Fast Earners Club honest review

In this review, I am looking at a brand new product 'Fast Earners Club' which is a service that promises easy money and a beginner friendly way of making money online.

I will show you inside the member's area and I will talk to you about what you get when you pay for the service and I will give you the pros and cons of the training they provide.

I base my review on the fact that I have bought this product and I am going to give you my personal opinion based on my experience when using 'Fast Earners Club'.

My Personal Experience With 'Fast Earners Club'

I immediately recognised the style of sales video which I was presented with before I purchased this product.

The sales video follow the same principal and psychological triggers as:

These products, which work along the same e-commerce monetization methods, have very similar sales videos and unfortunately, they have equally overhyped and unrealistic sales claims.

Once I was inside the member's area I can see immediately what I have paid for here and, unfortunately, I could see that I had once again been duped by a very low-quality product.

Examining The Sales Page Claims

I'm going to give you a few snippets of a information from the sales page and show you why it's so misleading and borderline lying straight to your face.

It's a classic example of using psychological triggers and clever sales techniques to make you believe that buying this is the best option for you.

Examples such as:

no.1 - misleading quote from sales page!

“In fact, I guarantee you've never come across anything like what's inside the Fast Earners Club"

This is the first statement that doesn't make any sense because everyone has heard of selling on eBay. Everyone has heard about selling stuff with Shopify because these are very popular and very lucrative ways of making money online. So why would they try and make it sound as if the content they have is secret.

no.2 - misleading quote from sales page!

“Holly was $53.33 up in the green after just 23 minutes after starting and continued to make $107.20 within an hour."

Once again this is an extraordinary claim which holds no relation to the content which you get inside the member's area. It is physically impossible to make this kind of money using any of the methods they teach you, within this timeframe.

Why would they make this kind of claim unless it was designed to push you to buy the service?

The last example which indicates to me that this is a repurposed sales video from a previous product is when they describe the step-by-step process of using their method.

They say:

fast earners club sales claims

This statement makes no sense unless it was for a different service!

no.3 - misleading quote from sales page!

"Download one of the provided applications and follow the simple done for you signals by clicking your mouse... That is it, sit back and wait for the real money results."

This statement doesn't make sense because there are no applications inside the member's area but I did notice something which indicates that this sales video was originally designed for a different product, which may be a bitcoin trading service.

When I click on one of the PDFs inside the member's area I can see in the URL that it's been hosted on a website called

misleading sales page on fast earners club

You can see the URL is for a different website!

It does not make sense that the PDF will be hosted here unless the sales video and these services are combined somehow.

Regardless - it goes to show how misleading the sales video is because it wasn't even designed for this product!

What Is Inside The Member's Area?

Inside the member's area, all you are presented with is a collection of 4 PDFs containing information about:

  • a guide to making money with e-com
  • a guide on how to sell on eBay
  • a guide on how to earn with Amazon
  • a guide on how to earn with Shopify

As I'm sure you can understand, if you have watched the sales video, I was quite confused about this content because this holds no relation to the sales video.

The sales video promises easy money within 24 hours and the testimonials hold no relation to training material you're giving either. Is this a bait-and-switch?

I do not understand how anybody can promote a product on the basis of being paid quickly when this is the content that they give you because you cannot earn quick money by becoming an Amazon affiliate or product vendor.

There is also an additional download available called the 'Xtreme Edition', which I downloaded.

Fast Earners   Members Area

A look inside the member's area!

What is inside the 'Xtreme Edition'?

Inside the 'Xtreme Edition', you are given access to 9 videos which explain the process of making money online using traffic sources such as:

  • Reddit
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

There are also videos about:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate programs

I would like to say that these videos provide a much better learning experience but they are, once again, very generic and short.

There is no actual practical training just a generic overview of what you have to do.

For example:

They mention that you can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website but they don't show you how to create ads.

Another example is when they talk about advertising on Reddit but they don't show you how to advertise on Reddit.

Do you see the problem here?

Is The Training Any Good?

In my opinion, the training provided by the Fast Earners Club is completely worthless. This is because, regardless is if you are trying to sell things on Ebay or become an Amazon Affiliate, there is:

  • no over the shoulder training videos.
  • no case studies or any interactive help.
  • the content is a bit outdated and generic.
  • no actual training just an outline of some methods.
fast earners club misleading sales video

They claim one thing but deliver another!

There is no real training here because these PDFs that they provide you with are, at least to my eye, generic PLR content. What's PLR content?

You're only given a rough guideline on how to, for example, create a Shopify store but there is no practical or relevant training inside.

That goes for all of the training provided because anyone who has been searching for a way to make money online will know that all this information is available for free in handy, up-to-date and educational formats.

