In this review, of Quentin Franks Racing tips, I will talk to you about horse racing and the profits that can be made by following UK's top tipsters.

Quentin started his tipping service in July 2014 and since then have gone on to produce an incredible string of results - over £10,000 in profits using only £10.00 stakes!

But what do you need to do, as a punter, to follow a horse racing tipster and be profitable? Well, it is quite simple, to be honest, but let me talk about a few things to clear the air about betting on horse racing.

Is it really possible to make a decent ROI (return on investment) from betting on horses?

Average PROFIT of £255.00 per month since July 2014!

note - all figures are correct at the time of posting this article. November 2017

Quentin Frank's Stats and Results

Quentin franks results

As you can see from the figures, the average monthly return from following Quentin's tips is about 21% - not bad! 

The losing runs are short and his strike rate is above 23%.

Also, the stake amount Quentin uses is £10.00 per bet which is very affordable and easy for any regular punter to follow.

The average monthly profit is around £250 per month - an average from July 2014.

But what do all these figures really mean in layman terms?

this link will open a spreadsheet with an itemised list of all the bets placed, and the results.

Is Quentin's Tips Worth The Money?

In short, YES. The tips you get are great value and are proven to be reliable and consistent winners. Operating as a tipster on this scale, for such a long period, takes more than just luck so it is clear that Quentin Frank really does know what he is talking about.

The risks are very low: due to the low stake amount used and the low cost of the subscription, it means this represents a very low risk investment. If at any given point you feel uncertain you can simply stop placing the bets, but this is not recommended.

The tips from Quentin is worth the money because of the results are proven and the profit is consistent. If you look at his full results you will see that he picks consistent winners and very rarely has losing months.

However, like any investment opportunities there are always going to be a few pitfalls you have to be aware of.

Quentin franks review

Mentality You Need To Make Profit

In order for you to profit, you need to adapt a long term mentality. A lot of newbie sports traders run scared at the first sight of a losing run. If you look at the itemised results, you can see that there are many occasions where there are long losing runs. Some mount up to hundreds of pounds before tide turns and succession of winning tips start coming in.

You have to have faith in the tips you receive and be in for the long haul. If you stop placing the recommended bets because you are in a negative position then this is not for you and you run the risk of losing money.

If you invested in stocks and shares, would you expect the price to only go up from day one? No, probably not. There would be ups and downs - the same principle applies to horse racing.

An added bonus is that there is a 30 day guarantee! So, if you are not happy then you will get a full refund! However, the money you lost on the bets are obviously lost forever.

If you don't feel following horse tipsters is the best way for you, then perhaps becoming a Betfair Trader could be your thing?

How Are Bets Placed?

Every morning you get an email with the tips of the day. You are given clear instructions on everything you need to know but in most cases it is incredibly simple. Place a bet on this horse, at this price. That is it! Yes, really!

The great thing about this method is, it is so simple and convenient. You do not need to do anything, just place the bets and get on with your day.

What Size Bank Should You Have?

If you want to be safe I would recommend starting with a £500 bank. This ensures you can ride out any long losing runs in a comfortable manner.

If you start with a smaller bank than £500 then you could end up in a position where you would need to add more money which would knock your confidence.

The best way to think about it is to take £500 and set it aside and use it only for the tips - not for groceries and drinks. Only for trading the horses.

If you are planning on using larger stakes then you obviously need a larger bank. I would say for £10.00 stakes you need a £500 bank and for for £20.00 a £1,000 bank - and so on...

However it is very important you only bet the amount that Quentin tells you too. Do NOT alter the amount you are betting.

Quentin franks honest review

Characteristics of a Success UK Horse Tipster.

When you are researching horse racing tipsters you want to analyse their results. Just because a tipster is generating profits does not mean the long term profits will be there.

The good things about Betting Gods (where Quentin's based) is that there is a 4 month vetting period where any new tipsters have to be profitable for 4 months, not just a few weeks. This eliminates any lucky punters becoming 'tipsters' overnight and making you lose money.

I recently wrote a review about Betting Gods and the benefits of using horse racing tipster in the UK.

The pattern of winning and losing tips should be something like this:

  • small loss
  • small loss
  • small loss
  • big win
  • small loss
  • small loss
  • small loss
  • big win

Any tipster worth his salt will always have more loser than winners but the winners are known as 'value bets' - resulting in larger wins.

Should You Join?

The proof is in the results. You can join for £1 for the first 30 days which is incredible value.

My best advice is to try it - you can even be extra careful and only use £1 stakes instead of the advised £10.00 which would mean you are risking such a small amount you would be silly not to test it out!

If you need any help or advice then please leave a comment below and I will do my bet to help!

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