In this review, I will take a close look at – a tipster service which has an amazing track record of providing top quality sports betting tips for punters all over the globe.

Does it really live up to expectations and will you genuinely make money with these guys or is it just another scam that promises everything, but delivers nothing.

I think we all wish there was a way of making an extra lump sum every month for doing very little work and a service such as Betting Gods could be the answer.

So, let’s dive right into the good stuff!

betting gods review
betting gods

My Rating

Well worth a look! If you want a low risk, low capital required way of investing. Then this could be for you!

Brief Summary

Is Betting Gods Legit?

This is the most obvious question to start with; YES, Betting Gods is a bonafide and trustworthy business. They have countless articles in publications like the Racing Post, The Guardian and the Gambling Insider. Not to mention the ones below here;

betting gods review

Sports Covered

  • Hurdle Racing
  • Flat Racing
  • Golf
  • Football (soccer)
  • Football Accumulators
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • How Much Money Do You Need To Start?

    This is where it can get a little bit tricky. When it come to gambling having a large bankroll is a must, if you want to see large returns. However, you can start with a small bankroll of £500 for example. Betting Gods will tell you what size bankroll is suitable, depending on which tipster you choose to follow.

    Bankrolls are important because if you want a very good ROI (return on investment) you need a larger bankroll to justify the cost of the tipster subscription.

    You need about the same bankroll to become a sports trader.

    The bets you place are relatively low, most around £10 per bet, but the issue comes when you consider the losing streaks you need to be able to endure. Especially on the horse racing, where long losing streaks are common. Being a professional gambler is like any other business because there will be times when your profits drop for a few weeks before they rise and keep rising.

    As you can see from the image below there are long periods when you lose money and you need to have the bankroll and the emotional stamina to ride the losing streak out, before returning back into profit.

    betting gods bankroll review

    As you can see, if you were unlucky enough to join The Each Way King at the end of August 2015 then you would join the tipping service at the exact time when a downturn was coming and you would need £500 just to cover the losses during that month!

    However, this is the nature of gambling on any market or sports. But you do need to be aware of it.

    You have to be able to ride out these losing streaks otherwise, you will lose your entire bank and not be able to join the fun of the rising profits.

    How Much Money Can You Make?

    This AVERAGE profit screenshot was taken in January of 2017 – I will try and update this every month to keep you informed.

    Compare our Tipsters Betting Gods

    As you can see from this screenshot the revenue you can generate by following these tipsters is substantial. If you have the patience and the self-control to follow one or two tipsters and follow their bets to the letter, then you can earn a very nice chunk of change each month, at very low cost!

    Is Betting Gods For Everyone?

    No! This is where I need to make one thing very clear. Betting Gods is best suited for individuals who are organised and able to make rational judgements. Gambling is a professional business and so you need to be very controlled and monitor your bets carefully. You have to practise extreme self-control and be able to ride out long losing streaks when you are losing hundreds of pounds per month.

    If you have ever had any issues with gambling before then I would not recommend this service for you.

    What do I mean?

    Let’s say. for example, you join Betting Gods and you start to turn a nice £300 profit at the end of the first month. You are happy because you have an extra £300 in your pocket so you decide to withdraw that profit and place a separate football bet, from your own volition, on Manchester United because Wayne Rooney is on a winning streak and you feel lucky – you LOSE that £300.

    In the following month, the tipster you follow hits a downturn, with losing results, and you experience heavy consecutive losses mounting up to £600 – which is normal in gambling. You run out of money and you can’t afford to place the next 5/10 bets which the tipster sends you – they all win – and you lose out on the upswing in profits because you did not have the capital to bet with.

    Result – not only did you lose your profits but also your whole bankroll because you were too impatient and lacking in self-control to think long term.

    Who Is This For Then?

    Betting Gods is the perfect service for someone who is able to think of sports betting as an investment with a nice and steady return on investment per month/per year. Ranging from 20% to 200%. Think long term and just consider this as a nice nest egg that grows every month.

    If you are smart and able to control your emotions then yes, you can manage your funds differently and take money out but if you ignore the tipsters and start using the profits on other things then things can go wrong.

    Prepare For The Worst

    Like any form of investing you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario which in this case is; you can lose everything.

    At the end of the day the tipster you follow are human and the sports they bet on are, by their very nature, random and unpredictable. The tipsters may have a statistical edge or some sort of insider knowledge through years of experience but there is no amount of betting experience that can make a horse run faster on a certain day.

    Is it unlikely you will lose your bankroll, yes! Is it impossible, no!

    Regardless of this fact I do recommend using Betting Gods simply based on the consistency of the ROI and the solid history they have. This is no different from investing in the stock market or in a business. There are risks but no higher than the average investment.

    Meet The Tipsters!

    There are 19 tipsters to choose from when you join Betting Gods. The sports covered are Football, Horse Racing, Golf and Greyhounds. The fantastic thing about the selection of professional sport tipsters is that you get the whole range. Some of them use higher stakes while others are low risk and user smaller bets.

