In this review, I am looking at a product called 'Rapid Profit System', by Omar & Melinda Martin, and I am going to tell you if it's going to help you make money online.

This is a training module which shows you how you can use Facebook ads, squeeze pages and email marketing to make money from affiliate/Internet marketing.

As always, I have bought the product and I work through the training to ensure that it is of the highest quality so I can see if it will help you make money online. The following is my own personal opinion about this product.

I have reviewed another product by Omar and Melinda called 'My Unfair Advantage' which I am also a big fan of so I am familiar with what they stand for and the ethos behind their money making mentality.

rapid profit system honest review

What's Inside The Members Area?

Inside the member's area, you get access to 6 in-depth training videos on how to approach this monetization method.

Each video is about 40 minutes long, which gives you an indication of the depth that goes into. In my experience most training modules never going to such great detail, so this is a fantastic start.

Omar is a very gifted presenter and he is very good at getting points across with a 'no BS' attitude towards learning. He explains things simply and directly, without any fluff.

Rapid Profit System training content

A breakdown of the content inside the members area!

You also get two bonuses with this purchase which are:

  • No.1 - A detailed tutorial on how to set up an email campaign for a product launch to maximise opt-ins and conversions.
  • No.2 - A 30-minute tutorial video with detailed instructions on how to replicate the template for a bonus opt-in squeeze page. This is a high converting sales page template, which would normally cost you a lot of money. This is fantastic value and will help you get more opt-ins for sure.

Phase 1 - The Market

The first phase is all about finding your market and your niche.

Omar talks in great detail about how to find your target audience and how to identify a niche within a product range or market which would be suitable and profitable.

This entire topic is of course very subjective, depending on current trends and products, but Omar gives a very good overview of the different aspects you need to consider.

Such as;

  • how to use Facebook groups to identify interest
  • how to get into the mindset of a consumer
  • how to identify sellable products
  • how to identify a consumer niche
  • which niches may be more difficult to sell
  • and much more...
rapid profit system inside the members area

Inside The Members Area - Phase 1

Even though there are no actual practical elements to this initial video, you are not physically shown anything, it does give you a very clear overview of the mentality of your audience and what you need to look out for.

Once again Omar has a very straight to the point attitude and it touches a few points here which are very accurate.

Such as;

  • you have to work for your profits
  • you need to reach out to vendors to maximize your potential
  • you have to be realistic and use your common sense
  • you need to be polite, honest and look at the long-term picture

I think this is a very good introduction to the topic of affiliate marketing and choosing a target audience.

Phase 2 - The Sales Funnel

In the second phase of the training, there are two training videos, totalling over one hour of content, which talk you through following topics.

rapid profit system inside the members area phase 2

An Inside Look Into The Training Provided

Part One

In the initial video, Omar talks about landing pages and how they correlate to your Email Marketing campaigns.

Omar discusses the importance of building a relationship with your audience and providing value to your list.

He also goes into great detail about where you can build your landing pages and the key aspects to your opt-in rates, click-through-rate, and the importance of using bonuses to incentivise your customers to buy products from you.

Once again, this is a video which is over 40 minutes long and it goes into great detail of the mentality of your clients and how you can maximise your profits by utilising such things as;

  • continuity from your Facebook ads to the squeeze page
  • keeping things simple and easy for the client to digest
  • using Facebook pixels to create a Facebook audience
  • the importance of growing your list with purpose and value
  • and much more...

Part Two

The second part focuses on the bonus page and giving your readers an actionable incentive. This will drastically increase your opt-in rate and commissions in the long run.

In this 28 minute long video, Omar talks about things such as:

  • the page design and how it will influence your visitor's decision to buy
  • importance of using a sales video, rather than just using an ad copy
  • importance of giving additional bonus products which are congruent with the front end product 
  • And much much more…

Once again, as I said previously, Omar gives simple but effective advice. Everything he says makes logistical sense with relation to the customer's mentality and sales flow.

rapid profit system inside the members area phase 2 part 2

Inside the members area

Phase 3 - The Traffic & Conversion

Phase three is split into three parts and is over 2 hours long. The emphasis of this training is on your traffic source, which is Facebook ads.

