This is a review of Easy Insta Profits, by Mike Richards, and I am going to give my honest opinion about this training module.

The purpose of this product is to show you how to make money online using Instagram.

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After purchasing this product, I quickly realised that monetising Instagram is not as easy as it may seem which prompted me to write this review.

You are given 13 tutorial videos on how to make money online using Instagram and you are given clear instructions on how to grow your following and how to use your influence to make money.

However, making money on social media isn't as easy as people claim and I am going to highlight a few pitfalls you may encounter when trying to use Easy Insta Profits.

I have purchased the front end product, without any upsells, and I will tell you what I found inside and what my experience was like.

The following is my opinion only based on my experience while using the service.

In A Hurry? - Quick Overview

I would not recommend this service. It is low quality and there are gaps in the training which will leave you confused. The author has created many other products which follow the same pattern. 

You need to buy additional services and spend a lot more to get the full benefit of monetising Instagram.

Price $37 + Upsells

Website -
Author - Mike Richards

What Is Easy Insta Profits

Inside the member's area, you are given 13 tutorial videos on how you can create an Instagram account with which you can earn a monthly income.

The idea is that you build up a following by sharing and producing high-quality and engaging images and pictures, and you then use product placements and affiliate links to earn money from your new audience.

Easy Insta Profits misleading sales page

Misleading Sales Page Claims!

The training talks you through how to identify with the audience and how to produce relevant and engaging content which your following will connect with.

When you are trying to make an impact on social media, it is essential to consider the connection you make with people because it needs to be targeted and relevant.

The training shows you how to build a brand and how to connect with the audience.

You are also shown clearly, over the shoulder, how you can make money by utilising email marketing, affiliate marketing, shout outs and product placements.

Even though this is just an introductory course it still gives you a clear overview of what it takes to make money using Instagram.

Is The Training Any Good

The training inside Easy Insta Profits is of adequate quality. I would not say it is very good because there are some gaps where any beginner would be confused or perhaps make a mistake, so the training is just adequate.

The problem with these types of cheap and cheerful training modules is that they are just introducing the idea to you.

The actual practicality of learning all the ins and outs of building landing pages, negotiating with clients when buying shoutouts and following the terms and conditions of Insta ramp, is very different from just learning about it.

The learning curve for making money on social media can be steep because when you make a mistake, it can cost you. You can learn more about how to use hashtags here.

easy instant profit review

For example:

The training makes no mention of any legal pages that you need to have on your website or landing page. These include:

  • terms and conditions
  • affiliate disclosure
  • privacy policy
  • about us page
  • GDPR compliance

If you want to implement the strategy correctly without being caught out, then these are types of aspects which the training does not mention. If you're going to use a landing page, it is essential you have an affiliate disclosure and privacy policy for legal reasons.

Another example;

The training mentions email marketing, but it does not specify how actually to set up an email campaign and how to segment your audience. When you perform an email broadcast, it is important to segment your audience depending on the behaviour, such as; if they open an email or click the link.

Again, this is something which is not mentioned in training because it is cheap and cheerful and so there are certain aspects like these which are always going to be left out.

This will have an impact on your profitability and on your effectiveness when you try to implement the strategy of making money on Instagram.

Will You Make Money From Instagram This Way?

The sales page is very misleading, in my opinion. If you follow the training provided, then you will see an increase in your followers, and you do have the potential to make money online. However, it is unlikely that you are going to see success very quickly.

Building an online following on Instagram will take time, and it does require a lot of work because you have to be at your computer and post compelling content and engage with the audience.

Unfortunately, products like 'Easy Insta Profits', make it seem effortless and they prey on the naive who want to make money online for no effort.

I can tell you right now that making money using Instagram, even though it may seem more accessible than most other methods, still requires a lot of work.

So, Will you make money if you implement this strategy?

Yes, you can, but you still have to work your butt off.

Easy Insta Profits misleading claims

Don't expect this type of profit!

Why You Should Never Use A Bot To Gain Followers

One thing which you are more or less guaranteed to be promoted is a software which will automatically add and engage with followers on Instagram.

