How To Earn Money Online
From India Without Paying Anything

No running costs, no upfront charges or extra equipment needed!

If you live in India and you are looking for a way of making money online without spending any money then is the article you need to read.

There are millions of people from Asia who are trying to secure financial future for themselves by working online, but it is incredibly difficult when you have no money to invest in services and training modules which will enhance your progress.

That is why I have written this article so you can get a better guideline on where to find opportunities to start making money online without paying anything upfront.

All the methods I show you here are 100% free require no purchasing of equipment training modules, strategies or gadgets.

You will be expected to do some work, but there are a there is no money needed to implement these methods.

There are a ton of selections out there for you, such as:

The main problem you are going to face is that most of these have some running costs or upfront charges for services and monthly recurring fees.

These include things like hosting providers and autoresponders and advertising costs.

So, how are you supposed to know which method you can use are completely free? How do you know which money making tactics are worth your time and will not rip you off?

My Definition of making money online
for free -  (I do Mean 100% Free)

When I say you don't have to spend any money, I mean it.

There are a lot of other articles out there on the same subject which recommend things like affiliate marketing, PTC (paid to click) sites and becoming a consultant of some kind but all these methods do require you to spend money on web hosting or some training modules to achieve these goals.

I will cover more on this in a minute. So for the sake of this article, I want to be completely clear, that all my methods can be done entirely free without any investment or running costs.

You can certainly enhance your progress by building a website for example or getting better equipment for audio and filming, but you do not need to if you can't afford it.

indian man with laptop

The Reason Why It Is So
Hard To Make Money Online From India!

The main reason it is so hard to make money online from India is due to the language barrier and the fact that you do often need a skill set to be able to offer some services.

You also generally require a computer and some software, like Photoshop or video editing software, which you can use to complete jobs online.

Given the economic difference between India and the western world, it means that essential services, such as web hosting and training programs, are incredibly expensive to the average Indian citizen.

According to Trading Economics, the average daily wage in India is only 362.00 Rupees which is the equivalent to roughly 5 USD per day. 

You can imagine paying $29 per month for an affiliate marketing training course is entirely out of the question.

I'm sure you understand that this type of financial situation makes it incredibly hard to get a foothold in the online world if you want to build a business where you become a blogger, marketing consultant or using social media, for example, because everything does require some investment.

That is why have put this article together to illustrate that there are options out there for those who don't want to, or are unable to, spend any money before the start making money online.

So what can someone do if they want to make money online without spending anything?

...keep reading!

Share & Sell Your Skills

The simplest and purest way of starting is by showcasing your skill set. 

If you have even a small amount of experience with things such as: 

  • writing articles
  • graphic design
  • programming and CSS styling
  • relationship advice
  • animation
  • video editing
  • music editing
  • T-shirt design
  • Drawing
  • illustrations
  • research
  • arts and crafts
  • gaming

Worried about the cost of photo editing software and video editing software? Don't be!

Here is a list of FREE editing software for video, audio, photo and video screen recording tools:

If you recognise that you have experience within one of these types jobs, there are many more if interested; then you have a chance of building a real online business for yourself by filling the void in the workers market online.

There is always a demand for hard-working freelancers, coders, virtual assistants and online workers, in general, to complete all these tasks are.

Can't see anything on the list you like, here is a list of other possibilities and topics you can provide some cunning content or value in exchange for money.

  • teaching and tutoring
  • creative design
  • marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Admin Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcription
  • Data Entry


Fiverr is the most obvious choice for most people because it is free to join and incredibly easy to set up.

You create an account and post a job that you can do in exchange for a small fee, and when people find you and buy your services you deliver the project, and you get paid.

Fiverr will take a tiny cut, but as long as you have costed your time right, you will earn quick money to complete a minimal task.

There is also space for expansion here because you can offer additional services and more extensive services for a much higher price.

drawing of indian man

This includes speeded up delivery, higher quality videos or images or perhaps your client wants the source file of the project.

You can also offer services to provide more in-depth delivery of the same project, such as a longer video or a more complicated CSS styling.

These are just examples as there are hundreds of different kinds of jobs you can complete on Fiverr.

However, because anybody can join and create an account makes it readily available for anybody to start making money online without spending any money.

Further reading: Here is a guide on how to make your first $1 with


Udemy is another great option because it is entirely free to join. This platform allows you to become a teacher and to showcase your talents.

You can easily create a course with just your smartphone, you will need to get a bit inventive, but it is definitely doable.

Also, if you need to record your screen then you can use software like Screen-o-Matic or you can check out this list of free screen recorders.

You can cover any topic you can think of if you can present teachable information to your students.

You create courses which will teach people a new skill set such as baking, programming, designing, makeup, or whatever you want.

There are thousands of options here, and this makes Udemy a very viable option because you do not need any expensive software or equipment, or indeed web hosting because your courses are hosted on Udemy's server.

So, for example, if you wanted to put together a small video course on how to make a wooden stool, you would go to Udemy and create an account.

You would then follow the instructions and recording requirements on the course layout and length and create videos accordingly to the best of your ability.

