SEnuke TNG Review – My Honest Opinion!

In this review, I am covering SEnuke TNG – a software which promises to boost your website rankings with an effortless and automatic process. This outrageous claim is supposedly done by spreading backlinks throughout the Internet, spinning articles, using proxies to generate fake clicks in the SERPS under your keywords and it is all automatic.

So, I shrugged off my skepticism – for now – and signed up for a free trial. The following are my opinions about this this product.


Avoid at all costs. Using this software can forever ruin your website. 

The service itself is not a scam but the methods are outdated and dangerous. 

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My Personal Experience

As soon as you land on the homepage of SEnuke TNG, you will see the bold claim: “Rank #1 in Google with Today’s Top Ranking Factors.”

SEnuke TNG Review

I’m always dubious when I spot a claim to rank at the top of Google, and it instantly turns me off. Especially when it goes on to boast about “manipulating ranking factors like never before.”

Anything that claims to help you manipulate ranking factors is something to be very wary of in this day and age.

There are two versions: SEnuke TNG Lite ($67 a month) and SEnuke TNG Pro ($147 a month):

SEnuke TNG Reviews

I opted for the Pro version on the seven-day free trial. I signed up through PayPal, and as soon as I had finished signing up I was able to visit the Membership Information page, from where I could download the SEnuke TNG product:


So How Does It All Work?

The video on the homepage describes the necessary process, and there is also a video section in the membership area that provides more detailed guides on how to get your campaigns set up.

SEnuke TNG describes itself as the “next generation of SEO,” and the whole idea is that it automates the most important ranking factors to get your site ranking for your chosen keywords “effortlessly.”

One of its main focuses is on the need to go beyond publishing content alone to improve your SEO. While links are still a major focus of the product, it also claims that these days you need a higher click-through rate and a lower bounce rate if you want to rank better in the search engine results.

As a result, it has developed a “Crowd Searcher” feature that uses proxies to simulate thousands of real people searching for your keyword and clicking on your site—solving the CTR and bounce rate issues.

It also boasts its use of Optical Character Recognition to solve 50% of CAPTCHAs without the need for human input.

The process of ranking your website seems to be very simple when you use this tool, and indeed this is its main selling point. You simply enter the URL of your website along with the keywords you want to rank for, and then you are all ready to go.

It uses what it calls its “proprietary crowd search process” to do all the work for you, so you can apparently sit back and forget about it while rocketing to the top of the SERPs.

The product also includes a lot of other features such as its ability to create valuable social links, web profiles, press releases, media-rich content, and more—all of which is interlinked and pointing to your site to create an optimized backlink profile.

It also comes with a new “Loop Mode” feature. This allows you to simply set up your campaign once, and it keeps on repeating the campaign for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Why SEnuke Will NOT Help Your SEO

Matt Cutts – the head of Google spam team – has made it perfectly clear that building low-quality backlinks and spinning articles to be spammed across the internet is a BAD way to go.

There is no value in spinning articles because they are incredibly low quality.

If you take this software and think about this realistically for a minute. Google wants original and natural backlinks and SEO.

With that in mind do you really want your URL linked on thousands of low-quality websites, directories, and blogs which SEnuke chooses for you?

Think about these points for a few seconds;

  • Where are all these social links, press releases, spun articles and everything else being posted?
  • Which websites are these and do they have a good standing with Google?
  • Are you being posted to the same locations as ALL the other SEnuke customers? In other words, are you just another spammed URL on a long list of websites which Google has listed under “Spam Tagged Websites.”
  • Do you really think a high authority site would allow a software like SEnuke to spam its member area, blog posts and article databases with this kind of links?

What I L​​​​iked

For the purposes of this SEnuke TNG review, I was so dubious about the actual product that I did not want to try it out with any of my campaigns—Google penalties are not a laughing matter, and I was wary about the quality of the links.

However, I did like the fact that it provided a 7-day free trial, and it also has a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try it out and see what you think before getting a refund if you’re not impressed.

It also provides an excellent video training section complete with PDF transcripts so you can learn the whole process quite easily. The videos seemed fairly comprehensive, so you should be able to get up and running without any problems.

It also claims to have a very active forum, and this seems to be more-or-less the case. When I checked it out, there were a number of recent updates on topics like “Niche Research,” “Article Manager,” and “Recovery.”

SEnuke TNG scam review
SEnuke TNG is a scam

What I Didn’t Like

To be honest, I didn’t like the whole concept of SEnuke TNG. I’m from the school where hard work and a focus on providing genuine value are what essentially pay off with SEO in the long term. The whole notion of trying to trick the search engines seems quite dangerous to me these days.

Claims to auto-spin your content are nothing to brag about, and the claim to provide “automated authority links” just doesn’t make sense to me.

It says that the product is compatible with the latest changes from Google, but I just don’t see how this can be true. It states that its “customers are immune from any Google slaps,” but I would not want to put that statement to the test.

The whole notion of adding your URL, clicking a button, and suddenly dominating the search engines all seems a bit too good to be true.

In short, I would advise caution with this product.

If It Is All That Bad, Why Are So Many Websites Promoting SEnuke?

Simple, money! The affiliate programs for these kinds of SEO/backlink building/social bookmarking websites are great! The commissions are huge and people are greedy. That is as simple as it gets.

