In this review, I am taking a close look at a product by Paul Nicholls & Trevor Carr, called Profit 7.

This product has been released today, the 22nd December 2017, and so I am one of the first to get a closer look at the training available.

This product promotes it's proven and ethical money making methods in a straight talking sales video and it is quite refreshing to see a sales page which is rather understated and down to earth.

The unfortunate truth is that you will not make money with the strategies taught with Profit7. This is based on my personal experience using this training and my opinion as an experienced affiliate marketer.

So, let me show you around and I will give you my opinion about this series of training modules and whether or not it will help you make money online. I purchased the front end product and also the first upsell, Advanced Training Course - Fast Cash Strategies which cost an additional $17.00. My review applies to these two products only.

My Personal Experience

Once I joined this training module I proceed to sit through every minute of all the training videos. I must admit I was kinda shocked when I saw the quality of the training. 

Not only is the author, Paul, using 'Paint' as a presentation board but the methods he suggest you use to boost rankings and traffic are incredibly outdated. More on that in the training part of this review.

It becomes clear very quickly that this training is all about making sales quickly and cheaply. You use tactics which sneak in ahead of the competition and uses low end methods to get traffic.

The end game here is sales, not customer satisfaction, user intent or giving value. Although this method may prove profitable occasionally it will not work long term and I will show you why with this very review I am writing right now:

I cannot recommend something like this because it amplifies the main issue with the Internet, which is low quality spam that is produced only to deceive people and make money.


I opted to buy the first upsell, which is the advanced training which is supposed to show you how you can combine all the 7+ methods taught in order to increase your earning potential.

There are 3 other upsells available, which are basically more advanced training and 'masterclasses' on using these same basic methods taught but at a more intense level. However, I do not feel the need to buy them as judging the basic methods are enough to judge the entire operation.

If the foundation training is no good then the advanced training won't be any better, seeing as that is the foundation for the advanced training.


The training itself is a series of 7 video tutorials and an additional 5 bonus training videos:

  • The Buying Cycle
  • The Clickbank Blueprint #1
  • The Clickbank Blueprint #2
  • The Clickbank Blueprint #3
  • Advanced Training

But first, lets take a look at what's inside the initial training videos, starting with the first method:

Fast Cash Method 1 – The Underground Profit Method

profit7 method 1

This method focuses on the creation of niche websites. Small websites which are centered on a very small niche or product range. For example, you can create a small website purely for one type of running shoe or perhaps blenders.

Paul talks through the idea behind creating a niche website and talks about organic traffic, keywords, SEO and how the customer flow turns into commissions. You are also shown how to find the best selling products on Amazon in order to find which niche to focus on.

The video for the entire method is only 41 min long and, to be honest, is informational but not practical. You are not shown how to build a website or how to implement keyword research, SEO or anything. 

You are not shown:

  • How to build a website.
  • How to do SERP competition research.
  • How to write content.
  • How to create a user friendly theme.
  • How to conduct onsite/offsite SEO
  • basically, anything to do with making a website.

This first 'method' sums up an entire niche in a short video. I would not consider this to be a secret method or anything other than an informational video on a common way to make money online.

It is the equivalent of me giving you the keys to a car and saying, "Now you can learn to drive", without any guidance or help on how to drive the car.

Will This Method Work?

Not the way it is shown here. Not necessarily because of the way the video is explained but simply because you are not actually shown anything. How is someone supposed to take the leap here, from getting a simple idea to building a website.

There are entire websites and communities devoted to this one category (building websites) and here it is summed up in one video. In subsequent videos there is mention of 2.0 social blogging platforms and WordPress but that is it. No training!

Fast Cash Method 2 – The Under the Radar Method

profit7 method 2

In this training module, you are shown how to find digital products that are about to be released on MunchEye, so you can be one step ahead and get ranked with articles and videos BEFORE your competition.

This is a very common strategy and works like a dream. But, once again, you are given some poor advice here.

Paul mentions nothing about the quality of the product you choose to promote. This training shows you to simply start promoting any new product and he uses one of his own reviews on his website as an example.

There is no mention of how to assess the quality of the product you are going to promote. It is incredibly important to only promote products you have used, tested and stand by because otherwise you are selling garbage and no one will ever buy from you again.

You are also given an outline of creating trust with your readers by adding an 'About Me' page to your blog and engaging with your audience. However, once again, Paul simply says 'Get a blog' but he does not say how to do it!

