In this review, I'm looking at a new product called "YouTube Ads For Local" which has been created by Ryan Shaw.

The service shows you how you can use YouTube ads to promote local businesses and become an advertising consultant in the process.

The idea is that you charge a small fee to small businesses to set up to advertising campaigns for them to drive traffic and revenue to their websites and services.

This is a relatively simple and straightforward process, and it will work, but there are a few things you need to consider before buying "YouTube Ads For Local".

I have purchased the front end product, without any up-sells, and I am going to show you inside and tell you what you're paying for.

I will also tell you my honest opinion about the service based on my experience when I used this training.

What Is Inside The Member's Area?

Inside the member's area, you are presented with eight video tutorials which show you the process behind this monetisation strategy. Ryan talks you through what the strategy is and how you can make money.

There is approximately one and a half hours worth of video tutorials and training content which accompanies the front end purchase.

These tutorial videos include:

Introduction Video

This is a standard introduction video where Ryan Shaw talks you through the idea of YouTube advertising and compares it to the traditional TV, adverts which local businesses use, and explains very clearly why YouTube ads are so much better and much more targeted.

youtube ad for local sales pitch

YouTube Ad Pricing Chart

Ryan gives you a very clear guideline on how much to charge your clients when they agreed to let you advertise on their behalf.

This gives you a good indication of how much money you can earn when you get your first client.

How YouTube Ads Work

In this short video, Ryan explains the difference between the different kind of ads you can use such as;

  • in stream or discovery ads 
  • pre-roll ads 
  • bumper ads.

You're also taught how these can increase exposure and what the benefit is using the different types.

What Niche To Target

This video talks you through a spreadsheet where Ryan has a collection of over 100 local marketing niches which can be profitable.

This is to give you an idea and inspiration of which kind of local businesses you can target and offer your services to.

How To Sell YouTube Ads Locally

This training module covers how you can approach potential local clients and how to sell yourself to them and convince them to let you implement marketing strategies on their behalf.

Ryan talks you through how to find the clients and how to approach them and which questions to ask to assess if they are the right fit for you.

youtube ad for local

Making The Commercial

This tutorial shows you how you can create the video commercial which will be used in the advert for your local business. You are taught how to upload it and what to look for as key elements within the advert.

Ryan does make some good points here about keeping things simple and avoid any unnecessary complications and extra work.

Setting Up Your First YouTube Ad

In this tutorial, Ryan shows you how to create your first YouTube ad using Google AdWords.

You are shown how to create a campaign and how to set the targeting demographics for your audience. Ryan also talks you through what types of adverts are bad and which ones are suitable and why they meet specific criteria.

Is The Training Any Good?

Overall the training does serve its purpose.

You are shown how to create ads which target local people in a particular area. Ryan talks you through how the whole process works and is relatively straightforward and easy to follow.

You are shown all the essential components:

  • what types of businesses to target
  • how to set up an ad campaign
  • how to choose a demographic
  • how much to charge

My opinion is only based on the front end product as I did not purchase any of the upgrades available.

Youtube Ads for Local facebook support group

Facebook support group is active and helpful!

What I Did NOT Like About The Training

Even though the training is adequate, and it does service its purpose; I did find the whole process somewhat vague.

Ryan tends to talk around specific issues and avoids giving direct advice on which options to choose and why.

During the training there is a lot of "whatever" and "just leave that as it is" without any real explanation why something is "whatever" or why certain options are left alone.

Even though this is a very cheap product, I still feel that there should be an adequate explanation about why you are targeting specific age groups or demographics, for example, or why certain niches are not profitable.

This is a common theme throughout the training and the best way I can explain it is that everything said is very vague without any real actionable content as such.

You are very much left alone to fill in some blanks and apply your common sense to finish off the training.

How Would I Recommend You Use This Strategy?

To make money by selling yourself as a local marketing consultant or an advertiser for small businesses you need to think of this as a real business and approach it from an angle of common sense and long-term thinking.

The first thing you need is a website because you need a shopfront for your customer to see when you speak to them.

When you meet and speak to a client, or you phone somebody to ask if they need help bringing in more business, they need something to look at to help them understand who you are and what you do.

A website would complete this goal and act as a sales page for your services.

I would then merely approach businesses with a predetermined sales pitch where you talk about;

  • the low-cost nature of YouTube advertising
  • brand exposure
  • the localised targeting
  • customisation of the commercials
  • low cost of producing commercials
  • and so on...

I would try to appeal to a small business owner's common sense and convince them to let me advertise for them by selling them on the inexpensive nature of the whole process.

Small business owners always struggle with money, but if they think they can get more business by spending virtually nothing, they will try it.

Offer Your First Service For Free!

I would run a trial at no cost to the client, so I could prove to them how useful the adverts are! I would ask them for $100 and tell them that you would not charge them to run the first ad.

Once they see how effective it is, they would be mad not to invest further money in your services, and that is when you charge them to continue running the adverts.

youtube ad for local

Would I Recommend You Buy "YouTube Ads For Local"?

To quite honest, I would recommend you buy this training module.

At the end of the day, when it comes to making money online, knowledge is power and the more honest and actionable training you get your hands on, the better the chances you will succeed.

This is a cheap and cheerful product, and at the meagre price tag of $27 you cannot expect too much but I would say the price tag is worth being introduced to this idea because it is untapped and it will work if you put some effort into it.

Therefore I would recommend buying "YouTube Ads For Local" if you are trying to find different angles to monetise your content or local businesses.

Don't forget this strategy is not merely isolated to a local business. You can also use this for your website or any other product or service online.

Additional Resources For Running YouTube Adverts

There are additional resources and services you can use to expand your knowledge about YouTube advertising and demographic targeting.

These tutorials are all free and will help you further understand what you need to do to run a successful advertising campaign on YouTube.

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