I would like to give you an unambiguous and stern warning here that you should avoid using any kind of software, regardless of how good it may seem, to gain a following on Instagram.

I have been in the Internet Marketing business for a while now and trust me when I say that any software which automates the process which is meant to be organic and human will almost always backfire causing more problems than its worth.

I recently reviewed service called Re-KaChing, which also uses Instagram to earn money, and they wanted their members to use software to add followers automatically. 

The problem here is that you pre-populate the software with comments and emojis which the software will automatically post and share on other people's pictures.

The issue here is that because the software cannot distinguish what the picture is about it means that it is very likely to leave potentially harmful comments on images which are inappropriate.

There could, for example, be a picture of a sick dog, or something equally sad, and the software you use would post, "I Love this pic! Thanks for sharing!", because that was the pre-populated comment which you entered.

You also have the issue of the terms and conditions of Instagram which prohibits the use of any automatic software like this. If for whatever reason your software was to malfunction, which it inevitably will, you will get your account banned, and all your hard work and followers will disappear.

Live Proof Inside The Training

Inside the training modules, there is an example where they show live proof of an account called, "420dankninja", which they use as a live example of how much money you can make by using the strategy they teach.

420dankninja • Instagram photos and videos

I have tried to find the account but I can't!

The only problem is that when you go to Instagram and look for this account, you can see that it has not been active for about a year. The only trace of the account found is the hashtags, and the most recent one is from April 2017, which is over a year ago because today's date is 9 July 2018.

Whether or not this account has been banned or removed, I do not know, and I do not care. The point is that this is the example they use inside the training and so the question you have to ask yourself is; Why haven't 'Easy Insta Profits' got a better example so they can show live proof that the method is still working and still live?

Would I Recommend The Strategy

Personally, I would not recommend you use a service like Easy Insta Profits. You can use the theory behind that of providing good quality content and so on but if you really want to engage with your audience you need to forget about money, and you need to forget about selling to them.

Your first priority should always be one thing; to provide value and to engage with your audience. If your only goal right from the start is to make money, then your follower growth will suffer, and you will start selling to early.

Training modules like Easy Insta Profits are cheap and cheerful, and they will always have gaps which means that even if you follow the training, you are unlikely to succeed because of the scattered nature of the training modules.

not recommended easy insta profits

Why You Cannot Trust The 'Easy Insta Profits' Creator 100%

You have to remember that the author is trying to sell as much as possible to you. The training is broken up deliberatly to try and squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

The author also recommends other services, such as the Ecom Profit Sniper, which is incredibly low quality. This is a red flag because this means the integrity and honesty of the training is put into question.

You can see from the terms and conditions that the sales pages are also duplicated from other services, such as 60 Minute Profit Plan, which is also by the same author. 

This is yet another product that I have reviewed and I would not recommend. I am sure you can see the pattern forming here. I also recognise the voice of the woman who is doing the videos tutorial from Tube Profit Sniper.

All these products are interlinked and they all follow the same low quality pattern.

Alternatives To Learning About Social Media Monetisation

Here are some other resources which you can use to develop your understanding and skill level when it comes to monetising your Instagram followers.

There are also some resources on how to increase your Instagram followers and how to engage with them appropriately.

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  1. Hi Philp, I do not trust this man =, you are correct some are really high ticket programmes £3k plus…

    He is a real scammer and if you don’t earn money it is Your fault!


    I have lost job, totally broke and thousands in debt.

    I am a complete Newbie when it comes to marketing and earning money.

    I would appreciate any assistance.

    Kind regards

    1. Unfortunately, these types of services are designed to charge you as much as possible and give as little as possible. There is no value in this training module and anyone who buys it is very unlikely to see any success or further their knowledge of the affiliate marketing world.

      Making money online takes hard work and patience, services like Easy Insta Profits pray on people’s inexperience and naive nature as they have yet to be exposed to the emotionally triggered sales pages which are so convincing.

      If you need help then you can head over to – this my own training modules where I show you how you can make money online.

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