Caan Berry is a sports trader with a long history of successful trading behind him. As his expertise grew he started to build a collection of videos and blog posts to help newbie sports traders break their cherries in the sports markets.

In this review, I will take a behind the scenes look at Caan Berry's video pack to see what the training is like and to tell you, the consumer, if the video pack is worth buying.

Will you see a positive return on your investment?

Trading on the betting exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq can be a tricky business, especially when your own money is on the line. That is why it is vital to find a comprehensive and accurate training module to help you hedge your first profitable trade on the exchange.

Let us take a look at the video pack, in full!

caan berry review

What will you learn?

There are 22 modules in total to work with - each module contain between 2 and 12 videos where Caan records himself trading or talking to the camera. He does a great job of getting the points across and he realises the importance of what he is teaching. The modules are:

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    Mindset: Key Points Before Doing Anything
  • check
    Market Awareness: Situations and Market Dynamics
  • check
    Executing Your Trades, Tips and Tricks
  • check
    Managing Risk: Doing What’s Right
  • check
    Morning Routine: Spotting Early Clues
  • check
    Anticipating Drifting Prices
  • check
    Additional Indicators External to Betfair
  • check
    Using Significant Changes to Our Benefit
  • check
    Trading Tipping Services
  • check
    Scalping Broken Down
  • check
    Swing Trading Examples
  • check
    How to Spot Genuine Money
  • check
    Avoiding and Using Market Manipulation to Your Benefit
  • check
    Trading Volatile, Erratic Racing Markets
  • check
    The Market Spoofer
  • check
    Specific Seasonal Opportunities
  • check
    Trading the Irish Betting Markets
  • check
    Backing to Lay Horses
  • check
    Illiquid Trading on Greyhound Markets
  • check
    Trading Large Racing Meetings
  • check
    Video Pack Introduction!
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    Multiple Trading Styles

All together there are over 95 + video lessons within this video pack - this does not include all the videos Caan has on his YouTube channel!

This is huge collection of tips, insights and analysis of his trading position, tick movements and market overviews.

In every video Caan goes into great detail about his thoughts and feeling about each trade. The markets move at an incredible pace, so to watch a professional trade and make huge profits on screen is great because Caan talks about the trade and why he takes certain positions in the markets.

Are the training video accurate?

Yes, the videos are too the point and accurate. Every lesson contains recordings of Caan trading the markets and he explains what is happening and why he is taking the positions.

There are also many sessions on the mentaility behind trading and what it takes to become a successful trader:

  • attitude to risk v losses
  • bank management
  • long term thinking
  • making decision based on market movements, not emotions.

The biggest benefit about the training modules, other than the great advice, is the fact you get to watch a pro trading. You get an insight into Caan's trading day and what he is thinking about a certain trade when the market moves.

Caan also talks in detail about letting profits run and how to manage your positions within the markets, such as:

  • queue positions.
  • when NOT to enter a trade.
  • why he enters certain trades.
  • admitting when you are wrong.
  • how to analyse trading charts.

You also get an insight into Caan's daily routine and how to analyse the race cards before the races start, in order to identify possible clues to which way the prices will swing. Such as:

  • over-bet horses.
  • market bias towards certain training & stables.
  • using tipsters to your advantage.
  • finding an edge in the early prices.

You will also learn the variations in markets and which trading methods to target. Such as:

  • swing trading.
  • scalping.
  • what time of day is best to trade.
  • which meetings have the highest liquidity and suits a certain trading style.
  • when to apply different trading methods.
trading on betfair with caan berry vdeo pack

Who is the video pack for?

I believe this particular video training is for people who have been introduced to the sports trading markets on Betfair, and have dabbled in it for at least 6 months. If you are a "complete newbie" and have literally just started then I feel that perhaps a training program like Betfair Scalper may be a better option, because it is a better introductory course to the betting exchanges. 

Caan's video training is for the slightly more advanced minded traders, traders who are not making a lot of money yet but who want to take their trading to the next level.

Why is this? Well, trading is an extremely personal process. There really is no right or wrong method because at the end of the day a market has no feelings, no unidentified bias. The markets move whichever way the matched money tells it to.

At any given point the market evolves into a completely different state, position and momentum and so the position you entered 90 seconds earlier may no longer be a valid position - the decision to exit a trade and take a loss, or ride the profit, is purely down to your own personal experience within the markets.

That is why you have to enter Caan's trading training with a little bit of experience behind you because the videos themselves will make a heck of a lot more sense. This is because once you watch what Caan does, a light bulb will go off in your head because the mistakes YOU make will become very clear, once you watch a professional.

This is why Caan has a content box on his homepage that says ...FROM “OH SHIT” TO “AHA”

However, unless you have some experience, before you enter Caan's training, then this may not happen because you have not made those mistakes yet. Does that make sense?

You have to make the mistakes to learn on the betting exchanges, we all make them - make mistakes, learn and move on.

Is there support?

Yes, Caan does offer support. If you send him a message on social media or his email you will get a response. The responses I have had from him have been sincere, honest and in depth. I could see he actually bothered to read my message and replied in a very competent manner. Very refreshing to see!

I am sure, should you encounter any difficulties then he will be glad to point you in the right direction and show you which areas in the markets you need to focus on.

Will you make money?

Here comes the tricky bit. Making money comes down to practice, patience and willingness to look at the long term picture.

Trading on the betting exchanges is not a get rich quick scheme. I cannot stress this enough.

I think it will be easier to let Caan himself answer this question because it is such a subjective yet simple question to answer.

Essentially, it comes down to this. Do not focus on the hourly rate or how much can you make per day. You have to focus on making the right decisions and keeping a long term view.

With time, you will become profitable as your experience and knowledge increase.

If your only aim or target is to hit a certain amount of profit per race or per day then your mindset is wrong because you will lose. This is because at some point, when you are "behind on your target" you will take a larger risk to try and make your money.

Stop thinking about the profit, focus on making the right decisions - the profits will come naturally.

Is the training worth the money?

Yes! Caan's video pack is most certainly worth the money.

The knowledge he passes on is wonderful and you will absolutely benefit from his thoughts and experiences. Simple as that!

The content within the video pack will give you a reference to look back to when things go wrong. You have access to proven markets and methods which work.

Even if you only take 30% of the knowledge away with you from this training, it will still be worth it.

is caan berry video pack worth the money

Long terms prospects?

Once you have worked through the training modules and you feel you are ready to trade on a higher level, then start slow and take your time.

The long term idea here is to make slow and continuous profits day by day and grow your knowledge and experience. Every market is unique and there are dozens of opportunities within every market to scalp out a few ticks of profit.

By concentrating on learning and always developing your knowledge you are reducing your risk, and increasing your edge which means you can take larger stakes and make more money with safer trades.

BUT you have to take things slow. Do not spend a few days skimming through Caan's course, slap £5000 into your Betfair account and start trading with £300 stakes because this will end very badly. This is not why Caan started the training courses, I am sure of it! He wants you to take things slow and use small stakes until your skill set increases.

Is Caan Berry for real?

Absolutely! I can assure you that Caan credentials are there in plain black and white. He has even been featured on Betfair. Which says it all really.

Do you really think that Betfair, a multi BILLION pound company, would feature someone who did not know what they are talking about?


All in all, I would highly recommend you purchase the video training pack. I can assure you that the content is relevant, valuable and will help you become a better trader. 

What you learn from the course is up to you but with the support from Caan and a bit of hard work, there no limit to what you can do.

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