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This brand new ClickBank service has been released with promises to show you a secret way of making money online. 

The product in question is called Daily Cash Siphon, and it's created by a guy named Chris Parker who is also the creator of another service called Five Minute Profit Sites which I reviewed a few months ago.

Given the history of this product creator, I was not expecting too much from the service because his previous efforts were inferior quality.

Nevertheless, I purchased a copy for $37, and I am now going to give you my honest opinion about this training.

As always I base my opinion on my experience as an affiliate marketer and a blogger.

I try my best to dissect the training provided so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to buy it.

I have sat through all the training and watched all the material inside to assess if I think this product will help you make money online.

daily cash siphon misleading sales page

Hyped and misleading sales page!

What Is Daily Cash Siphon?

Daily Cash Siphon is a membership site where you get over the shoulder video tutorials on how to create a WordPress blog and monetise the content you create.

The training is extensive, with over 60 videos, and everything is in video form.
Is a short snippet of the training modules you get inside:

  • Where to Find Inspiration
  • What Makes a Good Post
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Density & Post Length
  • How Often Should You Post
  • Outsourcing Your Content
  • Advertising for Guest Bloggers
  • Adding Blog Posts Pt1
  • Adding Blog Posts Pt2
  • Onsite SEO Tweaks Pt1
  • Onsite SEO Tweaks Pt2
  • Ultimate Social Media Sharing
  • Using Twitter Effectively Pt1
  • Using Twitter Effectively Pt2
  • Using Twitter Effectively Pt3
  • Updating Your Social Sharing Plugin
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Article Marketing
  • Become an Active Forum Member

This list of blog creation topics is merely a sample of the entire collection inside the members area. With over 60 videos and dozens of tasks which you have to complete, the training is substantial on the basic level of creating our WordPress website.

You also learn about traffic generation through paid traffic, such as solo ads, and by using social media, search engine optimisation and article marketing.

Daily Cash Siphon inside members area

A look inside the members area!

I feel that the training inside only serves a real purpose to show someone how to create a basic WordPress website. Anything beyond that, the training is not adequate and will not help anybody make money online as a blogger.

But more on that in a minute.

The Basics Are Good

To give Chris some credit he does do a very good job of introducing the basics behind building a WordPress website.

His video tutorials on creating blog posts and editing a site and so on are , and you get a good indication of how to edit and manipulate the WordPress dashboard and settings.

The training on setting up your blog settings and plug-ins and themes along with your email address are adequate, and a complete beginner would see some benefit from these videos. 

Each tutorial is short but direct and encompasses all one needs to know about setting up the basic framework of an affiliate website.

Daily Cash Siphon video training

There is a lot of good quality basic training!

Is it a Scam?

Compared to Chris's previous product, Five Minute Profit Sites, this is a significant improvement.

Daily Cash Siphon is by no means a scam, and it does provide a genuine service.

Whether somebody will see benefit from this is a big question, due to the simplistic nature of the training, but there is no question in my mind that this is by no means a morally questionable product.

Will You Make Money Using This Course?

In this case, I would have to say, "most likely not". The problem with this type of training is that the method relies on outdated and inefficient traffic sources and conversion strategies, which I will cover in the next paragraph.

To make money online consistently using a blog or solo ads, as they recommend in the training, requires a great deal of effort and consistency.

Building trust with your followers and email subscribers takes time and you need to provide great value every single week.

This is why most people never make money online because they don't understand the long-term meaning of the word persistence and giving value.

Newbie affiliate marketers want results immediately, which is why services like Daily Cash Siphon sell so well because they provide the illusion that making money online is easy. This leads me nicely in the next issue with this monetisation method.

The Main Problems You Will Face

If you were to follow the training inside this membership site you will quickly encounter many issues.


Your website is going to be incredibly simple and low quality because you have no lengthy content and you have not been provided adequate instruction about user intent and user experience.

That means that when somebody comes to your website, your content will not be strong enough to give value you need.


You are not taught anything about email marketing or how to make your website secure.

Every site these days must have an SSL certificate to make your website compliant with the basic Google guidelines and to make them more SEO friendly, in other words, you need to have the HTTPS padlock on your URL, which is something you're not taught within this training.

There is also no instructions on how to perform email marketing which is a massive disadvantage because email marketing is still the number one way of making money online.

The training is even so misguided that they tell you to drive solo ad traffic to a landing page which does not collect email leads, which is incredibly dangerous and costly!

daily cash siphon training mistake

This is crazy. No email capture! Wasted traffic!

Even if you were lucky enough to make a sale, you would then have no email addresses to remarket to later. How are you supposed to build a sustainable and long-term business from this?


The sales page is incredibly misleading because they give the illusion that you are going to be tapping into a secret resource or some untapped money making method.

That claim is very misleading because everybody knows about blogging, it has been around for 20 years now.

That means that anybody who comes into the system is, from the very get-go, misled and duped into buying something which they were not expecting. Inevitably, this will leave to buyers remorse and put a significant dampener on your enthusiasm to proceed with this method.

Daily Cash Siphon honest review

The usual misleading sales page!

Would I Recommend You Buy Daily Cash Siphon?

The purpose of this review was to help you determine if you should buy Daily Cash Siphon.

It is my personal opinion that nobody should buy this training due to the simple points I have made within this article.

The fundamental flaws within this training mean that anybody who tries to implement the strategies is sure to fail because they will not see the results they are expecting.

The most likely outcome, should you choose to apply this, is the training modules is a half-baked WordPress website with a worthless landing page and some mediocre content.

Once the reality hits and the person who bought this training realises they have made no progress but spent even more money, they are sure to be deflated and give up.

With these types of services, there is no follow-up training or continuous updates, so I cannot see any reason why anybody could succeed if they followed the instructions inside Daily Cash Siphon.

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