    This means there is something for everyone and you start it off for just £1.00 which is excellent!

    You can check out all the tipsters here for full track record and detailed graphs, showing the profits and losses. I recently wrote a review about some of the successful tipsters from Betting Gods.

    Is Betting Gods Worth It?

    Absolutely! I would highly recommend you take a look their homepage and read about the tipsters there. They give very good information on the past results and show exactly how much profit they have returned.

    But like I said, if you have any issues with gambling then please be careful and think very hard before you join this service.

    Responsible Gambling

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    1. I’m not a huge fan of a trading thus far, but sometimes I might think about to start it. I want to know is betting gods provides the legitimate way to trading or it’s skeptical? because I have stumbled upon so many reviews which praise everything for their sake without thinking about the people who might lose their hard earned money. I liked your review as it discloses some facts about Betting gods. could you recommend this platform? or I should stay away from it.?

      1. Sports trading does have some major disadvantages. The main one is the human element which can lead to some very biog losses. But for the most part, trading sports, is no different from trading stock market.

        You use the information presented to you and come up with a long term strategy that will give you an overall positive ROI in the years to come.

        The idea that any kind of market trading will give large results within weeks is false, unless you are using huge sums of money.

        The wonderful thing about a service such as Betting Gods is that all the hard work is done for you! You just copy what the tipsters are betting on. If you can keep your emotions in check during the losing streaks then you should, in theory, be home and dry!

        The review I wrote has the intention of pointing out that Betting Gods is a viable way to making a long term income online. Unlike blogging which takes a long time to gain traction and you are for the most part in the dark about your progression.

        Does it have some drawbacks, sure, but everything does. Just be careful and monitor your bets carefully.

        Also, like I said, if you have had issues with gambling in the past then definitely do not use Betting Gods but if you think you are emotionally strong enough to stick with the tipsters then this is the sports betting service for you.

    2. I don’t think I have the nerves of steel that you need to be a successful gambler. I hate throwing my hard earned money away, and even hate going into a casino.

      This tipsters you talk about. Is there a monthly fee, and do they advise you what to gamble on? Would you say this site is aimed at beginner gamblers or seasoned pros?

      1. I think having experience with gambling will definitely be an advantage. There is a monthly fee for each tipster – varies but its around £40 per month. The more profitable ones obviously charges more.

        The tipster tell you exactly what to bet on and when. The aim of these bets is not to win each individual one, because that is impossible, but to win overall in the long term.

        There is a very clear strategy behind each tipsters selections by achieving the best value for money – with regards to the odds they choose.

        This is best explained on the Betting Gods website and they do talk you through every step of how the whole process operated.

    3. Nice post… I had never thought of gambling as a “professional activity” but come to think of it’s really not that different than investing in stocks and futures if you approach it in an organized way. After all it doesn’t all come down to luck and there are elements that you can manage before placing a bet (how a team has been playing lately, how many goals they’ve scored in the season, how many goals their opponents have taken and so on). I did bet sometimes but I have never used Betting Gods.. it would be very nice to read a comparative review analysing the pros and cons of all major gambling companies… many of us really have no idea on what changes when you place a bet with a company rather than with another one. Anyway thanks for the article, it made me think about gambling in a different light.

      1. That is a good idea for my next blog post. I could analyse the different bookmakers and see how their odds differ from each other – see who gives the best value odds.

        If you take the emotional aspect out of gambling it really comes down to numbers and basic odds. Statisitcs play a big part of tipsters future thinking and if you manage your fund well then in the long run you will come out with a profit.

    4. I like how you make sure that everybody knows exactly what they are signing up for after reading your site. It would be a turn off if you just listed all the good things everywhere but you didn’t do that. You made sure that I as the visitor knew as much as possible so I could make my own decision based on the info in front of me.

      1. Like any other form of investing there are disadvantages to using tipsters services such as Betting Gods. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to write the review.

        You need to have a very level mind in order to be a sports trader. If you are the type who would palce random bets on your favorite teams instead of following the tipsters advice then you will lose money.

        You have to be organised and disciplined. Then, and only then, are you in a position to make a long term monthly income from sports trading.

    5. Hey there Philip,

      I didn’t know gambling is actually considered a profession. I knew people are out there who are smart about it when gambling. This is an interesting thing learned.

      I am not a gambler. I am tight on my own money right now, and Betting Gods is not for me. lol. I am happy for those who enjoy the benefits and risks of it – it seems like it will be fun for them. 🙂

      Thanks for the info Philip,

      Roman Rys

      1. You can absolutely gamble as a profession. Gambling has a very bad name because for most people gambling involves losing money. However if you consider it purely a statistical exercise and ignore all the emotional aspects of the gambling world then it really just comes down to numbers and odds.

        If you look at the statistics going back 10 years in ANY sport you will find very clear average percentages of wins/losses and valuable odds where you can leverage you knowledge to win bets, in the long run.

