is a series of training modules which teach you how to build a website, from scratch, which you can then sell on Flippa - a marketplace for buying and selling websites. 

This product was created by Matthew Sabia and was release before Christmas in 2017.

You are given top tips, tools and a clear method on how to build an ecommerce/dropshipping website on Shopify, and you then sell it to someone who wants to use it to create an online income.

Will you really make money using the strategy taught at Starter Site Toolkit? This review, I based on my opinions from when I tested this service.

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Starter Site Toolkit An Easy 497 Per Day Business Plans

What is Starter Site ToolKit?

The method is quite simple. You create a website on Shopify and set it up with a ecommerce ready template, filled with niche related products.

Then, you place this new website on Flippa to sell for a small profit. The beauty here is that the website is very cheap so set up and even at a modest auction price you can make a nice profit.

You then “rinse and repeat” the process and churn out as many new websites as you can to ensure a continuous income. This method is by no means a new way to make money online but this training is very coherent, good value and is up to date.

The modules show you step by step how to:

Module #1: Niche Research & Account Setup

  • How To Research & Find a Niche
  • Introduction to Flippa & Other Marketplaces
  • Setting Up Your Marketplace Accounts

Module #2: Building & Designing Your Sites

  • Shopify Store Creation & Setup
  • How To Register & Connect A Domain Name
  • Website Design & Logo Creation
  • How to Quickly Add Products From Aliexpress
  • Adding Etsy Products Through Spocket
  • How to Add Products From Amazon
  • How to Optimize Product Pages & Images
  • Which Plugins / Apps to Install
  • How to Setup Referral/Affiliate Program

Module #3: Building Social Media Accounts

Module #4: Making Extra Residual Income with Each Sale

  • How to Deliver The Social Media Marketing Bonus

Module #5: Listing & Selling Your Sites

  • How to List Your Website on Flippa
  • How to List Your Website on Craigslist
  • How to List Your Website on The Shopify Exchange

As you can see the whole training process shows you in great detail how to build a beautiful looking website. The guys who created this has gone to great lengths to make the process as clear as possible.

Starter Site Toolkit review

Is the training good?

The core training is decent. Each video is very detailed and you will get a reasonable training on how to build an ecommerce website using the Shopify platform.

You are also shown some effective and popular apps and tools you can use to enhance order fulfillment, shipping times and useful sources for additional products.

There is also good training on editing images, optimizing product descriptions and designing your website. There is also a useful  tutorial on the admin side of the settings inside Shopify.

What I did not like

During the social media part of the training. Matthew recommends using an automated software to gain more likes and followers on Twitter and Instagram. This is something you should 100% avoid. During this tutorial he even says that he does not recommend using this type of software, but then he uses it anyway to increase his following.

Starter Site Toolkit misleading claims

Hugely Exaggerated Claims!

Is Starter Site ToolKit a legitimate service?

The service itself is legitimate, albeint very over-hyped, and the training provided is relevant and legitimate.

A Few Warning Signs

There are are a few warning signs which bug me a little bit. These types of warnings signs usually play to the quality of the overall service and, in this case, it puts into question the real profitability potential of the end product. If they make these types of glaring mistakes, does the training really work?

No.1 - Spelling mistakes on sales page

This is not a biggy but still unprofessional and sloppy. There are spelling mistakes on the main sales page and the “profit proof” has a clear flaw in it. The screenshot shows that the Paypal payments, which are supposed to be income proof, have been “denied”. Why would they be listed as proof of income when they clearly did not clear through PayPal?

Starter Site Toolkit An Easy 497 Per Day Business Plan

No.2 - The Case Study Has No Life Beyond The Training

If you look at the website, which the author created during the case study, it died a quick death after being sold. Whoever purchased it has done nothing with it, seem strange considering someone paid $400 for it, they haven't even posted a single thing on social media and their account has since been suspended on Flippa.

It looks to me as if the sale of the websites was forged/forced in order to make it look as though it sold for $400. But that is just my opinion, based on what I can see in front of me.

No.3 - Flippa Market Is Saturated & Costly

If you take a look at the “Starter Website” section on Flippa, you will see that the listings there are saturated. Most websites sell for less than $200. You are not the only one who is selling pre-made Shopify websites.

This method is not new and many people make a living using it. Buying and selling on Flippa is a cutthroat business.

You also need to consider that there are ‘listing fees’ - $19 for a ‘Starter Site’ - and a 15% commission to pay when using Flippa. Depending on your payment methods, you also need to pay a small fee to your Escrow service or PayPal.

So, if you sell a website for $100 - you earn $66 before tax. How much of that sale will be 'real profit'????

How Much Profit Will You Make?

Here is the maths you need to consider.

  • Your time setting the website up.
  • The listing fees and commissions.
  • Percentage of unsold websites and relisting.
  • Time to hand over the website to clients.
  • After sale customer care.

If you follow this analogy right through. For a website which sells for $100. $66, will be profit (gross) and including in this you need to consider:

  • The 8 hours it took to build the website,
  • The time it takes to communicate with the buyer and transfer the website and social accounts,
  • The after sale support which you need to provide,
  • Then you have to pay tax on that profit.

If you take a look at the average sale of a ‘Starter Site’ on Flippa, you will see that they are generally quite low - under $150.

I will leave it to your own judgement if you think you will make money.....

Pricing Flippa listing fees

You Are Selling Websites Which Are Likely To Fail

When you create a website, using the Starter Kit Toolkit method. It is not going to be a good quality website. Sure, the website will look good and be “sellable” but there is no quality content or value in the website.

There is no SEO value and whoever buys it, unless they implements some long term and high quality ranking methods, will fail. The only other option is to use PPC (paid per click) advertising which will be incredibly costly and a beginner Affiliate Marketers will struggle to make money with this method.

Granted, this is not your problem. You are simply selling a tangible product, if someone buy it then that is their business. But, at the end of the day, you need to feel good about what you are selling.

Would you feel comfortable selling a website which you knows probably will not make money?

Overall value of this training

I believe, even though the end product produced is not great, learning the process of making a website in this fashion is a very valuable and useful skill to learn.

If you follow the training then it will cost you in the region of $60, not too expensive when you consider the overall value of the training.

I do not agree with the hyped up claims of profits and I think it is unlikely that anyone will make a huge amount of money using this method. However, I recognise that this is a cheap training module for learning the process of making money by selling websites.

If you are a complete beginner then this could a be a fun way to learn, but do not get your hopes up.

What do you think? Have your tried this training? If you have then please do leave a comment below!

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