Content Constructor Review – My Honest Opinion!

I recently gave a software called Content Constructor a trial run and these are my findings. I purchased the product and tested the features and attempted to write an article.

The Content Constructor promises to make your article writing quicker, SEO friendly and easier. Does it live up to expectations?

Product Name – Content Constructor
Owner – Andy Black
Price – $27 Basic – Additional $27 Pro
My Rating – Average
Website – I am not affiliated with this product.

Content Constructor Review

What Is Content Constructor?

Content Constructor is a piece of software which searches the Internet for snippets of information based on a keyword of your choice. You can then copy and paste all these sentences together to create one, coherent piece of work.

For example; if you want the software to search for information relating to the words “Adding images to WordPress.” You just type in those words, click search, and the results will show sentences related to this keyword phrase.

The idea from there is to copy and paste these sentences together to make an article. The genius thing here is you can very quickly get hundreds of ideas and complete sentences within seconds on your chosen keyword. Which is really fresh and quite inspirational in a way because you get a bunch of ideas from lots of different sources.

content constructor how it works

My Personal Experience With The Software

When I first loaded up the software, I was surprised by the ease of use. It is very simple yet effective. After a few minutes of trying the various options, I was genuinely pleased with the search results because the sentences which appeared were surprisingly relevant to the keyword I was searching for and of excellent quality. But, this was where my enthusiasm ended.

The results which appear are copied from other websites – with the idea that you copy them and apply slight changes to make them original. Well, isn’t that just stealing? This may just be my opinion, but I was not comfortable with that as I want my content to be written by me, and me only.

Another issue I had was the related to this same issue. When you copy sentences, at random, from other sites and paste them together, there is no flow to the content. All the sentences in question were written at different times for various purposes, and so they did not read in a natural and organic way without editing them quite heavily.

By the end of my article – which was only 500 words – my first thought was; I could have just written this myself. You have to remember you are copying and pasting 15/20 words at a time. Trying to mix and match totally random content like that is tricky at best, not to mention when you are trying to add your own unique touch to someone else’s material.

What Did I Like?

  • You are given instant access to the software.
  • The software is VERY easy to use.
  • The search result were very relevant and good quality.

What Did I Not Like?

  • I could not shake the feeling I was simply stealing other people’s content.
  • There is no natural flow to the content without editing the whole thing.
  • As a blogger I did not feel comfortable using software which robs my content of originality and a personal touch.

Training Provided

The software is so simple and easy to use there really did not need to be any training. However, there was a video provided with Andy Black showing how to use the features. The video is concise and really well put together.

Is The Support Good?

The only part of the support I tested was the refund department. I requested a refund shortly after determining that the software was of no use to me. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and I wanted to see if they would honour this statement. They did, and it was dealt with in a timely fashion I might add!

content constructor is support good

My Overall Review

I believe that Content Constructor has potential. It is definitely NOT a scam as such, but it is not of great quality. If you want to create genuinely unique and engaging content you will, unfortunately, have to write it from scratch all by yourself.

I hope you found this article of some use and please do leave a comment below if you have had any experience using the Content Constructor. I would love to hear your opinion!

  • September 8, 2016

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