        Everything in life is a gamble based on common sense, judgement of facts and consequences. Gambling is no different. That’s why people prefer to call it Sports Trading because gambling is the phrase you use someone who is just betting randomly, hoping their favourite team wins.

    6. I fully enjoyed your review of Betting Gods. I like how honest you are about the potential of losing money along the journey and treating it like trading stocks. I would like for you to offer your opinion on the different Tipsters available of the website as a non gambler I wouldn’t know how to start. Gambling is a huge problem in US because individuals like instant gratification, many don’t consider long term goals. Much Success! I look forward to reading more reviews from your website.

      1. I can do a review of the individual tipster if you like, that’s a great idea!! I do find it very important to warn people about the potential dangers of any service. Regardless of where you want to make money online, there is always negatvies aspects and dangers.

    7. Hello,
      thank you for sharing a very interesting review about program called Betting gods. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about Betting gods. I agree with you, you can make money with this program but it is not for everyone. I will think about it.Great info

      1. It is a shame that “gambling” has such a negative connotation with people – but for good reason. However, using tipsters that are available on sites likes Betting Gods has major advantages.

        1. You do not need to know anything about the sport
        2. The emotional decision making is not a factor
        3. You can stop at any point and there is no money exchanging hands because you control the bets you place!

        Its not like an actual investment where you physically send money to someone who then invests it. With sports trading you are investing very small amount at a time and making small returns.

    8. Hello Philip!

      You from England? I see the pound sign here is strong! As for sports betting I’ve got friends that bet religiously on football and often times make a little cash. I’ve never done this before however I wish I bet on Leicester city last year. You could make a ton I heard.

      1. If you place the occasional bet then that is just gambling for fun. By applying strategy and planning behind your bets you are in a position to create a long term and stable online income.

        I would recommend, based on my reasoning in this review, to give Betting Gods a try – they offer free trial for new members so you can see for yourself if it works. Best of luck!

    9. Excellent article, I learned a lot about gambling. I realized that this is not for me, I do not follow Sport results, I do not understand it , and I can not afford larger role of money. Since gambling is so unpredictable, loss of money could disrupt the rest of my business. So, thank you for your detail review. Good lock

    10. Proffesional gambler? You mean that’s a thing? I can understand with Poker and Blackjack but betting seems like it’s nothing but fate (hope the tipsters got a hotline to heaven or something)
      But all my scepticism aside, It’s clear that it takes money to make money, like any business. Second source of Income or financially draining hobby I wonder?

      1. Like any other form on investing there are risks. However with sports the process is the same as any financial market. The tipster use their experience, and sports knowledge, along with statistics to make judgement call on the bets they place.

        Making money with Betting Gods is not about placing a bet on Manchester United and hoping they win, it is about winning money in the long run by betting on valuable odds and getting value for your money.

        Take the emotional side out of betting and it really comes down to statistics and most likely outcomes. This is why betting on football, horses and gold if so great because the statistical bagrounds are exgtensive and easy to predict.

    11. Hello there,

      I think before placing the money into the bankroll, it’s important to understand that there is always a risk, that we should prepare for the worse, not only looking out the best potential outcome. So, yes, it involves self-control as your point out. By the way, the average screenshot last month. I wonder if there any variable which determine a person to select tipster? Is it the return on investment or the monthly bets or even the affordable monthly price placed?

      1. The price of the tipster service does depends on how much profit has been made. Understanding the risk when investing in sports betting is very important.

        I think where most people fall short if when they hit the first “losing streak”. If you look at all the graphs of previous results there are always long downswings when you bankroll will drop.

        At this point it is vital that you do not stop or alter the bets that the tipster sends you. This is the serlf control and unemptional aspect of betting on sports. IF you emotions get the better of you then you run the risk of losing a lot of money. This applies to all forms of investment.

    12. I’m not sure that I have the guts to bet so much money at one time, although the £1 one is probably more my speed. I suppose I could start small until I have my feet under me.

      Have you tried this system yourself? What kind of results did you get?

      1. The beauty with sports trading is that you can use any stake you want. The tipster will tell you the suggested betting amount based on a point system but you can easy scale that bet amount up, or down to suit your own suitability.

        I tried this service a few years ago, for the first time, with great success. I am in the process of compiling some new data from my own personal experience. I will post it on this blog post as soon as I have enough results to show how well Betting Gods works.

    13. Hey,

      Thanks for the article. Could you please tell me how does horse punting differ to other betting, like sports betting, football & tennis etc?

      Also what % of our bankroll do you suggest we use to bet? I find all differing answers to this question on the internet, and I’m hoping you could answer it for me?



      1. The percentage of the bank roll depends on which tipster you choose to follow, they all have different strategies but as a average estimate I would say you never bet more than 2%-5% of your bank roll per bet.

        Horse betting does not differ from all other sports betting, other than it is a different sport of course!

        The process of analyzing statistics and making betting decisions based on likely-hood, statistical averages and experience stays the same with any sport.

        The reason most people prefer trading the horses is because it is on all day, everyday, all year. This means you can easily have a nice a steady income everyday. WIth sports like football you have to wait days, sometimes weeks for games to come and this can damage your cashflow.