I have a lot of experience with helping people get going with blogging and most people are completely confused by the process of creating a website. This training will only confuse people.

You are also told to create a YouTube channel, but without any instructions on how to optimize the YouTube channel, or how to rank YouTube videos.

Will This Method Work?

This method, of reviewing up and coming products before they are released, does work but not like this. This is another 'training' session on nothing because you are not actually shown anything.

The sales page says this is 'newbie friendly', this is not beginner friendly.

Fast Cash Method 3 – The Snowball Method

profit7 method 3

This is the method which suggests you post your articles to article directories like Ezine Articles in order to generate backlinks and traffic. This is terrible advice.

Do me a favour - Go and 'Google' something along the lines of "Is article directory submission good for SEO" and you will quickly see that this method stopped working 7 + years ago.

Why Paul is promoting this method is beyond me. I was genuinely surprised when I saw this. If you applied this strategy to an existing website you will ruin your website ranking. Google has made it very clear that these types of SEO strategies no longer work.

Will This Method Work?

No. Article directories is not a viable way to build a successful business online. It will harm your websites SEO track record.

Fast Cash Method 4 – The Affiliate Sniper Method

profit7 method 4

This method is a golden oldie - very similar to the Google Sniper method taught by George Brown back in the day.

Paul tells you to create an account with Web 2.0 blogging sites such as or and create a single page sniper site which has one purpose, to rank page 1 of Google and drive traffic to a sales/lead page.

Paul goes on to say that you have to create some content of at least 500-1000 words, which he seems to think is good enough, then place links and images. He guarantees you will see sales with this method.

This method is the low-end, churn and burn strategy. There is no value given here to the reader or yourself. This strategy promotes low quality products and is not something any self respecting affiliate marketer would put his name to.

Paul goes on to show you a page on and encourages you to buy backlink.... this is a BIG NO! NO!

Will This Method Work?

This method does work on a very small scale but you will have to continuously make more and more websites because if just one other real website writes a similar review, which is incredibly likely to happen, your sniper site will be pushed down the ranking because it carries ZERO ranking value.

In other words: You make a website, post a quick 1,000 word article, dump it and move on and you never look at the site again because it will be gone in 1 week. Rinse and repeat. 

Would you feel good about yourself using this method? Would you hold your head high and say you provide quality information about quality products and your website helps your readers find the information they want?

Fast Cash Method 5 – The Out of the Box Method

profit7 method 5

The next method is using YouTube and buying linkspace on other people's YouTube videos. The idea is that you find other YouTube channels within a niche you are trying to monetize and you then you contact other YouTube channel owners with a proposition.

You either ask them if you can buy their whole YouTube channel or you offer then a cash reward for placing a link on their YouTube videos.

You are shown how to filter down a targeted channel and how to avoid channels which are already monetized so you do not waste your time.

The idea is that the owner palces your link in their description of a popular video and then you get paid the commissions as a result. Quite a clever idea really. 

Will This Method Work?

To be honest, this is actually a cool method. I would consider this method if you want to try and use it then please do let me know in the comments area. I would love to hear how you get on.

Fast Cash Method 6 – The Teaser Method

profit7 method 6

This method is a similar one to the sniper method mentioned previously. You use Google Trends to target new and happening trends with the free blogging platforms. You make a one page website on the free blogging platform and then use an incredibly irritating CPA offer to capture email leads, for which you get paid.

This is just a sneaky method to try and make some quick money on a new trend before other websites outrank you and you slip down the rankings.

Will This Method Work?

Yes and no. Again, this a low quality and irritating method which you will have to create the website, put on a few hundred words of content, publish it and then dump it. You never look at it or touch it again. In a few days it will slip down the ranking and be dumped on the SPAM database of the Internet.

Fast Cash Method 7 – The Domination Method

profit7 method 7

The last method teacher you about creating an authority website, which is the same as I promote here, and Paul outlines that it is much more work and it is incredibly important to post consistent content and a lot of content.

Rather sadly, this is the shortest video available and gives a very brief outline of what an authority site is and you are shown some examples.

Paul talks about the costs involved and the amount of work involved in creating an authority website. 

Is Profit7 legitimate or a scam?

Profit 7 is not a scam. Paul and Trevor have produced a legitimate product here but it is just very low quality, in my opinion.

