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In this review I’m going to be looking at a brand-new product called Sense Drill, by Vaibhav Goel, Ivana Bosnjak & Ram Rawat. I’m going to let you know if I think this will help you make money online.

As always, this article is based on my honest opinion and I can do this because I buy the product, go through the training and test it. Once that’s done, I then let you know if I think it will help you.This strategy uses a WordPress blog, Facebook ads and Google Adsense to monetize your content but can it really be that easy?

So, will you make money with Sense Drill? Let’s take a look:

What Is Inside Sense Drill?

This product will help you understand how you to set-up a website, how to create the content, and how to apply for Google AdSense (the ad company). In turn you are shown a method to drive traffic to your website which is what will help you make money. All of this is done through video tutorials and they are very easy to follow.

This isn’t a new idea, but I found it to be user friendly, logical and pretty straight forward. That said, I do have some reservations about this, so before you navigate away from this article thinking this is the program for you, keep reading. What I have to say really should be looked at before you make a decision.

sense drill set up

Sales Page Is Very Misleading

The sales page is very misleading because the earnings screenshots they show do not include the costs of the Facebook adverts. As I'm sure you can understand, using figures like this, is purely done to give the product a more desirable feel.

Use your common sense here and look at the screenshots and think about the honesty of the authors when they consciously show you this information knowing that the figures are incorrect.

They barely mention the cost per clicks on the sales page other than a brief mention further down the bottom which takes up only a small fraction of the sales content.

sensedrill com misleading sales figures

Misleading sales figures

Is The Training Any Good?

This is one of the first questions I aim to answer because if the training isn’t any good, the program isn’t going to work for anyone (no matter how much of an expert you might be).

So, to dive straight in I don’t think the training is any good. This is just my honest opinion and I’m an advocate of the saying “you get what you pay for”.

The first reservation I have is how vague the information is. For example, you’re told how to choose a niche but it’s not all that specific on how you go about this. Their tutorial spends about five minutes on how to go about finding a niche, but if I were to do it, the video would probably be about an hour long. What this tells me is that if you’re a complete novice, the chances are you’ll choose the wrong niche.

The same goes for building a website. The program almost “glosses” over what you need to know. So, in essence you’re only going to come away with the knowledge on how to build a skeleton platform. Basically, a platform that’s there for selling alone, you won't actually know what any of the features do within the WordPress dashboard.

It also means that as a beginner, if you make a mistake you have no way of knowing what you did wrong, or how to fix it. The same can be said of the Facebook adverts – there is no real explanation on what you’re doing and more importantly why. In my opinion? There are major cracks in the training for this program.

There are PDF’s available but quite honestly, they’re as informative as the videos so I doubt you’ll get much more from them. As I said, you get what you pay for so in my opinion the training is cheap and cheerful – definitely not for new-comers to Internet marketing.

sensedrill com review

What I Did Not Like

Well, aside from the training which obviously didn’t impress me, is something that drives me crazy and is actually one of the main reasons I’ve given it such a low rating. When you do the training, they show you how to create content and ask you to do the following:

  • How to go out and find trending topics.
  • Show you how to take other people's articles and re-write them in your own words – This is fine, everyone uses other peoples’ articles on the Internet for inspiration, so this isn’t my “beef”.

What does get me about the 2nd point above is that you’re “trained” to re-write the article in a block of 500 words. For me this just isn’t enough. Any post I write is at least 12-1500 words long – at least! With some running into 4,000+ words.

The other problem with using this method is you won’t have any idea if the information you’ve re-written is:

  • Accurate
  • Truthful
drill sense adverts overload 2


After that, you stuff the article with AdSense ads. This in my opinion isn’t going to help anyone. In fact, it comes across as low quality and for anyone attempting to read the article? They’re just going to get very irritated. Basically, by working like this you’ll end up being that guy (or girl) who is spreading extremely low-quality content in exchange for the money you make on the adverts.

When you go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever, and you’re scrolling through and see, say a headline that catches your attention or an image that’s really captivating to the point where you feel the need to click on it (we’ve all been there), but when you click on it you’re faced with a page that’s covered in ads. This is the type of content you’re going to be creating.

So, you know how irritating the content you’ll be creating is going to be, but you should also know it could be dangerous.

If the person that originally wrote the article gets into trouble for the information they’re spreading, you can too. Not because they wrote it, but because you’re spreading the same type of information only in your own words. Remember, the content you post is yours and anyone reading it will believe (and they should) that it’s come from you.

This is what worries me about this program and the novice. If you don’t know the stuff I’m explaining here (and this program doesn’t), you could land yourself in trouble. Don’t get me wrong, this method does work, and people do make money using it.

However, for those of you who are just starting out? Well, you’re not going to know the following:

  • Your content is poor.
  • Your content is inaccurate.
  • Your content is untruthful and potentially “informationally” dangerous.
  • You’re just irritating everyone but still making money.
  • You’re not going to get a great reputation.
drill sense adverts overload

Adverts and more adverts!

