videos and how they improve your SEO.

You're also given instructions about channel playlists and how you can use these to build your channel authority, get more views and build your long-term future with your YouTube channel.

There are further instructions on how to create a custom thumbnail using Canva and why it is essential to have an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail.

Training Video No.8

The 8th Module talks to you about how to get your videos indexed quicker by pinging them across the Internet and using a couple of simple backlinking techniques.

How effective this is I am not sure because in my experience my YouTube videos are ranked within seconds of loading, so why she is showing you this I am not entirely sure.

This technique seems to me like quite an outdated way to get your content ranked, but I could be wrong.

more misleading sales claims from tube profit sniper

Training Video No.9

The 9th and last module is a very brief overview of what you have to do next.

You are told to keep producing more videos to increase your authority for your channel so that it will become easier and easier to rank your new video.

If you want to succeed with YouTube, you need to produce consistent and high-quality content.

Is Tube Profit Sniper A Scam?

As with so many of these types of products I do not believe this is a scam. Also, the sales video seems to have been previously used for a different product because the training does not match the information in the sales video!

However, I will say that this is a very low-quality product and I will justify my opinion about this in a second, but first, I want to tell you why it is a low-quality product.

The method itself is ok, and the training is marginally adequate, but there are always too many areas where misunderstandings and misinterpretations which will cause significant problems for newbie affiliate marketers to make a lot of mistakes using this type of method.

The training isn't detailed enough and lengthy enough to cover every aspect which needs to be addressed.

The Things I Did Not Like

This product is closely linked to two other services which I have previously reviewed because I believe they are made by the same author, or at the very least, closely related to each other through co-authorship or co-creation.

These other services include:

Both these services are highly recommended within the training of Tube Profits Sniper, but they're both very low quality, and I stated that very clearly in my reviews.

They even follow the same sales technique and look very similar in their design and layout.

It is clear to me that this training was made especially for this purpose to cross-promote these different services.

The inadequate nature of the training provided here means that you have to buy other services to learn how to implement different strategies such as web hosting, email marketing or whatever other monetisation methods you need to truly make money online.

The problem is that each method that you purchase subsequently will have equally poorly created training modules which, you guessed it, will require you to buy additional services.

The sales page is also extremely hyped up with promises of $100+ per days and automatic profits. The unfortunate truth is, as anyone who has created a YouTube channel can tell, the profits do not come that quickly because you have to build up a following and the experience first.

Creating YouTube videos is not a quick process, and it takes time to learn all the ins and outs of editing videos, recording videos and fine-tuning the whole process of uploading them too.

tube profit sniper review

Alternative Training To Make Money With YouTube?

In this paragraph, I will list a few free alternatives which will show you in more detail how to create an online income using YouTube.

These sources are from trusted vendors and YouTube creators who have a long-standing history of producing high-quality content.

Would I Recommend It?

Personally, I would not recommend this service. The training is barely adequate best, and unfortunately, you can find all this information out on YouTube for free.

If you do a quick Google search, you will find training modules on YouTube which are far more detailed and far more accurate than the train provided by Tube Profit Sniper. I have listed a few resources above this paragraph.

I believe the ultimate goal here is to sell this low-quality product to upsell other services, which I mentioned previously in this article, to make as much money as possible.

There are too many gaps in the training and, other than being a simple introduction course to YouTube ranking and monetisation, I do not feel this training is good enough to put my name on it as an affiliate.

I hope you find my review helpful and please leave a comment below if you have any experience using 'Tube Profit Sniper'.

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