There is no predefined skill set needed other than knowing a topic you are teaching and being able to educate somebody about a hobby or a passionate skill, like woodworking!

When your course goes live you instantly get access to millions of visitors you are browsing Udemy product pages.

You do have to share your revenue with Udemy and their affiliates but, considering there is no starting cost, this is incredibly tempting and very lucrative.

Here is a guide on how to create your first course on Udemy

Alternatives To Udemy?

There are many platforms available which allow you to sell your own courses. Many people do make the mistake of assuming that you need to be super smart or have some kind of "x" factor to become an online instructor, but you don't!

As long as you have a bubbly personality and you have the love and basic knowledge of a subject, you can teach other who know less than you.

Here are alternatives to Udemy, should you wish to broaden your horizons.


Upwork is slightly more advanced and is tailored for people with advanced knowledge and experience of computers, editing, writing and online marketing.

Upwork is a freelancer work marketplace where companies and entrepreneurs post jobs needed to be completed such as programming, graphic design, virtual assistant jobs, social media manager jobs, and anything you think of that has to be done online with computers.

The jobs posted can be for a blogger, like myself, or from a large corporation who is looking for a long-term freelancer to complete a long-term project.

There is a test you have to pass to become eligible to join.

This can present a problem but it does have a purpose because you need to have a high enough standard of knowledge to be able to deliver satisfactory work. You can find more information skill test here.

The benefit is that it is completely free to join and you can be ready to start earning money very quickly.

The downside is that it is very competitive and you will have to do quite a lot of work beforehand to complete your profile and to apply for jobs before you secure your first paying contract.

However, I would argue that it is worth chasing if you have advanced knowledge within the computer and online world because the hourly rate you can secure here can be over $30/40 per hour (2,000+ Rupee).

I will leave a few videos below to help you take advantage of the job postings within Upwork and to teach you some smart strategies to increase acceptance rate when applying for jobs.

Showcase Yourself On Youtube

One very popular way of starting online without spending anything is to create a YouTube channel. It's nothing new, but it does work and is a very viable option.

You can create a YouTube channel about any topic or any niche you can think of and build a following around it.

If there is a market and a love for a specific niche, then there will be an audience on YouTube who will follow. You do not need any special equipment or anything expensive.

If you have a laptop, then the chances are there is a microphone and camera built in, or you can use your smartphone to record videos to upload to YouTube.

Equally, if you only have a desktop computer, you can use free recording software to record your screen while you talk over on a microphone.

If you do not have a microphone, you can easily get one second-hand or get one free from a relative or friend somewhere.

To start generating an income with YouTube you can do things like affiliate marketing, sponsored videos or you can build up your subscribers list past 1000 subscribers and begin collecting ad revenue from YouTube themselves.

You can even create your own product or start getting sponsored by companies to promote their services.

It does take some time to get going on YouTube, and it certainly does help if you have some kind of talent or if you are very outgoing for example, but there's always room for one more person to become a YouTuber and build a loyal and stable following along with some income.

Given the fact that you can achieve this with zero start-up cost, this makes it a very achievable and attainable way of making money online.

If you are resident in India, you could, for example, focus on something that is specific to your local population.

Find a niche or a product which is not available worldwide which only has a local audience, because this could be a fantastic niche to delve into because you will be the first one in the door with no competition.

Strategies Which Appear Free But Are NOT!

There are many services out there which on the surface will appear as if they would give and high return on investment but in truth, they are a waste of time.

These are particularly dangerous for people who live in countries like India, which has a low economic status because the rewards seem to easy and too good to be true.

Here are some of the services talking I am talking about.

  • surveys
  • PTC (paid to click websites)
  • Get paid to websites


You can make a little of the money taking surveys but unfortunately, if you live in countries other than Tier 1 countries (United States, Canada, UK and Australia), then you are usually not eligible to use the services. In this case, India is unlikely to be on the list of eligible countries.

However, depending on the service this may not be apparent until you join and complete surveys.

It is only once you start working and you might have wasted many hours of your time before they notify you that you are not eligible for any payouts.

This is equally worrying because some services charge you to join, such as Click4Surveys, or charge you for membership site which has a list of websites which offer surveys. 

So you can see here that taking surveys are pointless if you are not eligible to take the service. Not to mention that the surveys are a huge time waster and the payouts are so small they are simply not worth your time.


Paid to click websites

There are many paid to click websites out there like ClixSense or Neobux, to name a few, but these operate on a referral basis and offer extremely small payouts in exchange for you clicking and watching adverts. 

The only way to make money with these is to refer other people to come and join you, and you earn a small percentage of your referrals earnings. 

However, the problem with these platforms is the payout structure because you have to upgrade your membership to increase your profits.

Due to the low level of payout, for watching adverts and getting referrals, it means that any money you do earn has to be paid to upgrade your account to Gold, Platinum and so on, otherwise your earning are never high enough. 

This is the only way to increase your earnings, and ultimately you always end up spending more than you earn to increase your potential profits from your referrals.

This can send people into a spiral of spending money with the hope of making money. PTC websites are notoriously unregulated, and they come and go quicker than celebrities do.

