In this review of '1-2-3 Profits', by Micah Rutter, I'm going to show you inside the member's area and tell you if this method is going to help you make money online.

The service promises to teach you a brand-new way of growing a buyer email list and to show you a free traffic source which you can use.

The creator, Micah Rutter, is still in his teens and is only 16 years old which makes this product even more intriguing and impressive! Show this guy some love, he is in his teens and is already creating his first digital products! Respect!

So I purchased a copy of the front end product with no upsells, and I have sat through the training, and I am now going to tell you what I think about '1-2-3 Profits'.

As always this is only my personal opinion based on my experience while I used the service.

What Is Inside 1-2-3 Profits?

Inside the member's area, you are presented with ten video tutorials on how to implement the strategy.

1-2-3 profits

These videos include:

  • how '1-2-3 Profits' works
  • the tools you'll need
  • what to look for in affiliate offers
  • how to create a freebie cover in five minutes or less
  • creating your freebie
  • setting up an offer with Warrior Plus
  • the ugly money pages
  • five minutes money emails
  • using the weather for a killer subject lines
  • the free traffic method

Altogether there is roughly 50 minutes worth of training videos which is not a great deal because it means there are certain gaps in training, but I only paid $13 for this service so I can't complain too much.

You also get access to a few bonuses which I will not review in this blog post, but I did have a quick look, and I would say approach with caution because some of them are outdated and are no longer relevant.

This is a good rule of thumb for most products as whenever a bonus is offered it usually is an outdated product which the author gets free in a bundle from another product creator.

There will be some good quality content inside the bonuses, but you have to be careful about what which parts are up-to-date and which ones are from an old bestselling product.

For me, I would avoid the bonuses offered in this package.

1 2 3 Profits creators

Micah is only 16 years old!! Well done on creating this product!

Is The Training Any Good?

Considering this product was created by a teenager the training inside 1-2-3 Profits is excellent and based on Micah's efforts he has a great future ahead of them as an affiliate marketer.

However, there are certain gaps in the training where you have to fill in the blanks yourself because the training needed is not included in the member's area

Things such as:

Basically what you're paying for here is just a method with a brief introduction to it and how you can use it to gain valuable leads.

I guess for the price of paying you not going to get that much more unless you buy one of the upgrades.

I do think the training does serve its purpose and you are shown enough information to warrant the cost of the front-end service.

1 2 3 Profits profit claims

Is 1-2-3 Profits Worth The Money?

In a nutshell, yes.

The $13 I paid is the price I paid to learn a clever way of turning cold leads into buyer leads without them actually buying anything from me.

By using this method, you do not need to create an extensive course or produce anything significant to give away to people.

Typically you would have to send many emails before your leads would become warmer to you and think about buying anything.

You do need to give excellent value inside your giveaway, but it means that your list is made up entirely of buyers and not just freebie seekers.

This also means you can tailor your freebie to your buyers immediately because you already know they have a buyers mentality!

If you use the traditional method of giving away a free checklist or cheat sheets, for example, you will get more leads, but the vast majority will never never be buyers because they are looking for free stuff.

By using the method that Micah teaches, you can start building a list made purely of buyers and nobody else; the freebie seekers can move on to another freebie.

That is why this is worth $13 to learn this strategy.

How Would I Use This Method

If I used this method, I would more or less ignore everything inside is training other than the exact strategy of converting freebie seekers into buyers.

I say this because I would only recommend this to someone who already has a traffic source, in which case they will already know how to make a lead capture page, etc...

Add that this to your own niche and make it work for you.

The training inside 1-2-3 Profits is very short and incomplete, and huge chunks are missing, and so I would suggest you ignore the training apart from the actual conversion part.

1 2 3 Profits Members Area training

Let me give you an example:

Let's say that you have a blog about fitness and you want to increase your email list with highly valuable leads.

You can then create an extremely valuable free giveaway which you offer up as a lead magnet and then combine this with the strategy taught inside one to 1-2-3 Profits.

But I would emphasise here that lead magnet needs to be very valuable because you have to remember that if somebody sees that you are giving away free information, but it is outdated or inferior quality they are never going to buy from you.

This means that your freebie magnet has to be very valuable and solve their problems.

The result of using this strategy is that you would have a clear-cut way of building two separate lists:

  1. Those who are freebie seekers and unwilling to part with any money until they trust you more.
  2. Those who are buyers and were willing to give you a small amount of cash immediately based on your freebie alone!

This strategy will give you an incredibly powerful list where you can segment your followers into buyers and freebie seekers immediately without having to do extensive split testing and long follow-up sequences to come to the same conclusion.

1-2-3 profits review

Would I Recommend You Buy This?

I would recommend you buy this. However, I would also suggest that you do not expect too much.

You are essentially paying for a single piece of information here which is how you make a freebie seeker into a buyer in a straightforward way.

When you see the method they show you; it is going to seem so obvious. You will kick yourself for not thinking about it yourself because it is so simple.

I would also recommend 1-2-3 Profits to somebody who already has a website, or perhaps a large social following, or at the very least has an existing traffic source.

I say this because if you were to use that traffic method, they suggest inside the training, yes you will see traffic coming in, but it will be very slow and it would take a long time to build your list.

Therefore if you were to use this as a complete beginner and solely depend on the traffic source Micah recommends, I could not see you sticking at it long enough to gain the traction you need to make this work.

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