    14. This is an interesting post for someone like me who is totally clueless about gambling. Nor do I have the money required to do so…ahem, but that is another story altogether!

      I like that all aspects are explained in such a clear way, and particularly the way in which you keep emphasizing that this is not for everybody. I think the only people who have any place at all gambling are those who would not feel suicidal if they lost their money! It should be a sort of “slush” fund and should not be the food or mortgage money, or the kids school fees…

      Good to know that this is a legitimate site though. So many scams out there!

    15. Hi Philip,
      I don’t bet on horses, but i do invest in the stock market. Having a rule like only betting 1% of your ‘bankroll’ each time, is this the way to approach these types of bets? I understand about losing/winning streaks, but does each tipster tell you how much to risk on every bet? Are they all different, or does it depend on the sport involved?
      Appreciate your feedback?

      1. Hey, Greg!

        Each tipster will give you a different recommended bankroll and stake amount. They are all very low because betting on sports, much like any other investment, is a long term strategy.

        Each bank roll is represented into point – which is explained to you in the Betting Gods setup. The tipster then tells you how many points to bet on which game or race. Most tipsters never stage more than 2% per bet but this is all clearly explained to you before you join any tipster.

    16. I am not someone who gambles but your post is so detailed that it would certainly help me gamble if it was for me. I appreciate that you give all needed information to make the decision, especially who it is for. You warn everyone before they jump into this risky business and that is great on your part. I wish all reviews are this detailed and honest.


      1. There is always going to risks involved, regardless of how you invest your money. The benefit of investing is sports betting is that the risks are very low and slow. You do not need a big bankroll and you can take things one bet at a time.

        The purpose of this Betting Gods review is to be as honest as I can and show you how to approach it with your eyes open.

    17. Hi Philip,

      This was eye-opening. I grew up with gambling and got turned off from it at an early age. Even so, it still intrigues me. I really like the systematic spin you put on it. I know that when my mother used to buy out all of the tabs remaining in a box, it wasn’t a gamble at all. She always came out ahead because she calculated how much she would have to pay for all the rest of the tabs, and how much was definitely still in there to win. There can definitely be a science to it! It still intimidates me, but this gives me hope! I’m definitely not addicted, or had issues with it and tend to be on the rational side, so it could be a good fit.


    18. You’ve clearly defined how Betting Gods works. I think everyone is aware that you can lose all your money however it’s all a matter of putting the probability in your favour.

      You are right, stock markets is gambling as is Forex to which I have partaken in but all these systems generally run the same way.

      These tipster seem to work their bets on a very specific system which over time averages out on quite a healthy return but there are downturns just like a stock market goes through yet many websites promoting their system don’t inform punters this information, their advertising strategy seems to only concentrate on the good times.

      You have to understand that there’s going to be long losing streaks which is why it’s imperative you start off with a fair investment to carry you through the downturns however I feel most people are wanting to withdraw the profits as soon as the wins come in yet this can only lead to an insufficient amount to hold you above water when the down turns come your way.

      I like the sound of this, Betting Gods certainly is spoken highly of with regards to newspapers and so forth however you have given an honest review, thanks.


    19. Hello there,

      Great article, I got too excited to try this out after reading your review, I didn’t hear about betting gods before but it seems to me a legitimate website, but is there are any lessons there to read it before starting to put money into this? as I don’t have any experience in that but really want to give it a try.

      Appreciate your answer & thanks for sharing.

      Cheers, Ehab

      1. The only advice I can give is to place the bets exactly as the tipster asks. Do not try and add your own bets or to second guess why they are placing the selection they tell you.

        Do not get emotional and ride out the losing streaks. That is the ebst advice I can give.

    20. Great review here. I was just wondering, is it available in the US? I noticed your money denominations were in pounds so I figured I should ask. I’ve never bet on greyhound racing before but hey, there’s a first for everything, right? Maybe someday I’ll poop money too :p

      Take care,

      1. If you are able to palce bets on the same sport from the US then you can use it. However I do not know the gambling rules in US.

    21. It seems like this would be fun and a good way to make some extra money. But I am not sure this is going to be for me. I do not like to lose money so gambling only makes me mad. I would rather take risks with stocks than gamble on bets or in a casino. Thank you for the review but this is definitely not for me!

    22. I found this post very interesting because I am one that enjoys gambling. I have never used a tip service to help me make picks, I usually just do some analytics of my own.

      I was skeptical of those kinds of services, but based on what you have shown here, I think I will take a closer look to see if it is something I should pursue.

      Is it just for European sports or do they provide tips for sports in America too?

      1. As far as I am aware it is just the European/UK sports that are covered. Generating a long term income from services like Betting Gods is very possible and with the backup of seeing the long term charts and the historical bets that have been placed by the tipsters, it is clear to see where the profits came from.

    23. Hey Philip, this is a pretty cool site that you’re sharing thank you !

      I do like gambling but I probably don’t have the necessary cash right now. Although I am curious how credible are those tipsters? I mean who are they actually?

