In this review, I am taking a closer look at Retirement System Formula which was created by Alessandro Zamboni and Stefano Del Grande.

This product promises to show you how you can make high ticket commissions using the simple method and easy to follow monetisation strategy they teach you.

The sales page boasts of sizeable high ticket commissions and suggests that anybody can do it, regardless of their experience level, because they have a proven system in place.

I purchased the front end product, without any upsells, and I am now going to tell you what I think about this service based on my personal opinion when using this training module.

Will 'Retirement System Formula' really help you make money online?

What Is Inside The Member's Area?

Once I paid for this product, and I entered the member's area; I was genuinely taken by surprise because there is so little content inside.

You are greeted by one single video, which is only 11 minutes long, describing which traffic source you use to get traffic to your products for landing pages, Solo ads!

Retirement System Formula authors

Retirement System Formula authors

You are given a couple of PDF documents with more information about making money online using high ticket offers.

The first PDF is a 50 page summary of what the Retirement System Formula is with some fairly generic and PLR type content.

The content inside merely summarises the mentality of customers and gives you a high ticket action plan which explains how you achieve high ticket commissions and how you sell to customers.

However, there is no real in-depth training or any video tutorials here, just a somewhat generic overview of affiliate marketing.

Free Marketing Tools

You're given a list of 20 + marketing tools which you can use in your efforts to try and make money online. I am not quite sure why they included this because most of them are entirely outdated and I do wonder why they have compiled this list.

I mean, two of the resources are Skype and text pad, which seems very odd "resource" to add.

The rest are resources for converting PDF documents to Word documents, and screen recording software and so on, but there is nothing unique or special here because they are all admin related and have nothing to do with making money online.

High Ticket List

You're also given a list of 20 high ticket affiliate programs which you can join and promote to make money.

Once again this is quite a strange thing to add because with the training they provide on how to generate traffic there is no way you're going to make any sales with these affiliate programs.

High Ticket Authority Bonus

This resource is an extensive eBook collection which is a 67 page eBook that talks you through the process of creating a high ticket coaching product.

high ticket authority bonus with Retirement System Formula

High Ticket Authority - Bonus!

This is a bit more extensive than the training you get with Retirement System Formula, but this is clearly just a resellers PLR eBook and has very limited value since there is no video training or up-to-date information inside.

Is Retirement System Formula Worth The Money?

Absolutely not! This training material is not worth your money. You are basically sold some very generic PLR content which has no fluidity about it or any practical implementation strategies.

Effectively, you are sold an idea with a few resources about where you can get the affiliate offers from, but there is no method here or any dependable or reliable traffic source.

The traffic source they show you is to buy solo ads, that's all. You are not given any training on how to capture leads or what to do with the traffic you'll receive in any way shape or form.

Will You Make Money Using The Training?

There are many reasons why you would not make money with this strategy, especially as a beginner, and I will do my best to explain it to you now.

Retirement System Formula unlikely claims


You are not shown what to do with the traffic you receive.

The traffic source they recommend is Solo Ads which is a costly way to gather leads if you have no other source of income.

The problem here is that the training does not show you what to do with that traffic or even how to create a landing page.

You do get some templates for landing pages in the PDF download, but a simple generic template along with some URL's for landing page builders is not enough because you need to be shown what to do with the traffic and to build these landing pages!

After all, we paid for a service which was going to show us this, right?

The sales page explicitly says that they have a proven method of making money online, merely referring us to a different page builder is not showing us any techniques.


There is no implementation strategy here of any kind in regards to things like:

At the end of the day, there is not enough information about what you are actually supposed to do, and any new beginner affiliate marketer would be completely lost here.

Retirement System Formula more unlikely claims


The accompanying bonus, called High Ticket Authority, is quite a cool resource to have but it is still quite short and generic in many ways.

The problem with this product is that it teaches you how to create your very own coaching programs and packaging your own high tickets offers.

In itself, this is a great thing to learn, but the problem is the people who are buying Retirement System Formula are going to be beginner affiliate marketers, and so this training is meaningless because they don't have the experience to make a high ticket coaching programme.

What exactly are they going to teach? They have no experience with this kind of product placement.

Retirement System Formula reviews

Would I Recommend 'Retirement System Formula'?

Personally, I would not recommend this product.

I find the training itself to be non-existent and the traffic source they suggest is too unreliable and too costly for any beginning marketers out there.

I'm not entirely sure what the authors are hoping to achieve with this product because there is almost no guidance or any reasoning behind what you are supposed to do to make money from this method.

So unless this strategy is specifically tailored for people with experience in the affiliate marketing world, no one will benefit from this training.

I hope my review of 'Retirement System Formula' helped you and please do leave a comment below if you have any experience using this service.

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