Should You Bother With Reddit ‘Beermoney’ Sub?

honest review of beermoney on reddit

The 'Beer Money' subReddit is a community of like minded people who are looking for online money making strategies and opportunities to earn some extra cash every month.

The idea is that by pooling together everyone's knowledge and experiences online you can find access to systems and programs you would never have heard of and get a first hand review of someone who has used them to make money.

This will give you a precursor into potential earnings and risks involved.

You would like to think that any recommendation would come with an honest opinion. Would the opportunist who shared their experience with a bonafide company or service be truthful about their exploits, or do they post for promotional purposes?

I took a closer look at the 'Beermoney' Reddit sub in order to give my honest opinion about the quality of the threads and posts.

Can you trust them?

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Which Beermoney Methods Are listed?

There are a ridiculous amount of websites, apps and services on the Internet which offer cash rewards for various tasks. Most of them you would have never dreamed existed but they are real and they will pay out small sums of money for easy work.

Here just a few of the types of tasks and services you can get paid to do:

Small tasks
Daily poles
Daily searches
App installations
Search engine
Amazon credits
Local gigs and driving

Mystery shopping
Clinical trials
Variety of mobile apps
Research studies
Paid to click
Paid to watch
App Usage
Renting Out Mobile Processor

Mobile phone recycling
Cashback offers
Fiverr gigs
Design work
Website tester
Data Entry

and many more!

Part of the point of the Beer Money Sub is to act as a moderator and help other avoid websites which do not pay their affiliates or customers. Think of it as a watchdog for consumers.

For example the pinned thread is a long list of services and methods which have been proven to be good earners and trustworthy.

This kinda thing is fantastic and really does show that there is a genuine purpose behind this community. There is also a weekly a weekly discussion where members share their experiences and weekly earnings.

is beermoney sub worth the time and effort

Are They Worth The Time & Effort?

Generally speaking, no. However, we have to remember that the ethos here is 'beer money' so the natural inclination is not to make a full time income but just a little extra pocket money to pay for the odd drink or two.

There is always a few exceptions, right??

However, there are some members - in this case themightyox who seems to be making $1000's per month by compounding his earnings from a variety of micro job services. 

To be fair, he does state in his disclaimer that this has become more than just 'a little bit on the side' and he is treating his efforts as a full time job now.

Nevertheless, it goes to show that every little bit helps and if you combine all the small figures together it really does add up!

Who Paid You For In March Here is my list beermoney

themightyox's earnings!

Personally, I would say it is not worth the time or the effort. The rewards you earn for the tasks you do are always incredibly low.

Sure, there are examples of high earners but we have to be realistic here and accept that most people will not have time amount of time to commit to completing micro tasks and filling in forms.

I have reviewed many survey and micro tasks websites, such as Swagbucks, Click4Surveys and SliceThePie but other than having a bit of fun, they are never worth your time.

Usually your hourly rate works out at something ridiculous like $1.50 per hour.

You can of course branch out and start earning money by inviting referrals to come and join you - a strategy heavily promoted by PTC sites like Neobux or Clixsense - but then this is another aspect which will take more time.

Are the most common beermoney sites safe?

is reddit safe

Are you safe on Reddit?

Here is where things can get a bit murky and dangerous. 

Yes, the majority of the sites listed on the discussion board are real, they pay their customers and have been operating for a while.

Companies like:

  • InstaGC
  • EarnHoney
  • PrizeRebel
  • Prolific Academic
  • Swagbucks
  • and so on....

These companies have good reputations and there is no reason why they would ever close accounts, refuse payments or have terrible support.

However there are also dozens  of other lesser known companies which come and go quicker than you can possibly imagine. You have to remember that this type of business is on the lower end of the quality scale.

Companies that offer you a "secret app" which will pay if you let them "borrow" your processing power from your phone are unlikely to be heavily backed and can fold at any minute.

It is not uncommon for people to join websites which seem to goo to be true, only to discover they close down only a few months into their operations. The sad truth is that this can have a damaging effect on the users who joined because they can potentially lose money they invested.

Even worse, they could love valuable personal information due to the sensitive nature of some of these methods. This could be in the form of installing a mobile App from an unknown source or submitting billing information for account confirmation.

Do you wanna know what to look out for?

reddit logo

You have to keep in mind that the moderator on the forum are there to help but there will be the occasional comments, link or dishonest person who managed to sneak a few misleading snippets of informations inside the treads.

