Can You Trust Is Steve Razinski Legit?

If you have ever tried to find an honest and reliable review of any “Make Money Online” products, then you have most likely come across a website called

Steve Razinski

Steve Razinski @

I’ve Tried That is a website dedicated to preventing scamming websites from taking advantage of ill-informed people before they get ripped off.

Steve achieves this by signing up to these shady products and exposing them from within. He then writes a review about the pros and cons but most importantly, whether or not he would recommend the product.

However, how do you know that you can trust this Steve Razinski guy? Is he biased in his recommendations or is he transparent?

Let’s take a look.

When Google Shows You Low-Quality Reviews!

There are a few telltale signs when you read a review about any product, but especially when it comes to the “Make Money Online” products because most of them are very deceitful.

The sales pages for these kinds of products are difficult to judge sometimes. They are, almost without fail, very cheesy and they promise big rewards for little effort but how do you know if you can trust them.

So, you decide to Google in the hope of finding an honest, transparent and direct review.

BUT when you search for a review, to try and help you decide if you should part with your money, you are met with a Google page filled with “reviews”. Most of these result are affiliates of the product you are Googling in the first place, and they get paid to send customers to them.

This means you have dozens of websites in the search results which have fake reviews for a product.

How is an average Joe meant to know that these reviews are bogus??

ive tried that honesty

As you can see in the image ABOVE – 4 out of 6 results, for the famous scam artist George Brown’s Google Sniper, are complete lies! They are only promoting the program because the commissions are huge!

This is so frustrating, right?

What Does Steve Do?

  1. Signs up to any “Make Money Online” program which is popular or is a recent “hot” release.
  2. Pays the joining fee and begins to test out the program/service.
  3. Works through the training provided and checks if their methods are honest and legitimate.
  4. Uses his experience as an affiliate marketer to determine whether the service in question is legit and will genuinely help someone make money online.
  5. Writes an honest and to the point review – FOR YOU TO READ!

Does Steve Try And Deceive People?

Steve does a great job of being honest and transparent. I have read through dozens – if not hundreds of his reviews over the last few years. At no point did I ever spot anything I did not agree with.

His articles are very clear, and he does not try to use sneaky tactics to make you click on links or sign up to programs which are below par. Everything I have read on his blog is trustworthy and honest.

If a product is low-quality and it’s sole purpose is to rip you off, then that is what he says. However, if the product in question is reasonable but it comes with certain warnings – guess what?! – Steve says, “It’s ok, but not great, so look out for these negative issues if you do decide to buy it.”

Equally, if he recommends something it is because he has tried it, worked with the software/service and he liked it. He will always include any earnings he made with an individual product and how much YOU should expect to earn as well. Again, he is honest and transparent about whether or not it’s worth your time.

I try my best to be as honest as possible with my reviews as well, here at

Why Are There Not More People Like Steve?

Well, unfortunately, money is the aim of the game. All the so-called “reviews” that are promoting the thousands of bogus money earning programs out there do so because the commission they can earn is huge.

If you sign up to a “get rich tomorrow” program which charges you $100 then the person who recommended you can get as much as 80% of that in commission!

Unfortunately, it is easier to deceive someone into buying a low-quality program than it is to tell them the truth. This is the reason there are not more people like Steve out there who speak the truth.

The fact of the matter is that it takes time, regardless of which path you take, to make money online and this is something the average Joe does not want to hear. We all want instant rewards for little or no effort – this is why we all fall victim to bogus online schemes which promise big paydays.

I recommend Ivetriedthat

Can You Trust

Absolutely! I highly recommend bookmarking and using it for any future services you need an honest opinion about. Steve has written literally hundreds, upon hundreds of reviews, so the chances are that his pages will prove useful – and save you money!

Don’t believe me? Head over to and read a few of his reviews. I think his honesty will shine through and you will quickly see that this guy knows what he is talking about!



  • November 4, 2016

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