In this review, I am talking about Devid Farah’s new training module called Targeting Academy + Insightr Lite. This product was release in March 2018 and has become a best seller.

The training shows you detailed walkthroughs on how to narrow down your Facebook audiences, which you use to create super targeted and highly converting ads.

There are 50 video tutorials and each one goes into a good amount of detail regarding the audience interests, demographics and audiences sizes. 

You will learn how to build targeted and relevant audiences with this training

However, is Targeting Academy worth the money? Let's find out!

Targeting Academy Review – Devid Farahs Facebook Training

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What Is Targeting Academy?

Inside the members area you have access to 50 modules, each one is a video showing how to target a certain niche audience.

As you can see from the image you are shown very specific niches.

Devid goes into great detail about which demographics to choose and how to narrow down your interests and behaviours.

Every niche has its own angle and Devid explains how to narrow down your audience in a smart way, by targeting sub niches and sub characters within each niche.

This helps identify the true passionate audience who is more likely to buy your products.

Targeting Academy Insightr Lite — Targeting Academy s Members Area

You will learn how to identify subjects, categories and product angles so you can magnify the audiences and the find the truly dedicated groups. For example:

In one module he talks about TV shows. Devid teaches that instead of simply targeting the generic name of the show, you should target the fictional character's names and intricate parts of the shows storyline. This cuts the audience down to a very narrow size but it also identifies the true fans. These are the ones you want!

What Is Included In The Training?

Here is a list of the videos included in the training. Each video has a detailed account of how to target the specific niche mentioned. You are given research examples, demographic alternatives and shown how to identify sub niches.

The main thing I like about the training is that you are shown "why" you are selecting certain targeting categories. Devid does a great job of explaining why you are targeting certain aspects of a products audience.

1. Intro - The Paid Ad Solution (from $0-$100k/Month)
2. Perfect FB Interest Finder
3. Super Targeting FB Ad Secrets
4. The FB "Best Seller" System
5. Google Domination with FB Ads
6. The FB "Big Brand" Strategy
7. The "Magic Words" Technique
8. Niche Targeting Manipulation
9. The $100k/Year T-shirt Business
10. Targeting Male "Fitness/Gym Freaks" Shirts
11. Targeting Women "Fitness/Gym Freaks" Shirts
12. Targeting "Controversial Topic" T-shirts
13. How To Target Pets & Animal Breed T-shirts
14. The "TV Show Fan Secret" Part 1
15. The "TV Medium" Part 2
16. Targeting "Sensitive Topics" T-shirts
17. Targeting Occupations & Business T-shirts

18. Intro to Physical Product Domination
19. How To Target a Dog Product (Mug)
20. How To Target a Local Kennel (The Pet Niche Goldmine!)
21. How To Target a "Grandma" Bracelet
22. How To Target a Mom Pendant Necklace
23. How To Target a "Police Wife" Bracelet
24. Turning Hobbies Into Diamonds!
25. Targeting Organic Products
26. Profiting Insanely with CPA Offers
27. How To Target Organic Food CPA Offers
28. How To Target Supplements/Health CPA Offers
29. Billion Dollar CPA Diet Industry Domination
30. 4 Super Advanced FB Targeting Strategies
31. "On the Move" Life Event Targeting
32. How To Target By Birthdays and Anniversaries

33. How To Target by Upcoming Birthday
34. Profiting Insanely from "Recently Engaged/Married"
35. How To Target & Profit from Parents
36. Targeting "New Relationships = New Money!"
37. Targeting "New Jobs" for Profits
38. "Reverse Engineered" Targeting
39. How To Target the Real Estate Market
40. Youtube Ads Made Simple
41. 4 Killer Youtube Ad Targeting Techniques
42. Youtube Ad Placement Perfection
43. Ultra Targeted Youtube Ad Placement
44. Google Adwords Search & Display Success
45. Display Campaigns & Targeting Perfection
46. Google Display Network Laser Targeting
47. The "$100k Store Creator"
48. Killer Twitter Targeting Strategies
49. Million Dollar Twitter Targeting
50. How To Target Business Owners on Facebook

Targeting Academy Insightr Lite — Targeting Academy s Members Area Training

Is it worth the money?

I paid $37.00 for my membership and for that I got 50 high quality Facebook targeting videos. That works out at around $0.74 per video which, let's face it, is not a lot of money when you consider the knowledge you are learning.

Will You Make Money From This Training?

Here is the main thing you need to remember. This product will not "make you money" by itself. You have to apply the targeted audiences and do the leg work yourself. 

This core training only shows you the targeting. It does NOT show you:

  • How to create the Facebook ad.
  • How to build a website with landing pages and product placements.
  • How to retarget abandoned checkouts.
  • How to retarget with Facebook ads.
  • How to create an email marketing campaign.
  • and so on, and so forth...

This is not a negative aspect of the training because it never had this purpose in the first place. The only purpose of this module is to show you how to target, hence the name of the product!

So How Can You Make Money Using This Training?

I recommend using the knowledge from Targeting Academy and combining it with Devid Farah’s other product "Build My Store". Build My Store is a purpose made training program which shows you the step by step process of making a Shopify store.

Once you have built your store, which could be dropshipping or e-commerce, then you use the targeted audiences to drive traffic to your pages. Success won't come over night but if you combine these two training products then you stand a really good chance of making a profit.

Let me know what you think. Have you tried this product? Comment below!

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