The methods they teach are either dangerous to your existing website due to the questionable SEO strategies or you are just using 'churn and burn' websites which offers ZERO value to your visitors because the products you promote are incredibly low quality. Also the 'churn and burn' timeline is so short you will never have time to write any quality and helpful content.

The people who read your content will be ripped off and no one wins. Would you feel comfortable with this?

Have you used this product yet? How do you feel about it?

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  1. Thanks for your detailed review on Paul Nicholls’s training. You broke it down very well! My friend found his product through a post on a forum and wanted to get more information before spending his money.

    I’m not sure if he researched yet or not, but I decided to check it out myself.

    I’m interested in making money online, but his product is definitely not for me. Thanks for the awesome review!

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. The training provides is supposed to help people make money online but it is below par. The methods they teach are real and they do work, to a degree, but there is no long term thinking. 

      The ranking strategies are sneaky and do not provide value to the reader and any affiliate marketer out there who is honest will tell you that this is not the way to build a long term and stable income online.

  2. Hiya,

    Thanks for this article.

    It’s a shame to see that in late 2017 a training product is released with Paint as it’s presentation tool.

    From your article it seems a bit “shady”. Trying “black hat” tricks to get sales and not offer any real value – that’s definitely not a recipe for long term success.

    What I take out of your review is that this is more a “let’s catch the newbies” trick than an actual “How to make money online” course.

    Thanks again for the info and hopefully someone reads it before ‘investing’ in it – I know I won’t!


    1. Hi Joe,

      With this kind of technique you are producing very low quality websites. Much like the Google Sniper sites back in the day of George Brown. 

      You create mini sites with zero value and churn them out and, effectively, spamming the Google SERPS with worthless information to try and get sales.

      So any newbies who tries this, even though they may see sales, will have to continuously make new websites every single day to keep the traffic going.

      Not only that but they will not be able to be proud of what they do, or even be happy with it because they know they are spamming and producing websites which sell incredibly low quality products.

  3. Thanks for thos,informative and detailed review. You’ve clearly done your homework here. Honestly I had not heard of this when I stumbled upon your review but it seems like something that sounds,good initially but once you dig deeper you realize there are a,few helpful pearls but its,not worth investing a lot of money into. Also, i,don’t like upsells very much, I prefer getting what I pay for upfront.

    1. Agreed. Sneaky sales techniques and dishonest information will never lead to a full time income. Also, if you use any SEO methods, as mentioned in Profit7, that are borderline black hat then will never be able to build a consistent online income. 

      All your hard work will disappear very quickly and you will continually have to produce more and more low quality content just to make a days wage. You will be going to bed every night knowing that tomorrow you might wake up and there is no traffic coming to any of your links, and you have to start over again.

      If you build a genuine and natural website with good quality content and organic SEO then your website will stand the tests of time and your business will grow and give consistent results.

  4. From your review of the first training module, the fast cash method one, it is evident that it is not intended for someone who is brand new to learning how to start an online business from scratch.

    I read more of your review and you mentioned about Profit 7 teaching one how to make YouTube videos.Yet I have not grasped the full concept of how to get a website properly set up.

    All of this is overwhelming and I certainly would be put off learning about online business in this way.

    Now that I have an idea of what PROFIT 7 is,can you offer me a recommendation of an online business platform that allows one to learn in a step by step sort of way?

    And most importantly, a platform that teaches you the right way to go about doing things.

    1. Hi,

      The training is geared towards a slightly underhanded way of ranking in Google. There is no focus on the value provided to the readers, only on sales. The more traffic you get the more sales you will receive but the methods taught here do not provide any useful information to the readers. You are taught how to produce single page websites with a few hundred words on it, at the most, just to make sales.

      This in turn means that the end product being promoted is almost guaranteed to of equality low quality.

  5. Wow, another program that we should be wary of. Thanks, Philip, for this meaty review of Profit7. This is my first time to hear about this program, I will surely include this on my list of “Programs to avoid.”

    I noticed, there are too many income programs on the Internet that are not scam actually, but when it comes to worthiness, they are not worth the investment. 

    By the way, where did you find this program? I mean, this Profit7. You seem to be updated about new programs.

    1. Yeah, it is a shame that programs like this put profits ahead of customer satisfaction and user experience. Anyone who uses these methods will never be proud of what they do because they are deceiving people.

      I know where to find newly released products.Have a look at Muncheye – they list all the up and coming launches of new Internet Marketing products.

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