It is my honest opinion that the majority of the information available is reliable and posted with the best of intentions but there are a few things to consider BEFORE you act on a recommendation from the Beer Money SubReddit.

Things To Keep An Eye Out For

Before you take on a new service or money making website from a discussion like Beer Money you need to consider the following things:

1. Check out the contributor's message history and account status. Do they have good karma?

Take a few minutes and look at the message history of the person recommending a website.

  • Do they have a long history of helping other without an agenda?
  • Do they have a lot of karma points?
  • Do they post the same links over and over?
  • If so, are the product he promoted previously of good quality?

If you suspect that their only motive is to promote an affiliate link or some kind of product offer then ignore anything they say because that is their true goal and it is unlikely the information they are giving you is true.

2. Due diligence with any company

When you find a money making opportunity, check out the company first. Make sure they have a good reputation, that your information will be safe and, most importantly, try and gauge if they will still be in business in the future.

  • Do a search on Reddit, or within the Beer Money sub, and see what others are saying about it. Try and get a feel for the genuine ethos of the company.
  • Take a closer look at the website in question and ask yourself: 
  • Are there spelling mistakes on the website?
  • How old is the domain? Check domain age here (if it is brand new, be careful)
  • Does the website promise a payout which seems "too good to be true"?
  • Does the company have good reviews in Google? (ignore the obvious affiliates and "honest reviews")
things to be careful of on reddits beermoney

If you ask yourself these questions before you join a company then you stand a better chance at avoiding the fake and shady websites.

3. Be realistic about the true cost

I have been doing this a long time and spotting low quality affiliate marketing/money making websites can be hard sometimes but there are some telltale signs that most of them have in common.

The main difference here is that the micro job and daily task website normally do not have the same "get rich quick" feel to them, such as a normal affiliate marketing products I usually review, which makes them more difficult to spot.

For example, a company like Neobux, which has a lot of very mixed reviews and a lot of people avoid, operates more or less like a pyramid scheme. 

When you first join ti seems innocent enough but before you know it you end up spending hundreds of dollars on upgrades so you can increase your earning. The higher your membership, the more you earn but you will only earn that money back once your refer more members to join the company.

Same goes for services like 20Cogs. On the surface it looks fantastic! "£10 to try sign up for a 30 day free trial! I'm in!"

However, once you get down to the nitty gritty and the terms and conditions, you realise that it really is not worth you time and effort. At least that is my opinion.

Keep things in perspective!

keep things in persepctive on reddit

I remember when I first started trying to make money online. I looked at a lot of micro jobs, daily tasks, PTC (paid to click), local gigs and being part of a sample audience and that type of thing.

So many of them looked so great and the thought of combining many of them in order to earn a full time income always seems so plausible. But the truth is, most people do not have time to do this due to a pre-existing busy lifestyle.

I soon discovered something shocking!

The sad truth is that I ended up wasting so much time on these systems and strategies because you can't help but get sucked in. You immediately think to yourself, "What if I can make a full time income from this?"

You then begin to dig deeper and you start spending money on memberships, guides and other methods to try and find that perfect "make money online" strategy.

Want the sad truth?

The honest truth is that most people forget the whole point here - it is only supposed to be beer money!

A simple and easy way to earn a few bucks here and there to give some spare change, that is what you are looking for. Performing theses types of task on a full time basis just isn't practical.

So, when you take a look through the discussion board keep things simple and find something that will pay you a small fee for something takes just a few minutes.

Personally, I would recommend Swagbucks and SliceThePie. You can easily earn $5 per day by spending an hour on there, while you are listening to music or just killing time online.

Just keep it simple and try not to get sucked in too much. Go about your day and use the extra side cash for something fun.

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When you are looking for a way to earn some extra cash online there are some other subReddits you can take a look at which will also open up a few more doors for you.

Other Helpful Reddits

reddit logo

Can You Trust The Community?

If you do your own due diligence, ABSOLUTELY!

Here are a couple of resources to help you stay safe.

Having come across the 'Beer Money' Reddit many, many times over the years I know it to be a superb source for unusual and great ways to make money online.

The guys who moderate it are genuine and honest. The majority of the members have a wonderful community spirit and take time out their day to help others connect online.

Obviously, everyone has an agenda of some sort - either to get people to sign up with their affiliate links or to gain their trust in some way - but as long as you keep your wits about you and use your common sense then you will be fine.

Soak up what I have written here and take a closer look at the threads and discussions on offer. You will find something cool to try and make a few extra bucks on the side.

Live in the UK? Looking for easy beer money? Try This!

  • April 6, 2018

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