      I would want more information on them before following their advice.

      1. There is loads of information about them on the tipster part of the website. There you can see all past results and profits over the whole history.

        Each tipster goes through 3/4 months of vetting before they are allowed to become a tipster. This ensures that any results are not based on pure luck and there is an actual strategy behind the tipster. This also ensures that the person who is applying to become a tipster is serious about committing to the program.

        A person like you is exactly who Betting Gods is designed for because it requires no knowledge of any sports or horse. You simply follow the tips that are given and the results will speak for themselves.

    24. I hope its not worth it. While I’m not a fan of gambling, I can appreciate you showing the evidence of your growth of funds and that is pretty unique. Also, that is a time long and unique question of: Is it worth it? The consistent strategies will tell if you settle for 2nd best for yourself, testing you out.

    25. I’ve had a period in which I was gambling hard. I was following all kinds of tipsters and websites that used to say they have the winning formula.

      The result ? I l have lost in almost every bet I have made. It was always a match or a goal that made my ticket null.
      That’s why I am a bit skeptical about investing at least 500 pounds. I’ve burned myself in the past but, come to think of it, if you don’t try you have no chance of winning 🙂 .

      1. With a service like Betting Gods you can go back and see every trade they have made and you get a trial so you can see the results for yourself.

        Sure, they could easily fake their results on the history charts but if you join and just look at their picks, without betting, you will see the winners start to come in and the profits flow nicely.

        I would suggest joining when a tipster is at the bottom of a losing run. That way you can ride the rise in profits again when the tide turns a little bit.

        You have to remember that these tipsters aren’t betting on horse because they think they will win, they bet on horses because the odds give them value and in the long run this will produce a profit.

        Sports trading is about betting on things that is most likely to happen with the right odds. Weather it happens or not because it rains, or if the referee has a bad day or the soccer defender plays the best game of his life is irrelevant. Statistically, what is the most likely outcome and does the odds give you a valuable trade to back this up.

    26. This sounds really interesting. Just to clarify, is this a betting service or is it a sports trading type thing?

      I ask because I would be interested to find out whether this is something you would need to open an account with a book maker or another third party in order to participate?

      1. Yes, you will need an account with some bookmakers to place your bets. However you only need one or two accounts to get the best odds.

        The choice of bookmakers is up to you really but the more you are a member of the better chance of getting the highest odds on the sport you are betting on.

        This is a sport betting/trading service. This is not “random” gambling. The tipsters are using systematic and long term strategies to pick the best value bets.

        This is proven by the bet history of each tipster. No one could sustain “lucky” bets for years without losing a lot of money.

    27. Hey,

      Thanks for this detailed review. I got cold feet while reading though. I do not think I have the heart for gambling. I do not want to lose my hard earned money.

      Is there a sure shot way to ensure that i do not lose any money on Betting Gods?

      1. All forms of sports trading involves sustaining some losses.

        Where most people fail is when they lose their confidence. This is why Betting Gods is so great because you are not making the decisions, your tipster is!

        This means that you will simply copy his trades/bets and wait for the results. If you are unsure you can always start with very, very small bets. This way you can gain some confidence and find your way.

        Sports trading is a long term and sustainable way of making money online. You do need some restraint and composure but for the most part it is no different from investing in stocks and shares – just less risky, in my opinion.

        You can see the past results and profits from each tipster so you can choose one you feel will be profitable for you.

    28. While I could not comment directly on the gambling industry, sometimes American Fantasy Football is referred to, or associated with this same niche due to Draft Kings and FanDuel, however the discipline, and self control is the same, as it can be learned over time I believe, and be a sort of consistent income with bankroll as you said.

    29. Really nice review!
      I have never gambled but this looks realy interesting. Is it necessary to be an expert on gambling or to have some kind of experience before you join this service? And is there somewhere where you can get some coaching about this?
      I would really appreciate your answer.

      1. Hi Pablo

        No, previous experience is not needed. Trading the horse markets is not, strictly speaking, gambling because your profit is not determined by the outcome of the race.

        You trade the markets before “the off” and lock in your profits before the race starts. You are trading the prices before the race as they go up and down.

        As punters start to back a horse the price decreases and it’s up to you to take advantage of the dips in prices.

        I suggest you join today and let the experts at BF Scalper teach you all the in’s and out’s.

        There is a lot to learn but at the same time it is a very simple process and you can start making money within a few days.

    30. Gambling is a serious business most especially betting on sport online. It is a huge business.

      Betting involve taking risks. Am I ready to start betting to make money online? I am not but I set to do it once in a while as an hobby but not a full time.

      What is your best advice for people that are greedy? Also do you have alternative to betting God?



      1. There aren’t many betting services with the reputation as solid as Betting Gods.

        With regards to being to greedy I would recommend keeping a detailed record of your bets and ONLY bet on the selection that your tipsters tells you to and stick to a set amount.