Would I Recommend Sense Drill?

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this program. However, if you’re that guy (or gal) who doesn’t mind what sort of content you’re creating and just want to spread any type of content in order to make money, then go for it. I wish you the very best of luck, but at least be careful of spending too much too quickly.

Please also try and take on board what I’ve had to say about the training etc. I recently wrote another review about an almost identical method from Adsense Machine.

If you’re like me and you want to have some pride in what you do, you know, be able to talk to someone about what you do and know you can be proud of how you make money, this method probably isn’t for you.

I’m not saying don’t use it but bear in mind that if you do, create some really awesome content that means something not just to you, but the reader as well. Write 1,000’s of words, give the readers images and resources so they can research the information further. In short, give something of value to the people who visit your site. Don’t just write some “fluff” that doesn’t mean anything to you OR your readers.

This is what’s wrong with the internet, there’s too much nonsense out there. In my honest opinion, this program doesn’t help in that respect. You’re just trained to create content that’s based on making money and not giving people any value.

I’m not saying this method doesn’t work, like I mentioned above if you really don’t mind what sort of content you create, go for it. The program is cheap and might well help you make some money. If you’re a novice and/or care about the type of content you post on the internet? I wouldn’t bother spending the money on this program.

Just to give you a re-cap on the main points about this program:

  • The training is basic and not very informative.
  • You’re taught how to create poor quality content.
  • The content you do create could potentially land you in trouble.
  • Your reputation won’t be all that good.

On the plus side:

  • The program is cheap.
  • It will help you make money but you need to be careful.

So, that’s my review on Sense Drill. I hope you found it informative and if you have any experience using this training then please do leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Thank you for writing this review on Sense Drill. I had not heard of them before. I have a wordpress website at the moment and I am comfortable writing content. I have not set up a Google Adsense account. This is mostly because my website traffic is under 100 people per day. So I keep focusing on content to build it up. I was just wondering when would you recommend insert Google AdSense code onto my site?
    Also I agree with you that it is hard to pick a niche in 5 minutes. I am new to internet marketing and I can appreciate now after 50 odd posts that what I thought was an actual “niche” was really quite broad. I have finally figured out what it takes to really drill down into the sub-sections that a niche really needs to be.
    So I was also wondering what are your top 5 tips on figuring out what your niche could be?

    1. I would not use Adsense until I had a lot of traffic. It is a volume based advertising platform so using it before for have at least 1000 visitors per day just isn’t worth while.

      As far as choosing a niches goes there is some excellent training with Jay’s Webinar on how to choose a niche. He goes through a lot of relevant and useful content.

  2. Hey Phillip – I love how you put this review together! There are so many scam programs out there that cost money but don’t really show how to make money. Thanks for giving your opinion on this one and based on your recommendation, I am not going to purchase it!

    The name of your website is a HOOT! You obviously have a great sense of humor!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes, products such as this do have a low quality feel. Even their Facebook Group is now filling up with complaints and unhappy customers who are not making money.

      It is a great shame that the authors seem to have abandoned their product only a few weeks after they launched. Monetizing your blog with facebook ads and Adsense is not as easy as simply pointing some ads at it – it requires fine tuning and continuous split testing.

  3. Hi Phil, Right off the bat, I saw a distinct flaw in the training that is available with this Sense Drill program when it comes to writing content for a website.

    I saw no mention of the fact as to whether or not this company offers any training to a member regarding keyword research, SEO, correctly inserting keywords into each article all meant to have that person’s content on the website ranked highly on the Search engines.

    A person without training could compose an article on, for example baby shoes, (having those 2 words being the keywords for the articles) yet because potentially thousands of other articles were previously written on “baby shoes”, that same individual’s article wouldn’t draw flies; not found until page 107 performed as a google search. Gee, I guess that “baby shoes” was a poor choice of keywords to base that individual’s article on. But since apparently Sense Drill offers no training on this important topic. . .

    Even taking into account the other silly notion that stuffing an article with Google adsense ads is truly annoying whenever a person comes to visit the individual’s website, (completely turned off by the constant presence of those ads), the fact that apparently Sense Drill’s training is incredibly inferior to what is offered by other programs,

    5 out of 10 stars, (50%) is failing in my book!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      You are absolutely right, Sense Drill does encourage the production of incredibly low quality websites.

      The way they advise you to set up websites is very irritating because they encourage borderline spamming. The training shows you how to produce very thin and low quality products which are stuffed with adverts and only serves to make money, not to give any value of any kind!

      There is no training on anything other than this method. Which means there are no techniques being taught on how to manage a website, develop it in any way or how to create good content.

      In today’s SEO driven, highly quality content world, it is imperative that you create engaging and high value websites.

      There is no point in producing low quality nonsense just to make money because you will never get anywhere in your quest to make money online.

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