Here are some...

FREE Alternatives Which Are Better?

Here is a list of free training modules which are far more relevant and up to date than 'Fast Earners Club' can provide.

Would I Recommend 'Fast Earners Club'?

Absolutely not!

It is products like this which give affiliate marketing and the Internet marketing world a bad name because they promise you the world...

They promise you easy money and it is completely clear, even to a complete novice, that this is a substandard product with one purpose in mind - to make easy money at the expense of inexperienced customers.

As you can see from my review, the training is weak and not very relevant.

There are much better resources available out there which are completely free and I hope my review of 'Fast Earners Club' will help you save some money today.

Will You Make Money Using This Training?

will you make money with fast earners club

No, you will not make money using any of the methods they show you and I am going to tell you why.

The methods they teach you are real, honest and incredibly lucrative strategies for making money online.

The problem here, as I have stated in my review, is that the training is completely generic and does not go into any detail about any aspects of the implementation of the strategies.

An everyday equivalent I can think of is if I suggested to you that I could help you make money on the stock market, but first you have to pay me $50.

Once you paid me, I tell you “invest in stocks and you will make money”, without any guidance or without any help on how to actually do it...

That is why you will not make money using the methods taught at 'Fast Earners Club' because they don't actually show you anything. They just tell you a generic method of making money online, nothing more.

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  1. Thank you for the thorough review of Fast Earners Club. It’s really not such thing of making money “fast”. Everything is a reward of hard-working and persistent, along with the great training.

    I have been an Amazon seller for over four years and make great sales, but those sales did not come until recently. Plus I still have to work a lot to keep up, especially for FBA. It’s a lot of work! That is also the same with all other e-commerce.

  2. Thanks for this great review about fast earners club. I’ve read a few of your reviews before, and I’ve always enjoyed them because you go into great detail as to why you do or don’t like them.

    In this case it seems like they are not only over hyping the product so you will buy, but they are flat out Lieing to you.

    I’m glad I know after reading your review to stay far away from this program.

  3. Hi Philip:

    When I see the words “Earn up to $1,000 per day” – I run the other way.

    It’s not that you can’t earn that much. In fact, I’m sure one can earn much more than that..

    However, I can see that this is hype and thank you for making us aware of it. I am sorry that you bought this product and learned the “hard way” just as many of us do!

    As all WA members know, making money online takes work and dedication. There are no shortcuts.

    As you say, there is no real training. I know for someone like myself who comes from the “non-digital” old school, training is incredibly important.

    Again, thank you for the review on this and I will be sure to stay away!

  4. This is very well done review of the Fast Earn club. Thank you for taking the time to actaully go inside the product in order to give a true first hand review along with you personal in site and comparisons. I look forward to reading more of your reviews as you do them.

  5. Actually these claims look really ridiculous and these just can’t be true and whenever I see claims like these I just run away from the program. You mentioned about some free alternatives and I wonder how long does it take to create an e-commerce business? Do you have any experiences with it?

  6. Hi there Philip! I have just finished reading through your review of the Fast Earner Club and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to say thanks.

    This is my first visit to I Poop Cash! I must say, well done on creating a great website. I really enjoyed my visit here and I’ll be coming back again real soon!

    Anyway, back to the point… The Fast Earners club just sounded like a scam to me, so I decided to do a search and here I am, reading your review! Thanks for confirming that this is a total waste of time!

    There are so many scams around! Isn’t it about time that that we had some kind of internet police??

  7. Hi Philip, wow, thank you for helping me to avoid this fast earners product, it seems terrible! Your links to the free training modules, on the other hand, were really very good and I got a lot of value out of them. I was wondering, is there actually a product for making money online that you would recommend?

  8. Thanks for this comprehensive review. I think it is probably a waste of time. I personally have invested in these online programs that cost quite a bit with the promise of a short cut to wealth. It didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t earn much until I buckled down and got to work. I went through the Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. Then my website started earning me money. I was so excited! It works!

  9. Philip, I hadn’t heard of this group before. Their training, unfortuately, looks like many training programs given by many companies and not just online.

    Both my engineering and building employers had trainers who did just this. I made my name by taking time and actually figuring out what they were talking about. My general manager loved this and encouraged me. Even though it took time it meant from when I finished, everyone using my modified training did things much quicker and more accurately.

    Great to see such an indepth review.


  10. Hi Philip

    Thanks for this really good review. I looked at this program and decided against the it and after seeing your review I am so glad that I made that decision.

    There are so many rubbish programs out there and I’m so glad there are people like you out there helping us.

    The claims they make in the videos are unbelievable!!!

    Thanks again

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