        Never increase your bets simply because “you’re feeling lucky”. Luck has nothing to do with gambling. You need a long term and stable system to ensure a positive return on investment.

    31. This is a very thorough review of Betting Gods. Nicely done! The way you presented it is much like investing in the stock market, which makes perfect sense. You talk in terms of british pounds. Can you also use american dollars on the site? Are there any international considerations in using the program? Thanks for any info!

      1. This training program is for UK horse racing which means you can only trade in Pound Sterling. If you can access Betfair from the US I do not know. You can give it a try and let me know if it works. Easiest option is just to sign up to Betfair for free and see if they allow you. Will only take 60 seconds.

    32. If I’m making sense of this, is Betting Gods a system of placing bets on Sporting Events? I don’t know much about gambling besides playing BlackJack and one of those slot machines in Vegas. I do agree on starting with a small bankroll and working your way up since people don’t deal with losing large amounts very well.

      And what are strike rates from the chart on tipster’s average profit?

      1. Each tipster has their own profit rating and strike rate. You can see it by clicking the link provided in the blog post.

        You are correct. betting Gods provide you with tipsters who will give profitable tips on which sporting events to bet on. The tipsters have long standing results which produce a long term and stable income. 

        I highly recommend giving it a try.

    33. Sounds convincing! This seems to be a service I would be ready to use. If I am not from the UK (I am from a small EU country), would I be able to join this platform? I have checked few others before and it was always a problem for me.
      I know gambling is risky but I recently read a book. And it said that the risk can be reduced significantly if you keep calm and do not become greedy.

      1. I am not sure about which countries are allowed to use which bookmaker. I would recommend you check with your local bookmaker because you can bet on any races you want. As long as your use a bookmaker that allow you too. Gambling is allowed all the way through EU so you should be fine.

    34. I have never heard of BettingGods before but I often bet on other famous betting platforms. I must agree that gambling is not for everyone! In fact, I am a pretty bad loser and it’s hard for me to endure a losing streak for too long. You are right to mention that on gambling games it’s often who bets more who win the most.
      You are giving good advice for beginners, it’s important to have a strategy if you want to last in the game and make money. Thanks for sharing, great information! Is gambling, in general, an important source of revenue for you?

      1. I use a variety of methods to make money with sports trading. I trade on horses and I also use a Value Based System to make small but consistent profit. I suggest you take a look at these.

        Sports trading is incredibly emotional and it is vital you have a long term frame of mind and take things slow. If you trade using your emotional then you will lose money. Making a profit using the horse markets can be consistent and profitable. 

        I prefer to us tipsters, as the ones from Betting Gods, because it is a hands off approach and it perfect for beginners.

    35. I had never heard of BettingGods and in fact I never bet. It’s just not for me! I don’t like the fact that it depends on luck weather I win or lose. I just don’t like gambling.
      Of course, as you say, it is good to have a strategy in this kind of games. Thanks for sharing even though I’m not interested on this! I just wanted to ask (and this might make me change my mind): how much money do you make gambling?

      1. With a solid strategy and a value based system you can earn £400+ per month from one tipster/service. This totally depends of which sport and staking amount you use. Betting on sports markets is a mind-set. You need to think long terms and invest yourself emotionally.

        That is why Betting Gods is so good because it takes all the motion out of the equation, all you have to do is place the bets. Each tipste undergoes a thorough vetting process.= and you can see their results as clear as day. Nothing is hidden or altered.

        The UK horse market is a fun way to make extra money online. You do not need to know about odds, meeting types, any terminology or race card details.

    36. Great article on Is Betting Gods Worth it. You really break down gambling and what is needed to start. I am not the one to gamble although I have tried and failed a couple of times in the past.

      I’m not patient enough yet to wait on the return. Guess I’m the person with no self-control you mentioned. Lol. I can’t stand losing so I don’t think I would be able to ride out those long losing streaks. I don’t know what I would do? Nothing out of the ordinary of course…..

      I do have friends that would benefit greatly from Betting Gods. Gambling is literally a way of life to them. I know they would love getting tips from them.

    37. I love your URL It’s the main reason I clicked on your site to start, next to your competition. I am not a betting man of sports but when it comes to stocks you can bet your *ss I am. My question for you is do you have any strategies or suggested sites to help with my winning/losing streak to improve. I have been doing well with Trump in office here in the states but i want to venture into overseas trading.


      Ken B.

    38. Hi there, your review on Betting Gods is very thorough and also interesting to somebody who doesn’t know much about gambling. Seems there’s a lot more to it that meets the eye, and everything you say makes total sense, especially the part about having a win, being ecstatic, then blowing it on another not so good bet. You definitely need self control to come out on top in gambling, I know this from the days when we used to play fruit machines in pubs. Sometimes you get to the point where you have lost so much that you feel you have no choice but to keep going…only to lose everything! It’s frustrating. Which I guess is why it’s a good thing to have some kind of guidance from experts.
      I really like the fact that you’ve pointed out that using this service wouldn’t be good for people with gambling problems. Thanks for the great review and opening my eyes up to a few things.

