A No-Nonsense Review of BFScalper.com – Does It Work?

If you are here then I am guessing you want to know if BFScalper.com is worth your time. In this review, I will show you in depth just what you can expect when you join BFScalper.

I can only assume that you are aware of what scalping is and you are curious about how you can profit by using this method on the betting exchanges like Betfair.

Read on and I will let you in on a few truths. However, if you have no idea what scalping is but you want to find out, then you will be taught that as well.

Let’s take a look!

A No-Nonsense Review of BFScalper.com - Does It Work

My Rating:

BFScalper is definitely worth a look. It isn't easy but with a bit of hard work you can make good profits on Betfair.

Profit made!
Days Traded
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Update – 22 November 2017

Been a long time since my last update so I figured I would trade a few races tonight at Kempton. So I got myself a cuppa tea and got comfy. The method you will learn still holds true. I made a nice and comfortable £26.13 profit.

bfscalper progress

Update – 10th May 2017

I managed to squeeze in another few trades last night after my initial update. Secured myself another few ticks of profit which resulted in a nice days trading. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Betfair scalper profits

Another few trades during the day today. All apart from one were profitable. The markets were stable but there were a few large chunks which moved the price very quickly.

I was caught out once when I entered the trade but the price moved against me after a large amount of money moved the price out, I had to close for a loss.

Overall, I am happy with another small profitable day.

Betfair profit example

Update – 9th May 2017

Finally had another chance to trade for a few hours today on the horse markets. I took it slow and used small stakes (£25).

Once again I had a 100% strike rate. I did dip into a few negative positions as the price went against me but I held my nerve and sure enough, the price came down again just as the training teaches you.

I find my trading to be much more calm and collected when I use smaller stakes. Looking back at my previous results when I used larger stakes the profits are bigger, but the pressure is greater, along with the potential for making a loss.

Betfair profit example

Update – 1 May 2017

I did not trade on Saturday & Sunday due to other commitments so I decided to trade all day today (Monday) on the horse markets to see how the BFScalper method would stand up to a full days trading.

As you can see from the screenshot below I had a great day and I cleared over £100 in profit. I used a combination of scalping with the “trap method” and I took most of my trades “in play” to maximise my profits wherever possible.

The profitable trades were mostly small figures but they soon add up due to the large amount of races, over 30 in total. I didn’t manage tot trade all of them due to delayed races and overlaps but I am very happy with the result.

I will trade again tomorrow. Fingers crossed for another profitable day on the Betfair markets!

Betfair scalping part one profit

Update – 28th April 2017

Once again, I started trading at 6 pm. I took it slow today and concentrated on making small ticks of profit by using the “trap method” that BFScalper teaches. Once the countdown times closed in on the “off time” I took my profitable bets in play, as suggested by the training, in order to increase my profits.

I think the consistency of the profitable trades are wonderful and there is a clear sense of comfort when I trade because I can see that the methods they teach are working, which fills me with confidence. This confidence fuels your belief in your entry points within the markets.

Tonight I traded 9 races. 8 were profitable, 1 was a scratch and NO losses! What! Yes, no losses!

profit trading with betfair scalper method

Update – 27th April 2017

I only had time for a few trades this evening but I did ok. I managed to make a few ticks profit with my increased stakes. I must admit it was much more nervewracking once I used larger stakes but the markets moved in my favour and I turned a nice profit tonight. Not bad for only a few races.

Will try and do more races tomorrow.

Betfair scalper trading profit

Update – 26th April 2017

Finally got a chance to trade some more and here is my first profit update. Sorry for taking so long but have bene very busy lately. Will be trading every night for the next few weeks to show you the profit you can make with the Betfair Scalper method.

The consistency of the profit is incredible. If you follow what is taught at BFScalper you can see these profits as well with very low risk to your bank. Today I only had 2 losing trades and those were down to my own personal mistakes. I got a little bit greedy and pushed harder than I should and my rash behaviour resulted in a loss but overall it was a very good day trading.

bfscalper profits

A Brief Overview

BFScalper is, in a nutshell, an extensive video course/tutorial on how to scalp the Betfair exchange horse markets. You are taught, in depth, how to identify opportunities within the markets and scalp out a small but consistent profit from every race.

This is achieved by using very small stakes, to begin with, to ensure you are completely comfortable with the method and then later you can scale up to increase your earnings.

You take advantage of small price drops and rises within the horse markets to skim off small profits from the resulting odds change, as the odds on a horse moves up and down.

There is an advanced section within the training modules where you can learn how to supercharge your experience and increase you potential earnings.

After working my way through the training modules I started trading and I made a nice little profit on my first couple of days, and I only traded a couple of races per day!

Betfair Scalper profits example

Who is Betfair Scalper For?

Betfair Scalper is for people who are serious about making money online as a sports trader. If you are someone who has been looking to find something special, but is tired getting ripped off, then this is for you because BFScalper is honest and it really does what it says on the tin.

