This review will focus on a product called 'Funnel Boss' by Omar & Melinda Martin and I am going to tell you if I think it's going to help you make money online.

This service is a training module which teaches you about sales funnels and how to optimise your conversion rate so you can monetize your squeeze pages.

I am pretty confident that this product will also be of high quality because I have just reviewed some of Omar's previous products and they were brilliant!

I have purchased 'Funnel Boss' and I have sat through all the training and I am now going to tell you what I think about the standard of the service.

The following is my opinion based on my personal experience.

funnel boss review

What Is Inside The Member's Area?

The member's area follows the exact same structure as the other training modules Omar produces and it is clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow manner.

In total, you get eight videos which talk you through the entire process of setting up a high converting sales funnel.

This isn't like the normal method, where you have a simple squeeze page and an opt-in, because Omar goes into great detail about the long-term picture and how much money you need to make in order to survive.

This training focuses on the multilayered sales funnels with different segments and the layers of psychology that plays into the purchasing cycle of your visitor.

All in all, there is about 5 hours worth of content within the core training which makes this incredible value for money when you consider how little you paid for this product.

is funnel boss worth the money

Is The Training Any Good?

I will now go through every single video, which you get in the training, to give you an indication of what you are paying for.

Please bear in mind that this is simply a summary and the actual videos himself are much more detailed than I can give them credit for.

As you can imagine it's hard to summarise a 40-minute video in a short paragraph.

Video #1 What Is A Sales Funnel

The first video is only 6 minutes long, but it doesn't need to be any longer.

This is a simple introduction to the concept of the sales funnels and Omar explains how the customer flow works and what's the purpose of the funnel is.

This is more of a courtesy rather than actual training because anyone, even a complete beginner, will most likely already understand the concept of a sales funnel.

However, it is a very nice presentation and it is a very good introduction to this training course.

Video #2 The Viral Lead Funnel

The second video is almost 20 minutes long and Omar illustrates a gentle introduction to a simple sales funnel to give you a good foundation of what's the process involves.

funnel boss video tutorial 2

A screenshot from inside the members area. Blurred for Copyright

You learn about:

  • automation rules
  • upsells and downsells
  • squeeze pages
  • email sequences
  • welcome pages
  • list management
  • and much more...

Omar also starts talking about money and how you make commissions but most importantly this is a gentle preview of what's to come.

I think Omar creates this initial video to ease you into things because email marketing can be very confusing when you combine:

  • segmentation
  • retargeting
  • social media
  • buzz pages
  • and so on and so forth...

This is a good move because if a training module was to throw all these aspects into one video then any beginner would immediately get information overload.

By breaking the information down into several videos it becomes much more simple to digest.

Video #3 The Trust Funnel

In the third video, things start getting interesting. This module is 30 minutes long and it focuses on the visitor trust between you, the vendor, and the customers themselves.

funnel boss video tutorial 3

A screenshot from inside the members area. Blurred for Copyright

Omar goes into great detail about email sequences and when your visitors are segmented into different lists and why.

Omar also talks about the concept of low and high ticket items and how they impact your opt-in rates and customer trust.

There is a great deal of psychology when it comes to sales pages and Omar does a great job at explaining this on a very basic level that anybody can understand.

This video is incredibly valuable, even for an experienced affiliate marketer.

Video #4 The Viral Sales Funnel

The fourth video is about 40 minutes long and focuses on the viral aspect of sales funnels.

Within this module, Omar talks about how to make your sales page and products viral by implementing some simple multi-layered strategies.

funnel boss video tutorial 4

A screenshot from inside the members area. Blurred for Copyright

This includes things like:

  • webinars
  • Facebook audiences
  • email sequences
  • welcome pages
  • up-sells and down-sells
  • high ticket and low ticket items
  • and much much more...

I really enjoyed this fourth video because it's such a powerful tool to be able to see inside marketers in mind and to get a glimpse into how the multilayer sales funnel works.

When Omar talks everything just makes a lot more sense and in this video, you'll get a glimpse into how you can be making $1,000+ sales and much much more.

Video #5 Download Page vs. Welcome Page

The fifth video is all about welcome pages VS download pages and how each one can affect your profit line.

Once again, Omar goes into great detail about the pros and cons of both methods.

funnel boss video tutorial 5

A screenshot from inside the members area. Blurred for Copyright

You are also introduced to some very effective tools and websites you can use to your advantage.

By using the strategy he suggests you are guaranteed to:

  • simplify your workload
  • increase commissions and opt-in rates
  • increase your effectiveness

You are also introduced to the notion of fast-action bonuses and the idea of membership websites which are proven to be very profitable in the affiliate marketing niche, or indeed any niche online!

Video #6 Anatomy Of A Members Area

The 6th video is also roughly 40 minutes long and you are shown the purpose of having a membership website which you can create to optimise your profit potential.

Funnel Boss Videos 6

Snapshot from training video!

The idea is that you collect all your services and products under one roof and use various strategies and techniques to sell your products over and over again to your members.

This is a very clever idea and, as long as your products are very good and you always give value, this is a sure-fire way to drastically increase your profits.

Omar talks you through a number of membership websites which he has and shows you which aspects are important and how you can maximise your profits.

Video #7 Assembling Your Business Funnel

The second last video is very interesting because Omar talks to you about reverse engineering your business idea.

funnel boss video tutorial 7

Snapshot from a training video!

You are shown you a very clever little trick to illustrate how you can produce high ticket services to sell to your visitors.

Regardless of your niche or your skill set, you can use this method to hone down your particular skill set and find a service or product which you can charge thousands of Dollars for.

Omar goes back into more detail about the sales funnel itself and how you can set it up to optimise your profits.

Video #8 Funnel Segmentation

The last video talks about list segmentation and how you can implement certain strategies to optimise your lists.

funnel boss video tutorial 8

A screenshot from inside the members area. Blurred for Copyright

At the end of the day, it is very important to know what your audience wants and you can achieve this by segmenting your lists based on their behaviour.

In this video, which is over 40 minutes long, you are given some very solid and reliable advice about:

  • web forms
  • Java scripts and Advanced Analytics
  • membership plugins
  • plug-ins and automation rules
  • how to analyse a person's behaviour
  • and much more...

This video is very important because you have to understand how you digest your user's behaviour and how to optimise your email list, otherwise, you won't be able to sell to them.

Will You Make Money From This Training?

If you are serious about making money online with email marketing then the training you get from 'Funnel Boss' will definitely help you optimise your profit potential.

Simply watching these videos will not make money automatically because you have to actually implement the methods but with the knowledge that is being dispensed here, you have a definite edge over your competition.

The methods you are taught here are accurate and highly effective.

I would agree that they are going to be a real pain to set up, but that is the business we are in. You have to work for your money!

Is 'Funnel Boss' A Scam?

Absolutely not!

This training module is 100% honest, legitimate and very effective.

As I've said before, Omar is a trustworthy guy, and all his products that I have reviewed so far have been of excellent quality.

Other products by Omar Martin include:

omar and melinda martin

Would I Recommend 'Funnel Boss'?

I have no hesitation when recommending this service, based on my findings in my review.

If you are hoping to educate yourself about email marketing then I highly recommend 'Funnel Boss' by Omar and Melinda Martin because;

  • the advice they give is up-to-date and accurate
  • Omar speaks with a no BS manner and gives genuine and honest advice
  • they do not try and sell you any blatant product promotions
  • they only recommend the highest quality training

It is my firm belief that if you implement what they teach you will see positive results with your Email marketing campaigns.

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