    39. Good review from the trustworthy source is something we are all looking for. Interesting view, I’ve never considered gambling to be a business. If one has patience and the self-control as you suggest one might turn in into a business.Until now, somehow, I looked at gambling only a pastime or passion and thought that all money I placed as bet was gone immediately. After reading this post, not so much.The story about tipsters is worth reading. Thanks

    40. I have never heard of anything like this platform before, surely this is not as appealing as it may be to other’s, however, the way that you have illustrated it, could make the difference for the one in doubt.This article is very informative, especially for the beginners that have no strategy, this will certainly spark interest for the one in doubt. Your review has been very thorough, and offer’s a great illustration of this arena. P.S how are you doing with this platform, thank you Jack

    41. Great article on betting gods. If you look at it from a birds eye view it seems like just like any other form of investment, you could profit or you could just lose everything, but then again gambling is always a risk even if you’re being tipped of by someone who’s very good at it.

      Although I enjoyed the article, I’m more turned of at this offer by the fact you’re always risking some of your money when doing it when I know through personal experience that there’s actually a risk free way to make money through betting.

      I’m also turned off by the negative stigma surrounding gambling but, if you’re willing to take the punt and can afford to lose your initial investment, other people should be open to trying it.

      1. If you ever have any hesitation towards gambling then I highly recommend you follow a tipster, but paper trade. Paper trading means you place virtual bets on paper and keep track of the potential winnings. Once you see that the bets are producing a long term profitable trend then you can start using real bets. 

        This ensures you have full confidence in the selection the tipster makes.

    42. Thanks for sharing this opportunity! I’ve been looking for a way to make quick money, no matter how big or small the opportunity is. The reason why I am looking for such business is, my offline business isn’t doing great, and doesn’t have big potential. So, it got me thinking of how I can make use of my free time to supplement my job income.

      I just noticed though that the operation of Betting Gods is mostly concentrated in the U.K. as evident with the monetary symbol of Pound. Now, does this thing affects accepting of customers from faraway locations like the Philippines?

      1. As far as I am aware, as long as you have access to placing bets on the UK horse markets then you can bet from anywhere. You should check online if there are bookmakers in the Philippines and see if you can try it. Using betting strategies like tipsters is a great way to make an additional income.

    43. Thank you for your review of Betting Gods and for explaining how this all works. I have been interested in doing something like this and have in the past, joined some free betting programs that promised to make money but didn’t.
      One question that comes to mind is, how are the bets notified and is it important to get them on time. One thing I’m aware of with this type of service is how the odds that you actually get the bet on at, can vary and can differ from the rates quoted in their sales pitches. For example, if they notify you of a bet with odds of 10/1, by the time all their clients have placed their bets, the odds have suddenly shrunk to 6/1 for example, so over the long term, the monthly profit is dependent on the actual odds you get.
      What is your experience of this company and the rates they quote vs. the average rates that punters can get?

      1. The bets are usually sent out to the clients in the morning – usually around 10AM. The horse markets generally do not move that much in the hours before the race. The larger odds horses can move quickly but as the price ticks increase, or decrease, so does the average win or loss. 

        Some bookmakers have a “guaranteed best odds” system where they will pay out the best starting price of your horse. This coupled with the fact that the price can also drift i your favour means that on average, over the whole year, it does not matter if your selected horse has a different price from the tipster.

        Some days you will get better odds, some days you will get worse. The end profit will even out over the long term.

    44. Hello Phillip, just read your review of Betting Gods. It was very informative and helpful. I have dabbled in online betting and have had mixed results. I am glad you presented the pros and cons for this program. This type of program is more my style in that I am all about steady and consistent growth, not just the once in a lifetime big winner. I have bookmarked you website for future reference and will be doing my due diligence for a possible future investments. Thanks and take care.


      1. Hi, Mike!

        Making money with a tried and tested horse racing system is a long term strategy. You will have long periods when you lose money but the upward trend will be even longer. You need a cold and collected nerve as you battle long losing streaks. 

        The key is to believe in the historical data and accuracy of the tipsters previous bets and results. Each tipster have their own criteria for picking horses. The fact that so many of the Betting Gods tipsters are still active goes to show how successful they are.

        Thank you for taking the time to leave a reply on my review. I hope you found it useful and you will start using a professional tipster soon.

    45. A very honest review of betting gods, which I have never heard of. But then, I am not a gambler. I can imagine that some people will call themselves investors and not gamblers, especially when they are making monthly profits in the end. I the sports covered list, would you say that all of them are risky or are some less risky than other? Which sport yields the most benefits?

      1. If you have a stable, manageable and reliable betting strategy then the ROI on horse racing is incredibly good. The main negative aspect is the emotional connection to gambling, which is why I recommend Betting Gods in the first place because it removes all need for your own input.

        You simply place the bests that are sent to you. You place a small and acceptable stake, usually £10 and that is that. You do not need to think or predict anything. There is no analytical data to be studied, horse form, training methods or pedigrees. You place the bests and that is all.

