Easy Retired Millionaire Is A Waste
Of Time & Money!

Another low-quality ClickBank product has been released to the masses of the affiliate marketing world.

Any newbie affiliate marketer, looking for the first commission, better run away from the service because sales page is extraordinarily misleading and holds no congruency to what you get inside the training.

This new services called Easy Retired Millionaire, and it promises to show you easy and automated profits if you buy the service. 

I purchased a copy for $47 so that I could see for myself what the training was like. 

Imagine my surprise when I entered the member's area to find nothing but old and low-quality affiliate marketing training, most of which holds no bearing or value to how you make money online in 2018.

Based on my personal opinion and experience as a consumer, as I have purchased the service, this review will show you what is inside and shed some light on the quality of the modules. Here are my findings of Easy Retired Millionaire.

What Does The Training Teach You?

The training is supposed to teach you an "automated-push-button-money-making-method" because the sales page talks about clicking a few buttons and sitting back while waiting for your profit...? 

However when you get inside you can see that the monetisation methods they teach you are the basics of strategies like surveys, building a list with affiliate marketing, using classified adverts to make commissions and using ClickBank to earn commissions.

Now, these are NOT easy money or quick money, and so it leads me to believe that the sales videos for a different product which I reviewed in July called Instant Payday Tricks

However, before I talk more about that, here is a detailed analysis of the training they provide.

Members Area inside easy retired millionaire system

Emergency Cash Generator Training

The first method they show you, for making money online, is using CashCrate. CashCrate is a service where you get paid for doing tasks and surveys and completing offers, much like SwagBucks or 20 Cogs

The training tells you that you can make a lot of money using the strategy when the truth is you can barely make anything at all, due to the low payout per task - you would be lucky to make $3 per hour! 

This training is also heavily outdated as the video is from 2014; so it baffles me that they are even included this because this is not a viable way of making money online.

It is certainly not a "secret" or some "untapped resource" like sales video claims.

The second part of the CashCrate training shows you how you can put adverts on Craigslist to recruit others to join and earn a referral bonus payout plus are residual percentage income from their earnings.

Again, this is something that has stopped working years ago because Craigslist does not allow these types of adverts any more. Posting "work from home" job adverts is blatant spam and will not work.

Given that this training is from 2014 and has not updated, this is not a surprise. You can make money with micro jobs, but you need to be selective and have a community where you can find the best micro jobs.

A Supposed "Method for $100/day Income"

The second training module shows you how you can create listings on Craigslist for cars which you then manipulate into easy commissions.

This is unsolicited spam and should be avoided at all costs. Again, this tutorial is at least four years old and will get your Craigslist account banned quicker than you can with a stick at it.

This technique involves spamming Craigslist with fake listings of cars for sale which you link to auction sites, from ClickBank, which will pay you a commission for bringing them new customers.

The idea is you post a listing for a car, completely fabricated and which you do not own, to send an unsuspecting visitor to an auction site where they might end up spending money by becoming a member of the site.

If that person ends up buying a membership to use the auction site you get a commission. This is exceptionally deceitful and is very unlikely to work.

The "Forgotten Traffic Plan" Training Module

The untapped traffic training teaches some very outdated methods such as blog commenting, article submission, and creating web 2.0 properties on places like Blogger and Weebly.

These are strategies which are no longer effective and, if done on a large scale, will severely damage the SEO of your website.

This training is also heavily outdated because you can see, in the video, that they suggest you use Squidoo to submit articles but that website was bought over by HubPages back in 2014.

You can see, even back in 2014, Matt Cutts was warning people about this strategy and telling bloggers NOT to use article directory submissions.

List Building Blueprint Training

The list building training is over an hour and ten minutes long and is probably the only half decent training inside Easy Retired Millionaire.

Even though it is very outdated, it does cover methods such as.

  • Solo ads, 
  • ad swaps,
  • click banking,
  • free WSO's,
  • PPV/CPV list building,
  • bartering for leads,
  • your own affiliate program,
  • exit popups,
  • reverse opt-in forms,
  • buying ads from webmasters,
  • nested squeeze page on a blog,
  • integrated cross promotions,
  • Viral PDF reports,
  • affiliate list cross promotions.

Even though this training is very old, most likely from 2014 or before, it does cover some fundamental aspects of list maintenance and how you preserve your list in the long run.

You are taught about giving value and how to build your email list by using all the methods I mentioned above.

You are also given a clear outline of how to use download page offers, follow-up messages, and how to use squeeze pages to collect email leads. 

Clear instructions on why it's essential to build a list and the long-term longevity and profitability you can achieve if you nurture and provide value to your followers are also laid out inside this module.

ClickBank Takeover Training

The "ClickBank: Take Over" tutorial is a bizarre and almost pointless introduction video to ClickBank. It's less than four minutes long and explains what ClickBank is

The training is entitled "Part One" but I cannot see the second part anywhere on this page, it was probably thrown in last minute as the place-filler.

Testimonials Are Fake & "Stolen" 3rd Party Training Modules

As usual, the testimonials on the sales page are entirely false. They are all purchased from Fiverr as a spokesperson gig. 