You are given a clear overview of what you have to do in order to drive traffic to your landing pages. You use this traffic in conjunction with Phase 1 and 2 in order to create leads and commissions.

Part 1

The first part focuses on the Facebook ads themselves and you are shown how to create an advert in the Facebook ads manager.

Omar talks you through the importance of:

rapid profit system inside the members area phase 3

A sample of what you learn in phase 3

Part 2

The second part focuses on the custom audiences which you can create within your Facebook ads manager. This allows you to create highly targeted audiences, based on your initial ad campaigns, who interacted with your content and are more prone to convert.

This is a very important part of an ad campaign because this is how you narrow down your audience and create highly targeted ad copies.

Within this 30-minute module, Omar shows you

Part 3

The third part of this module focuses on the follow-up email marketing campaign which you initiate after you have captured someone's email address.

This is when you convert emails into commissions with highly valuable, engaging and helpful emails.

Omar talks you through the process and explains to you how you convert emails into commissions.

Important issues that Omar discusses are things like:

  • open rates and bounce rates
  • importance of lead titles and descriptions
  • importance of engaging with your audience and providing value
  • the long-term view of Email marketing
  • finding a good balance between providing value and selling products
  • and much much more..

I think the idea here is that you can use the 2 bonuses, which I mentioned earlier, in conjunction with this training in order to create highly engaging and captivating emails.

Rapid Profit System testimonials

this is what people are saying about Omar & Melinda

Is Rapid Profit System A Scam?


This product is most certainly not a scam as it is of high quality, relevant and the information inside is definitely going to help people improve their chances of making money online.

Omar is a sincere and likeable guy. His integrity and honesty does shine through all the products that I have seen him in, to date.

Will You Make Money Using This Method?

This is entirely down to you as there is no 'one shoe fits all' formula for making money online, regardless which monetization method you choose.

If you watch carefully and implement what Omar tries to teach you, then yes, you do stand a better chance of making money using this method but only if you're in it for the long haul.

Rapid Profit System earning potential

Earnings like these are not typical but not unachievable either!

Using Facebook ads to generate leads and commissions is not a short-term strategy because it can take months to nurture your leads until they convert into sales.

Equally, it could take months before a Facebook ad campaign turns profitable after split testing, adjusting and retargeting takes place.

So, will you make money using the 'Rapid Profit System'?

Yes and no. This is entirely up to you and this brings me to my only negative aspect of this training module.

Any Negative Aspects?

Personally, my only criticism of this training module is the fact that there is very little over the shoulder training.

The majority of the videos are simply slides and small demonstrations, nothing more.

Therefore, this can easily lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what Omar is trying to get across. Even though he is a very gifted presenter and does a great job at bringing his points home, I know from experience that everybody will see things from a different angle.

This means that if you are a complete beginner there are certain aspects of this training which you will need to use your own initiative in order to implement, which will lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

This, of course, is the nature of any training, but due to the lack of over the shoulder training, this makes it particularly evident with this training.

Rapid Profit System money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose with a money back guarantee!

Would I Recommend Rapid Profit System?


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know it is rare for me to recommend anything. Therefore it is a great privilege for me to be able to say that I do recommend this product.

The content is up-to-date and accurate and the way it is presented will mean you have a greater chance of succeeding online.

I would recommend you use this in conjunction with other social media training, such as Penny Clicks Academy, so you can also build a social following and a fan page.

There is a whole host of angles and possibilities that you can use in conjunction with 'Rapid Profit System' and I am really excited for anyone who tries this method because the training is really good.

I hope this review proved useful in your decision about this product.

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  1. I appreciate the honesty in your reviews, and how even when you highly rate products you are sure to say that there is always an element of individual success and that each person has to put in the work to make their content successful. You can’t simply rely on any one product or service to do the hard work for you.

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