In this review, I am taking a look at Commission Robot by Kevin Greene. I believe this is the 3.0 version and it is a service which is used to produce a vast amount of traffic to your website.

The idea is that you submit your chosen URL into this software, link it with your social accounts and then the robot will automatically post your URL in relevant groups and pages and drive visitors to your page.

Color me suspicious but, as always, I test it and here are my opinions about this piece of software.

Is Commission Robot a scam? Well, let me show you a few things. I have taken a good look inside the members area and I can show you what I found inside. 

The actual members area is located on, not, which could indicate that this is a re-branding of a saturated product. That kind of thing never makes sense to me, why not just set up a new domain hosting specifically for this product, it does not cost very much...

My Personal Experience

During the sales video I am presented with a few upsells, an upgraded version of Commission Robot which will help you make more money. Nothing wrong there, that is very common.

The thing that irritated me was the pop-ups. Who uses pop-ups anymore? I do not mean a lightbox but a full, new tab, pop up with more products by this Kevin Greene guy. It has been so long since I have seen this method it took me back to the mid 00's when this was very common. 

I can see why this method died away because it is very irritating, especially when you are presented with a product which is not relevant to what you just purchased.

Once I get inside the members area I can see what I have bought here. It is effectively a spamming software from a bygone age.

The look and feel of it is heavily outdated and the there is zero information on the actual method this software uses to build this traffic to your site.


The one upsell I want to mention made me chuckle a little bit. The initial purchase you made only allows you to submit one URL at a time to have traffic driven to it. 

This was obviously not mentioned in the sales video when they said you will receive more visitors than you can handle, right?

This upsell, which costs an extra $9.95 tells you that the software is crap without this upgrade because they have put a 'choke hold' on the initial product you just paid for.

I love these low quality services because they always do the same thing. They sell you a pipe dream and then immediately turn around and say;

"Well, actually, that software is not good without this extra add-on..."

Commission Robotics upsell 3


The training does not really exist. There are 3 short videos showing you around the members area, how to add your URL to their system and also how to connect your social accounts to their software.

The URL you add is the page or blog post you want the traffic to target.

There is no mention of how traffic is generated or where it comes from. All that is mentioned is that they will send traffic from these social platforms based on the categories you choose for you URL.

training video with commission robot

The training does not mention how they share the content, how often or even what kind of pages. Quite strange. This can only allude that the content is submitted wherever they can. Red flag!

I Contacted Support

In an attempt to clarify exactly how they generate traffic, I sent in a support ticket to get an answer. 24 hours later I have had no response. If they do respond then I will add it here, but I have a very good idea of what they will say.

training with commission robot

However, when I try to access my support ticket, I am taken to another website also by Kevin Greene. This one is called I try to enter my support ticket info but I get an 'invalid' message. 

I have emailed support directly to see if they will respond. Fingers crossed. Normally when you get sent between lots of different websites like this, it is a warning sign that the product is not the highest quality.

Is this method legitimate?

It is borderline morally legal, in my opinion. You are not breaking any laws in the sense that you will get arrested but you are spamming. This is something all companies have a policy against, non more so than social platforms.

The groups, fan pages and hashtags your link is being sent out to, using Commission Robot, will probably not be related to whatever your page is about. You cannot categorize a blog post by simply attaching one category to it and then spam it to all pages related to that niche.

Every single subject matter as many sub niches and you need the human element to know where and when it is suitable to share your content. 

Take this review, for example, it is about Internet Marketing. If I submitted this post using CR 3.0 then they would post is to any group related to Internet Marketing, which would be disastrous.

Think about it...there are so many sub niches within the Internet Marketing world:

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Blogging For Moms.
  • Freelancing.
  • Scams.
  • Amazon Niche Creation.
  • Plugins and WordPress themes.
  • and so many more!! It is countless!

But they all have the 'category' of Internet Marketing attached to them somewhere, right? So, that means that the Commission Robot software would try and share this post I am writing right now with all these groups and fan pages, just because I ticked the Internet Marketing category tick box.

Does that make sense?

Will You Make Money?

No. This will not result in any sales. The volume of traffic you are going to need is going to be high and the majority of your accounts will probably be closed down once you are flagged as a spammer. 

Not only that but you have no idea where these links are being posted. Yes, they are being posted on social media but where?

There is no mention anywhere about the CTA or the wording used when they share it. There is no mention of anything to be honest. I agree that the snippet will pop up from your website which will show your title and featured image directly from your blog but that is not enough.

When someone shares this on a social platform you have to manually add a catchy line above it, right?

All that is said is; "Give us your link and we will post it on relevant pages"

That is it!

Would I Recommend Commission Robot 3.0?

No, most certainly not. There is not enough information here to justify using this service. If the owner, Kevin Greene or anyone who have used this service is reading then please do leave a comment below because I would love to hear from you so you can explain this better for me.

Once you submit your link, you have no idea where it is being posted or even on which website. Who is to say they will actually post it on social media?

Your link may be submitted to a PTC site or some sort of link farm or who knows.

Without further clarification of exactly how, where and when these links are distributed I would not use this service. 

Have you used this product? Please do leave a comment below and tell me how you got on.

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