Why they are not able to produce genuine testimonials is relatively apparent, because nobody is making money with this training.

If you look hard enough on Fiverr, you will find these faces.

Easy Retired Millionaire uses fake testimonials

Fake Fiverr.com testimonials

Another thing I want to point out is that each of the tutorial videos, presented inside this product, are from different authors and their naturally not bound together in the same training module. 

I find it very obvious that these modules are merely taken straight from YouTube and pasted inside the training as if it's part of this module.

Whether or not the authors of those videos are aware of this, I do not know, but I'm confident that using other people's content like that and selling it is against the YouTube terms and conditions.

Will These Monetisation Methods Make Money?

There is no coherent plan or any money making method shown inside this training. The content inside is merely a random collection of PLR ebooks, low-paying "paid-to-do" tutorials and outdated SEO and affiliate marketing techniques.

Why the creator of Easy Retired Millionaire has chosen these particular methods, as if they're some "loophole" or "secret", I do not know.

I can almost guarantee you that you will not make money with anything they suggest here because nothing is connected and there is no plan of action.

There is no instruction on:

  • how to create a website, 
  • how to create the content,
  • how to rank in Google,
  • how to run paid advertising, 
  • how to make landing pages
  • how to build a following,
  • or how to anything relevant!
Easy Retired Millionaire review

This Is A Rebranded & Misleading Product

As I mentioned previously in this article, this is merely a rebranding of a previous product I reviewed back in July called, Instant Payday Tricks. 

I do not know which one was released first, but regardless these are the same product just with a different name.

My guess is these come from the same author or from some PLR database where the vendor puts on a different domain name and logo and resells it as their own.

Either way, this is very misleading because anybody with experience can see that this is an incredibly low-quality product and will not help anybody, especially not a newbie affiliate.

Why Does ClickBank Allow These Products To Be Sold?

The vast majority of the products released on ClickBank in the Internet marketing niche and the business niche are incredibly low quality.

They all follow the same pattern of having a hyped up and misleading sales page with fake sales claims, with paid testimonials which are designed to drive you to buy their service emotionally.

When you are inside the member's area, you always feel duped, and you instantly get buyers remorse because you know you have been sold a gimmick or a complete bait and switch.

The only reason ClickBank allows a service like Real Retired Millionaire to be sold on their server is that they don't take responsibility for them, they merely host the service on their server.

Much like a web hosting provider doesn't take responsibility for the content on someone's website, ClickBank will not accept responsibility for the quality of the training modules they sell. ClickBank get a commission or some kind of fee in exchange for hosting people products so they would lose out on millions of dollars if they chose to stop selling these types of services. 

This is a crying shame, but this is the nature of the Internet marketing world.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

I think this review shows that this product is as close to a scam as you can come. The sales page is obviously for a different product and holds no relation to what you get inside the training area.

The training is over four years old and is dangerous to any beginner who tries to use those strategies due to the outdated nature. There is no structure to the training nor is there any guidance on what you are supposed to do.

I have been as honest as I can with my review, and I believe that Easy Retired Millionaire is a total waste of time and you should not use it.

If you have been unlucky enough to have bought the service within the last 60 days, you are eligible ClickBank's 60-day money back guarantee which you can claim by clicking here

I do not enjoy calling a product a scam, in fact, I very rarely do, but in this case, the training is entirely misleading and dangerous.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed review about Easy Retired Millionaire. I am glad that I came across your review because I was just talking to a friend of mine about this program. She wanted to find an easy way to make money online but I told her the reviews and testimonials are all FAKE AF! I will be forwarding this to her and hopefully she will take your word on it too! 

    Thanks so much for writing this. I appreciate it and hope it helps others to follow your recommendation to make REAL money online, 


    1. Misleading sales pages, fake testimonials and fabricated sales figures are very common for service like this. They are masters at manipulation and emotionally triggered sales pages. 

      This is unfortunate, but it is the way of the darkest corners of the affiliate marketing world.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I hope this article proves useful for your friend. I am happy I helped her save some time and money.

  2. Thanks for making this review.

    I like how you reviewed each module of the program. Sometimes I just buy products for a specific module in the program. Reviews like this helps people like me who do that a lot.

    The thing you said about clickbank is so true. I’ve gone through multiple products on clickbank and most of them are nowhere near what they promise to be in their salespage.

    Great review!

    1. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the products released by ClickBank in the MMO niche are a waste of time. They are almost always low quality and never deliver anything near what they promise in the sales video.

      The most alarming thing is that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of affiliate who promote these services which is such a disgusting show of greed and desperation.

      How anyone can promote something as low quality as this, i do not know. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot to me that my reviews are helping people avoid products like Easy Retired Millionaire.

  3. Thank you for sharing . Easy retired millionaire is not as it pretends to be. Many online people fall for it and lose their time thinking that they are making money.

    We need people like you to expose them so that people know the real sites which will help them to earn money.

    Keep it up

  4. I agree with you in that it really doesn’t look like a product that is ‘push button’ easy – all of the money making techniques that you found inside seem to be subjects that need a great deal of work, or education. 