The unreliable nature makes the strategy very dangerous, especially if you're from a low-income background and are desperate for money.

Get paid to websites (GPT)

There are a lot get paid to sites, such as Swagbucks or 20 Cogs, but once again this is only eligible for people in the tier 1 countries. 

Therefore these types of services are pointless for somebody who lives in India because they are not eligible for any rewards.

These are dangerous because other similar sites will charge entry and others will charge you for the privilege of learning which websites will pay you to watch videos, to surf the web, and to do small tasks but you do not know that you are a none eligible for payout until is too late.

All the services above are spammed with promotional material, and additional services which are very tempting and so any inexperienced and naive person is quite likely to be duped into spending money they can't afford when they are exposed to these types of services.

The lure of easy money is everywhere especially inside these types of unregulated and questionable money making methods.

Follow this link to learn more about a community on Reddit dedicated to micro jobs and small earning potential which would be helpful. The link above is a review I wrote about the community and it is completely free to use.

Other Free But Less Effective Methods

No list of money making methods online can be complete without blogging, affiliate marketing and social media.

The only reason I have mentioned them as "less effective ways" of making money online for free is that if you try and utilise these strategies on a free basis, you are hampered by the lack of resources and the lack of trust your brand will convey.

I will cover each one in detail and explain why they are less effective when you do not pay for premium services such as domain names, dedicated hosting and tools like autoresponders, for example.

There are other bloggers who do include these methods in their lists of "free methods" but, truth be told, without buying your own hosting and premium tools, they are very limited.

No.1 - Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

You can very quickly and easily create a free blog on places like and Weebly and start creating content and building up organic traffic to your pages and blog posts. 

You can then begin to use affiliate links and YouTube videos to drive traffic to presell pages and landing pages to collect leads and start making commissions by promoting products from Clickbank and JVZoo offers, for example.

However, there is one big problem here because if you use a free hosting platform, then you are working with some severe limitations.

You are very limited to how much you can edit on a free shared hosting plan because the visual editor is limited and the hosting speed is also shared.

The layout of your blog is limited and, unless you pay for a domain name, you are using a Web 2.0 subdomain which means you cannot brand your website.

That will make your site look amateurish and will not convey any trust or feeling of authority.

These types of Web 2.0 platforms are also often associated with spam and very low-quality content because Internet marketers use these for backlinking purposes and shady SEO tactics which results in a lot of very mediocre quality pages being produced on mass.

This will result in a meagre click-through rate on your affiliate links, and you're also very unlikely to be approved by affiliate networks to promote their products because they can see you don't have a proper website.

If you were to approach a company like Amazon, or Peerfly to promote CPA (cost-per-action) offers, they are very unlikely to accept you because you don't have your own hosting or domain.

This leaves you with no option but to pay for hosting and a domain name which kind of defeats the purpose if you're looking to make money online without spending any money, at least the purposes of this article!

However, if you do have a small budget, then you can access some very high-quality training right here where you can learn how to build a profitable website.

No.2 - Facebook & Other

Social Media Platforms

Social media is an excellent way of driving free traffic to your landing pages and product placements, but when you have no website or any premium services, like an autoresponder, it becomes challenging.

Very few people will buy a product on the first exposure and so even if you have a large following on Facebook it will be tough to build a relationship with them and to reach them on a daily and weekly basis.

Couple this with the lack of dedicated hosting and a domain name, and other premium services which to incur a monthly cost, you have a limited reach and repeat exposure.

So if you cannot afford the essential services, then you are severely limited by social media. Think about it! If you have no way of capturing email leads: how are you to reach your audience again?

If you don't have a professional looking website; how are you going to convert the traffic you do drive to your landing pages?

You will have the same problem with Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and any other social media platform because the disconnect between your links and your poorly designed landing page will be enough to lower your conversion rates to the point where it will be virtually impossible to make any regular commissions.

You would have the same problem even if used other free website platforms like Tumblr or Medium

Therefore, even though these methods are perfect for making money online if you have premium tools and services, without any investment they do become much less effective. You can still use them, by all means, but you have to be aware of the limitations.

indian flag


You came to this article with the hope of finding a way of earning money online from India without paying anything: I hope I was able to help you!

In my opinion, your best hope is to showcase your talents in some way by hiring yourself out as a freelancer by using the methods I mentioned in this article.

The online marketplaces like Fiverr, Udemy, Upwork and, not to mention YouTube, are so readily available that anybody has the opportunity to carve out a piece of the action for themselves.

You will struggle if you lack the equipment or don't have the money to invest in software and other training modules but it is an achievable goal if you work hard and set your mind to the task.

Use your disadvantage as fuel to drive you forward and overcome the struggle of not having the resources that others do.

Many people have come from nothing and achieved great things and if you put your mind to it so can you.

The most important thing about making money online is to get your foot in the door and start.

At the point, when you start making a small amount of cash, reinvested your earnings in yourself and use it to propel your progress online.

For example, you can use your first commission to buy web hosting for a year and build yourself a website, or you could use that money to buy a piece of software which will help you produce better quality content or projects for your clients.

I hope you take advantage of this and move forward on your journey online to achieve financial freedom.

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