In this short article, I will talk about free betting tips and the best place to find them. So, without too much faffing about I can tell you right now:

The best place to get your daily free horse racing tips is at Betting Gods.

Everyday you will get 100% FREE tips sent straight to you inbox. Let me tell you more about these tips and what you need to know about them.

These tips are reliable, easy to follow and come from the best performing tipsters available on the Betting Gods portfolio. You are in safe hands.

How Do Betting Gods Select Their Tips?

Betting Gods have over 20 professional tipsters who each provide tips to their paid subscribers. The way that Betting Gods make the free selections everyday is to take a few selections from across all their premium tipsters and send them out to the 'free subscribers'.

In other words you get a snapshot of the premium selections for free. Not bad, right?

Watch First, Bet Later...

If you are unsure about the reliability, bust most important, the profitability of these free tips then you could always sign up and simply watch. Don't place any bets.

Make a note of the selected horses, and watch the races. This allows you to monitor the selections and make a judgement if the tips are winners or losers.

This allows you to check them out completely risk free.

free horse racing tips

What makes a good horse tipster?

A great racing tipster will always have a long and accurate track record. Usually a return on investments sits around 10/20%. 

What you should notice is a pattern emerging of win/loss ratios. A successful tipster will always have more losers than they do winners. If you take a look at Quentin Franks track record, for example, you will see a clear and consistent win/loss pattern emerging.

A lot of regular punters have a misconception that tipster choose winner, after winner, after winner - but they do not!

The reality is that they choose a loser, loser, loser and another loser.... then they get a big winner!

Professional tipsters work on a value based system where they choose horses which offers the best odds/risk reward. I other works, backing the favourite isn't always the best option.

You won't win as often but when you win the profits are much bigger! The rest is down to patience, managing your bank and staying in control.

This is why you want to use a tipster because it takes all the thinking and emotional element out of the equation and you can get on with your day.

I could write all day about horse forms, jockey track records, trainers, stables and pedigrees but I will save that for another articles.

Want To Learn More?

There is a lot to learn about horse racing if you want to learn more. There is a great blog on Betting Gods which provides a great deal of interviews and interesting articles on the topic of UK horse racing. 

How To Bet On Horse Full-Time?

A lot of punters want to bet on horses full time but the long term prospects are slim if you are just picking horses to win or lose. 

Most people take the route of becoming a Betfair Trader and trade the horse markets on the exchanges. This involves, not picking winners, but trading the price movements of the odds before the race starts.

You don't even need to watch the race take place because you have made your money before the race even starts.

This is an interesting route to take if you want to move away from following tipsters and into the real world of professional sports trading.

You can learn all about Betfair Trading with service like Betfair Scalper or Caan Berry's Tutorials.

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