The reason websites like SEnuke sell so well is they rely on new bloggers who are naive, impatient and a little bit greedy themselves – we all want something for nothing – who will buy this service without thinking about the long-term consequences. SEnuke can make any outrageous claims they want because ultimately they know this will sell.

SEnuke TNG evaluation

My Honest Opinion About SEnuke TNG

Avoid at all costs. The damage you will do to your website if you used this service will destroy all your hard work. Your URL will be spammed all across the darkest corners of the Internet and eventually Google will slap you right down the rankings.

I firmly believe that companies like SEnuke manipulate naive and greedy people who want to take shortcuts – we all want to “get rich quick” – and have generated very impressive sales videos and websites to complete this illusion.

I would like to conclude my review of SEnuke TNG by saying this; Do not use this service. There is no such thing as guaranteed, easy and “automatic” Google ranking. This is only my opinion, so if you do decide to try it then please let me know how you got on.


After reading more about SEnuke TNG I wanted to update this review with one more piece of information. I think this is relevant.

This service promises a number one ranking and so you would think that there would be thousands of people making a lot of money with this software, right? WRONG!

Check out this screenshot from their “SUCCESS STORIES” on their forum.

But first, here are some dates to think about before you look at the screenshot;

Now look at these screen shots of the success stories from SEnuke and think about that for a minute – Do you see a correlation between these dates and the success stories stopping? • View forum Success Stories

Food For Thought

Websites which used services like SEnuke TNG are exactly the reason why Google released these changes to the search engines – to rid their top ranking results of low quality, regurgitated spam that is copied and pasted all over the Internet.

The screenshot above clearly shows that there are no success stories because the software does not work. Anyone who uses it will trash their website and drop in the rankings very quickly.

If there were people out there making a lot of money with SEnuke, don’t you think there would be hundreds of fresh threads on this forum with people sharing their joy?


I thought I would add a few more pieces of evidence to further show that you should not use SEnuke to try and improve your SERP rankings or SEO.

If you head over to the Black Hat Forum you will see a discussion there about the first impressions of the TNG software and for the most part, it’s not favorable. Most of the posts agree that the software does not work – even though it may have done before – and they agree it is hugely overpriced.

There is one member who becomes extremely abusive and vocal in an attempt to promote SEnuke and as you can see he has since been banned. This speaks for itself really.

You can also head over to the Warrior Forum where there is another thread about SEnuke and the discussion there is much the same. I will attach a screenshot here so you can see that if you use SEnuke then within a month or two your existing rankings will plummet into the abyss of the SERPS, never to be seen again.

Spamming your website with hundreds or thousands of bogus, low quality backlinks and social links will NOT help your ranking in any way.

Does SEnuke TNG still work Mixed reviews Warrior Forum

Update - January 2018

So, it seems SEnuke TNG is relaunching in a few days so I thought I would give this a little update. 

I have looked at the sales page and it has the exact same video as before, promising Page 1 rankings with an automated SERP manipulation process.

SEnuke TNG Rank 1 With Todays Top Ranking Factors — SEnuke TNG

Once I enter the next phase I can see there is a new feature called - ALL NEW: ARTICLE MANAGER - which is a tweaked version of the article submission software from the previous version.

This tool allows you to add images, contextual links and external links to authority sites automatically. You can upload your own articles or you can get them from placed such as Kontent Machine which provide incredibly poor quality content which is scraped from the Internet. You can read a full review from Nathaniell about Kontent Machine, would you want to use that? No!

The next new improved feature is the SEO MADE EASY WIZARD & TURBO WIZARD which includes an improved Turbo Wizard which shortens the campaign set up time by 90% to save time and you can also have more control of the scheduling of the campaigns.

There is a comprehensive video which walks you through the new Wizard Dashboard and you are shown how to set up a campaign by combining:

  • Social Networking
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Pinger Services
  • Forum Profiles
  • Article Spinning
  • Keyword Usage

Essentially, this is just an updated version of the old SEnuke which will spam your spun articles and scraped content (plagiarism galore) all over the Internet on low quality websites and sending ranking signals back to your blog with a complex, multi tiered backlinking strategy.

I will say again, I know this software does work and I am not questioning this. I am questioning the method itself - why would you want to use this method when it is so unethical, spammy and uncontrollable. You have NO idea where, when or how the links are created.

Using this method will kill your website if you do not know what you are doing and this is an incredibly dangerous strategy.

This is not up to date:

Judging by the date on the videos that are used to demonstrate the "new" features it shows the date as 2016! So, this is not an update, right? You can see the date in the image below. I am writing this in on the 27th January 2018.

SEnukeTNG Pro Launching January 30th 2018b

The last "new" feature is the same as I mentioned previously in this review:

  • Crowd Searching
  • Indexing & Spider
  • Captcha solving
  • Proxies

These features are further manipulations of the Google Algorithms in order to decrease bounce rates and increase spidered and indexed rates. The proxies are used to hide your identity and to ensure your requests are being processes as if you are a real human and not a bot. Hundreds of proxies simulate 1000's of IP addresses to fool the websites you are spamming.

It is strange that a service which is supposed to be above board and ethical would need to hide it's activities, right? That is because using this service is breaking the Google Guidelines and you have to hide in the shadows.

  • September 23, 2016

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