This review is focusing on a brand new product called Club 365, by Justin Powell, and I am going to share my honest opinion about the training they provide.

This is a ClickBank product and the sale pages promises to show you a collection of methods you can use to make money online with e-commerce, affiliate marketing and cryptocurrencies.

The following is my opinion only based on my experience as an affiliate marketer. I have purchased the front end product only, for $27.99, and I am now going to show you inside the member’s area so you can exactly what you are paying for.

Quick Summary:

Overall, I was very disappointed with this training. This is yet another over-hyped and low quality ClickBank product designed to lure the naive and inexperienced bloggers and beginner marketers into an emotionally triggered sales funnel.

The training is completely generic and low quality. It serves merely as an introduction to the topics of affiliate marketing, Ebay/Amazon selling and Cryptocurrencies.

The material you learn is very thin and does not go into any great detail about any of the topics at hand. You can find far more valuable resources and guides on sites like Oberlo & Shopify for FREE.

Club 365 misleading sales pages

One hour per week!? really? No chance!

What Is Club 365?

The training module inside consist of a series of PDF documents. They teach you about e-commerce and affiliate marketing on Amazon. The PDF documents are:

  • The Ultimate Guide To Shopify
  • Ecommerce Kickstart
  • eBay eCommerce Secrets
  • The Amazon Rush

Each one is about 50 pages long, give or take, and give you instructions on topics such as:

The purpose of this training is to give you the base layer of knowledge so you can go out and create an online presence for yourself, choosing whichever method you want, and continue on to make a recurring monthly online income.

Sadly, this is unlikely to happen, for a number of reasons. I will do my best to cover everything in this review.

There is also a section on Cryptocurrencies:

  • AirDrop Secrets - Get Free Cryptocurrencies
  • Millionaires Calendar

The purpose behind this strategy is to use the excel calendar they provide to copy an experts strategy of getting free Cryptocurrency by using something called AirDrop.

Whether or not this is a viable option, I do not know as I am not an expert on crypos, but even being introduced to this notion in this way is incredibly risky because you do not know the credibility of the crypto websites/brokers they recommend, nor the viability of the strategy itself.

Once you enter the cryptocurrency world, spending money frivolously soon follows.

Inside ebay training of club 365

The training is simply too short!!

Is It A Scam?

No, I would not say that this a scam as such but it is most certainly very misleading and low quality. When someone buys this and enters the members area they will be immediately disappointed because the claims from the sales page are misleading.

The sales pages makes it seem as if these methods are revolutionary and new, but they are not. The sales pages makes the process of making money online appear simple and carefree, when it is the complete opposite.

Even though the product is not a scam, it is misleading and low quality and is unlikely to help anyone make money online. More on that in a minute.

Will Someone Make Money With These Strategies?

The content inside the PDF’s are very basic and teach you how to set things up, but there is no action plan or implementation strategy here.

Anyone who has no experience with online marketing will immediately be lost and confused and, due to the steep learning curve, they are very likely to give up and never really use this training material.

For Example:

In the “The Ultimate Guide To Shopify” training you are shown how to set up the basics on the Shopify dashboard, but can you see how short the training is?

club 365 training

In this screenshot above you can see that the whole subject of generating traffic to your store is covered in just a couple of pages.

Believe me, when I say, that teaching someone about generating traffic to your store in a couple of pages is nowhere near enough and is guaranteed to mislead or confuse a beginner.

What are they supposed to do with that information? It is too short and uninformed!

This is the theme for every single topic covered inside the training.

Therefore I can honestly say that I find it very unlikely that someone will make money by using these strategies because the training is not detailed enough to help a beginner through the trial and error and the learning curve they will naturally go through.

A Very Dangerous Aspect Of The Training

There is another aspect of the training I want to to bring to your attention, which is potentially very risky and dangerous.

The section they have about Cryptocurrencies and AirDrops is what I am referring too here.

You are given access to a so called “Millionaires Calendar” where you can see a shared Google excel sheet with information on crypto brokers and websites you can use to invest in currencies and try to get your hands of free AirDrops/Tokens.

I want to be absolutely clear here and tell you that you cannot blindly join these services and think you are magically going to make money based on a 6 page PDF which explains what an AirDrop is.

Each one of these brokers listed will require your personal information and ultimately will try and get you to spend money or invest in Cryptocurrencies.

So, with that in mind, be incredibly careful if or when you decide to try out this strategy. The Crypto markets are unregulated and notoriously unstable and costly.

How can you know that your personal and bank information will not be misused by these brokers?

CLUB 365 Members Area

The members area does not have much content!

Why Products Like Club 365 Are So Misleading

The vast majority of ClickBank products, and indeed JvZoo & Warrior + products, follow the same pattern of promising the moon and beyond.

They promise you easy rewards and riches beyond any rational measure and when you see the end product they deliver you are immediately left with buyers remorse.

Sales pages are always going to be a little bit hyped and overstated, after all they are sales pages, but there is something inherently deceptive about the ClickBank sales pages in particular.

At least in the MMO (make money online) niche, they are incredibly misleading.

The misleading aspects can become quite dangerous and costly at times because inside the member's area there are further product promotions and services being offered, some of which are of even lower quality, and this send people on a downward spiral of wasting more and more money.

Would I Recommend You Buy This?

I am assuming you can guess what I am going to say here: I would most certainly not recommend anyone buys this training, at least in my opinion.

As I have showed you in this review, the training is sub-standard and unhelpful. Other than being a basic introduction, which does not warrant a price tag at all, there is no purpose behind this training.

All the information available is not something anyone can charge for these days, it is too basic. This is the kind of service which was OK to charge for 10 years ago but, these days, this is the content you get in freebies packages and email opt in giveaways and NOT in a premium product on the ClickBank marketplace.

I hope my review of Club 365 was helpful and if you have any questions then please do leave a comment below and we can discuss things further.

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