Nathaniell Brenes is an Internet Marketeer. He created One More Cup Of Coffee back in 2010 and has seen great success online.

As with most successful bloggers online, they are keen to pass on their advice to others but it can be difficult to know if you can trust them. Even someone that seems as honest as Nathaniell, may have ulterior motives.

In this short review, I will share some facts about the affiliate marketing world and shed some light on myself, and Nathaniell, and how we fit into the scam riddled world we call the Internet.

Does Nathaniell's advice really hold true?

One More Cup Of Coffee Can You Trust Nathaniell

Nathaniell, from One More Cup Of Coffee.

Does Nathaniell Tell The Truth?

Yes, he does tell the truth. I have been a regular reader of One More Cup Of Coffee for a few years now because we are both in the same niche so when I do research for products I write reviews about, Nathaniell comes up a lot. A lot of the times I will read his reviews to see if his opinion is the same as mine because he is an authority figure, also he may have spotted something I missed!

You can tell in his blog posts that he genuinely cares about his readers and if he finds a product that is clearly low quality, he will say so. He does not hype anything up or oversell anything, at least not that I have noticed.

What I also like is the truth that comes across. Sometimes he may find a product which is a 50/50. The kind of product which does carry some heavy downsides to it and will only make you money if you work really hard and have some luck on your side. Nathaniell will be straight up about this and tell you that this is not his cup of tea, but you are more than welcome to give it a shot!

You can tell that he basis his reviews on his own experiences and uses common sense to poke holes in sales pages and inflated promises from low quality products.

Both myself and Nathaniell work on the same principle, we do not recommend anything that does not work. This goes against the long term view of our business model. The whole purpose of our websites is to build trust and a solid readership - this will not happen if we pull the wool over people's eyes.

By telling the truth and being transparent people like Nathaniell have built a concrete and solid online business. A trustworthy business.

Will You Benefit From his Advice?

If you find a product which you are unsure about, and you find a review on One More Cup Of Coffee, chances are that you will benefit from his thoughts. Much like Steve Razinski, over at I've Tried That, you will save a lot of money by checking out Nathaniell's review first.

He also writes a lot about strategies and methods which do work, such as Amazon Affiliate sites, PPC strategies and blogging, which could be of interest.

If you are in need of affiliate marketing advice, rather than a specific product, then he also has a lot of content for affiliate marketing tips, and strategies you could implement on your own website.

Take Things With A Pinch Of Salt

I think this is where people's opinions about the whole affiliate marketing world falls a bit short.

One very important thing to remember is that anything which is recommended by Nathaniell, or myself for that matter, is down to our own experiences.

Just because "Product A" worked really well, for Nathaniell, at the time of writing a review in 2014, does not mean this product will work for a different person, in different circumstances in 2019. 

Does that make sense?

Take Things With A Pinch Of Salt

Equally, if Nathaniell is incredibly passionate about a niche and finds a product that suits his needs perfectly, he will recommend that product.

However, his needs and personal views will differ from yours so it is incredibly important for you, the reader, to analyse any review you read online with a pinch of salt and think; "Will this work the same for me?"


Overall I would wholeheartedly trust Nathaniell's advice.

Read his reviews and use your common sense to decide if the product is for you. Does he get commissions based on his reviews? Of course he does, but that is why he writes so honestly and critiques products so harshly because he only recommends service that actually work.

If he was a commission junky he would recommend everything and anything to get commissions, which he does not do!

He does take his job seriously and keeps his integrity and honesty by only recommending services that are honest and above board.

Have you had any experiences with Nathaniell? Please do leave a comment below!

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