If you have the right mindset and you are willing to learn then you can start making profits within just a few days/weeks.

However, if you expect a “plug & play, I don’t want to read or learn anything but still make money” attitude then this is not for you and you will waste the time of the guys at Betfair Scalper, and your own.

The Training

The training itself begins with a look at the basics behind Betfair trading and the author explains in fantastic details the mentality you need to have and clearly states the risks involved when you start your journey on becoming a sports trader.

Your teacher will talk you through the membership area to ensure you know your way around but most importantly he talk a lot about YOU and what a person who wants to make money online, trading horses, need to do in order to be successful.

The Betfair Scalper team do try their best to be as honest as possible and continuously reiterate that scalping is a skill. Becoming a proficient scalper will take a bit of practice and trading the betting exchanges is by no means a “Get rick quick today” thing. I can tell he is passionate about teaching people to profit from Betfair and his frustration is clear when he speaks about how impatient people are when learning something new.

What’s Included In The Basic Training?

Within the basic training you get about 45 Video Tutorials talking you through every single step on how to;

  • How to use the membership area.
  • Mentality about trading and risk management.
  • Your trading bank and what stakes to use.
  • How to open a Betfair account and set up trading software.
  • Learning the fundamentals of a horse market and how it moves.
  • Learning about Back bets and Lay bets.
  • Setting up the trading software to maximise your trading with the correct charts and settings.
  • Learn about basic scalping and how the market moves when money is matched within the market.
  • Countless live trading videos where the author talks you through every trade he makes and why.
  • Learn about exit points and entry points with live trading examples.
  • Learn when to not enter a trade and how to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • and MUCH, MUCH more!

With the basic training pages you are shown so many live examples you really learn quickly how to scalp and profit. The best thing about the live scalping examples is that you see the profit being made right in front of you and you can clearly see the theory being put into practice immediately.

What’s Included in the Advanced Training?

Within the advanced training things get a little more interesting with a further 14 or so videos on how to;

  • Create risk free bets by using the scalping techniques you used in the basic training.
  • Learn how to increase your stakes in a sensible and slow manner.
  • Very detailed videos on how to increase your profits with more live examples.
  • Learn about increased liability as your stakes get bigger.
  • Learn how to use tipster information to your advantage and profit.
  • Learn an advanced scalping method that will ensure you increase your profits.
  • More customers profit proof and lots, and lots of trading examples.
  • and MUCH, MUCH more!

The Support

I have e-mailed the Betfair Scalper team a few times and I get a reply within a few minutes or hours and I was very impressed. All my concerns were addressed immediately.

If you have any queries regarding the training then you will get help right away but make sure you work through all the training BEFORE you e-mail the support because all the information you are likely to be unsure about is in the videos.

The Transparency

The transparency is one aspect I love about BFScalper. The advice and training given is honest and straight talking. The author explains in great details the benefits, potential downfalls and the simplicity of the method they teach – with no hyped up content or padded out training modules.

Everything they teach is important and to the point. At no point do they try and pull the wool over your eyes.

How Much Profit Can You Expect To Make?

Within the first few weeks, assuming you use small stakes as the training suggests, I would say you could make around £5/£10 per day.

After a couple of weeks, once your confidence and understanding have increased, you can easily make about £30-£40 per day.

After a couple of months and after you have gained considerable experience and you have covered all the schoolboy errors, there is no reason why you cannot make £100 + per day.

However, this is only if you follow the training. If you skip any of the videos or try and jump ahead too fast then you may end up losing money so I would highly recommend taking it as slow as you can and be patient.

My Personal Results Using The Training From BFScalper.com.

After a couple of days and working through the training material, I tried a little bit of scalping. I was surprised at the results.

By using the simple method that is suggested within the training modules I was able to produce the following results – and I only traded a fraction of the races available on a normal days trading.

Betfair Scalper profits example

I found the training straight forward and easy to follow. As soon as I started trading I found the method they teach to be accurate and the fact that it worked right away gave me an incredible confidence boost – which made things even easier!

I will continue to trade using this simple scalping technique and I will post my results on up on a daily basis.

I have personally purchased Caan Berry’s video training pack and so far I must admit Betfair Scalper is a much better training source for newbie Betfair traders. Caan Berry’s training is good but the explanations given by the BFScalper guys just makes more sense and is easier to implement on the markets.

I think Caan's training is more for traders who have a at least 6 months experience and want a broader understanding of the markets. I really like Caan's videos and the methods he teaches.

Also, I went down for a one-on-one training day with the Bet Angel team a few years ago. This was an incredibly informative and well worth day but once again, the video training given by BFScalper has given me much more value which turns into actual profit!


All in all I would highly recommend you head over to www.bfscalper.com and give it a try. If you are hesitant because you have been ripped off before, I completely understand but trust me when I say that your fears will be proven wrong very quickly after joining.

If you are still in doubt then bookmark this page and come back in a few days time and see my updated profits, as I post them every few days.

  • March 19, 2017

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