        Which sport yields the most benefits?

        I would say horse racing but, then again this totally depends on the person. Everyone will have different favourite sports which they may feel more comfortable investing in – such a football or tennis, for example.

    46. Hmm, I find this very interesting…when I was younger, I worked in Ladbrokes which is a betting shop. I learned about the winning and losing odds.

      In the beginning betting seemed interesting to me, but I am not the kind of person to lose money consistently on losing races…I prefer putting my money in something that I can spend some time learning and be practical with like singing or making a living writing ebooks etc.

      I like taking risks too, but only with stable training programs that will guide me into making profits quickly and long-term…

      Investing in stocks, shares and gold is more up my street, but I have told myself, I will make money a smarter way first before I begin to move into investing.

      1. I agree totally. Investing in anything, regardless if it is horse racing or financial markets, is a personal preference. You need to be comfortable with the risk, method used and the potential ROI before you invest in anything.

        The betting markets in the UK, with regards to the horse markets, are completely contained and are not influenced by other market forces. This means building a sustainable and profitable trading strategy is 100% possible. 

        If you compare it to the financial markets where other market forces, such as politics, weather or manufacturing issues can affect the prices, you are risking a lot and you will never truly understand what went wrong if you lose your investment.

        With horse racing however, it is different. Each race is completely unique and contained. The odds and price movements are completely contained within a certain time frame and range. This makes is a perfect target for long term trading because you can bet with value based systems to produce a long term and stable income.

        A service like Betting Gods simply acts as the “middle man” which provide the tips to bets on, cutting out any need to actually have knowledge about horse racing. This allow any regular punter to profit.

    47. Thank you for the honest review! I am glad to see that you didn’t make this seem like easy money and that in fact this is gambling.

      I do find this site interesting though. Maybe I will check things out just to see how successful some of these insiders actually are. Could be fun it nothing else.

      1. With the 60 day money back guarantee they offer, I would recommend trying it. You are in complete control the whole way and you can also sit back and watch for a few weeks to see if the bet selections are profitable or not!

    48. A thorough review of a topic that I have plenty of experience in being from a gambling background myself.As you stated its important to have enough money to start with before you invest in anything like this as all tipsters have a losing streak just like a stock that can go up and down. It is not in my opinion for someone who has no experience in the betting market but I feel you have addressed all the necessary ups and downs of a subject like this.

      1. The main thing that I find satisfying about Betting Gods is the fact that risk/reward factor is very limited and restricted in terms of the influences of the result. In the stock market, there are countless influencers, including market forces which no one understands.

        In the horse markets, it is so simple, if you compare the two.

        There are a limited amount of horses per race and there can only be one winner. You know for a fact that any bet you place has a certain percentage of winning. This means that forming a profitable, recurring and long term income is a reality because you can “predict” certain patterns and form.

        If you look at things like Guaranteed Horse Racing Systems, or Value Based Betting Strategies, you will see what I am referring to here.

        There is a real science behind all this.

    49. Your site title is hilarious. I have never heard of Betting Gods.I noticed your currency you mention is the pound.
      Do you have to be in the UK to join this opportunity? It looks like a legit way to make money if you don’t mind going through losing spells every now and again. As long as the payoff after the losing streak is a lot better then it seems like a great idea.

      1. You can use Betting Gods in any country which allows gambling and providing you have access to a platform where you can place bets on the UK horse markets.

    50. This is an interesting post.

      I’m not a gambler but as you’ve mentioned that Tennis is covered, I got an itch!

      We are ardent tennis fans and are always naming the winners in my household!

      However, the £500 to start is a bit steep for us at the moment.

      You have not mentioned any tipsters for tennis. Can you direct me to them?
      Also are big games on the cards for gambling such as the Australian Open and The Wimbledon Championships?


      1. The tennis tipsters have recently been removed, I am not sure why but I will find out.

        The £500 initial start up is not a lump sum because each bet you place is a total of £10. So you would only need the full £500 if you lost 50x consecutive bets, if that makes sense.

        The changes are you will only need about £150 to start with before you see a positive return, assuming you are not unlucky enough to join at the start of a downward trend.

    51. This is a very good article on betting gods. I would never have considered gambling as an investment like this. I enjoy going to the casino, just for the fun of it. I don’t think this opportunity is for me at this time.
      I will stick with my investments in Mututal Funds and ETFs for now.
      But, thank you for an honest and informative review.

      1. Hi Curtis,

        I much appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.

        Investing in horse racing should only be done if it is within your comfort level. There is very little difference between putting your money in horses, stock or bonds, as they all carry some sort of risk.

        It is a simple case of weighing up risk vs reward and setting aside a certain amount of money that you are willing to risk. Common sense applies and you have to use your judgement.

        Granted, horse racing does have I rather dubious reputation, which is totally understandable. However as time has moved on, so has the analytical data and potential for profits within the markets.

        Places like Betting Gods provide a good stable income for those who are interested.



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