    Did you say you paid $47 for this information?

    That’s almost criminal really, isn’t it?

    Would you say that the information offered by Easy Retired Millionaire could be found on the internet for free?

    1. Yep, I paid $47 for my entry and it was a complete waste of time. I would have been better off burning the money myself! ha!

      All the information can be found for free on the Internet and more advanced training on the same subject can be found on basic training modules  which cost half this price. Not only that, but anything you find online will be more up to date and accurate than the training inside Easy Millionaire.

  5. Hi There, I love the video, to see a real person is always a positive start. i know what you say about the many scams out there today, it seems they are everywhere, promises of riches pop up daily, fake money making techniques, and fake people, Its terrible. i really enjoyed your information and good for people thinking about making money online to get the proper updated information, not stuff that is 4 and more years old. Commiting to spending sometimes huge amounts of money for nothing is a sad waste.

    Love your site, all the best 

    Thanks Shane

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. What I don’t understand is how people try and get away with stuff like this…so much information and feedback are available on the internet, that it seems scammers don’t have a long-term shot at all. I guess they are most likely not looking for any kind of long term success with any one site or program. When the going gets tough, they pack up and move onto another guise and peddle another “opportunity” .

    Sites like yours provide a valuable service by uncovering such shenanigans.

    Thanks, and all the best!

    1. I totally agree! The whole purpose of my review is to illustrate if you apply logic and reason to any training module, based on SEO, user intent, user experience and the fundamental basics of making money online, then anyone can see this training simply is not good enough.

      ClickBank products are notoriously low quality because they put all their energy into the sales pitch, the product quality does not matter because they know it is a numbers game. The more they sell, the more they make because a lot of people do not claim a refund, even though they never use the training.

  7. Dear Philip,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review on Easy Retired Millionaire.

    You have walked through the product completely providing all the details. You have proved your point with great stats and proofs.

    Money machine, cash generator, $100 a day all gives me a red flag. And having a few years of online experience I can say that there is no easy money or fast or quick money, to earn money online it takes time and effort (In all business).

    Too much hype in the product sales page is a good signal so that we can avoid these type of programs.

    Thanks again for the in-depth review post and you are doing a great service by helping people saving their time, money and effort.


  8. Who ever got rich doing surveys? Eeshhh All these make money quick programs make me sad. Its approaching Christmas and their numbers online will triple. There is no secret to make fast money online, unless you want to scam innocent desperate people of course. 

    The word easy and millionaire in one phrase is a red flag for me. Automatic money does not scare me since affiliate making, when done right can lead to passive income.

    I think the list building training is  at least decent as email marketing is still the best way to get conversions online, over social marketing. 

    1. The training is so outdated that almost all of it completely worthless now. Email marketing is still definitely the best way to make money online but services like this should never be promoted.

      Making money online takes hard work and commitment. With SEO you need to knuckle down and write lengthy and valuable content, then wait for the organic traffic to arrive. 

      With paid advertising you need the patience and the stamina to withstand long periods of increased CPC and you need to learn split testing.

      Either way, you need patience and great training and mentorship. This is something with Easy Retired Millionaire simply does NOT provide on any level at all.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! It means a lot to me!


  9. Greetings,

    Great site overall. As a relatively new affiliate marketer I find the site topic to be very interesting/useful.  It’s really nice to have some insight into things to steer clear of in the online money making sphere. I found it particularly helpful to have such  a detailed and thorough walkthrough of what the “Easy Retired Millionaire” program actually provides. This way you are giving real testimony and showing clear examples of marketing strategies to AVOID (such as surveys, spamming, article directory submissions). What is evident based on your excellent blog is that you are a credible authority in your niche which is adding value to your content. I also really enjoyed the How do I make money online page, very candid and personal once again adding value and trust to your content!

    Initially I found the article title slightly confusing, you may want to include the term “review” or “program” so the reader can immediately understand what you are referring to by “Easy Retired Millionaire”. Another big takeaway for me is to pursue some more debunking style articles. I felt that this site really did well balancing the amount of debunking information with other useful information to increase marketing skills. It’s amazing that people rebrand outdated programs and pitch them in such misleading ways. Just curious, how long have you been blogging and how long has it taken for your site to become a revenue source?

    As a new marketer do you have any advice on ways to become an authority in a niche? Personally my site is focused on reviewing all natural/eco-friendly products and I am working to gain traffic. I am thinking of expanding into the various social media platforms/youtube but I am nervous that my site doesn’t have enough content yet.

    Thanks for the high quality content, I hope you found my comment helpful. 

    Cheers 🙂

    1. I have had this blog for over 2 years now and it is turning a nice profit. I took me a while to bring my website into profit but I could see it coming a long time before I reached maturity. As my traffic increased I knew the results were coming.

      To become an authority you need to write lengthy articles and perform keyword research. I would suggest you move into YouTube and only one social media platform. YouTube can be scary but you get used to it very quickly.

      I tell newbie affiliates to focus on one social media channel as it becomes very time consuming. 

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