As you know, I spend a lot of time reviewing Internet Marketing products. I base all my reviews on my personal experience because I actually buy and use these services before I write my review.

This gives me complete perspective when I assess if I think the service in question will help people make money online.

The products below are some of the best selling products so far in 2018 and they are incredibly low quality. They promise easy money and they also mislead the public with incredibly over hyped sales pages. When you buy the product, hoping to make money online, you are sold an "idea" and nothing else.

The theory behind all these are always fundamentally correct but they are packaged in a way which is completely worthless to the public but incredibly profitable for the authors.

No.1 - Ecom Profit Sniper

ecom profit sniper reviews

This product has been number one on the ClickBank sales board now for a number of months, since its release in January. 

The service promises to show you how you can build an online ecommerce store and start making money incredibly quickly and easily. 

The training is thin, at best, and will leave any beginners completely lost as to what to do next and there is no long term thinking with this service. I dread to think how much money some people have lost using this strategy.

Why Do People Fall For These Products?

When it comes to beginners trying to make money online, everyone wants to take the easy road. I was no different when I first started online.

No one wants to hear that is is going to take time, effort and a bit of money. People want the George Brown, quick riches and celebrity lifestyle and no one wants to hear the truth.

This means it becomes easy for product creators to make sales copies which are glowing with "profit screenshots" and expensive cars and hotel room because they are feeding people exactly what they perceive to be the correct way of life.

They can make any claims they want because in the small print it says they can, and the imagination of the buyer takes care of the rest.

But, I digress, let's get back to the list!

No. 2 - Profit With Alex

profit with alex review

Similar to Eco Profit Sniper, this one is about creating a niche/affiliate website for Amazon and Ebay which you use to make commissions.

You are shown how to quickly create a whole website, filled with products, but the training is incredibly short and will leave any beginner completely in the dark about SEO, conversion, lead generation and traffic generation.

The traffic methods they teach are incredibly poor sources and are very unlikely to generate any traffic or sales. I was quite surprised at the low quality of this product.

Can You Get A Refund On These Products?

Luckily, yes you can. ClickBank has an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee which you can use. It is a bit tricky to find but I will show you how you can process a refund.

Head over to this tutorial on how to claim a refund.

No. 3 - 30 Minute Money Methods

30 minute money methods scam review

This one was a peculiar one. The sales page boast of making thousands of dollars per week and how wonderful life is when you are rich.

Once you get inside the members area, however, I was so surprised when all you get is a list of "ways to make money online"

Most of them are completely standard methods which you will know about already and not one of them even vaguely resembles the name of this product. Very odd!

No.4 - Viral Cash App

viral cash application review

Viral Cash App is quite a new product, released in March 2018, and is now one of the top sellers.

This strategy tries to use social media to pool content together in a communal website in order to combine the viral traffic effect but it fails miserably.

The method is flawed and even the demo pages and content shown in the training proves it does not work. A good idea but it does fall short.

What Can We Learn From This?

Once you learn the common traits you quickly see the pattern and you can avoid these hover hyped and misleading products.

  • They all show screenshots of huge sales figures.
  • They all show pictures and videos of luxury items, such as cars and private jets.
  • They all use the idea of "a carefree lifestyle" as a rich online marketer as a "hook" to grab your attention.
  • They never include any costs which are related to making these so called profits and only show you the sales figures, not the actual profit.

It can be tricky because some genuine services also use similar tactics but there is a subtle difference, so you need to be careful.

No.5 - Click4Surveys

Click4Surveys Get Paid Cash To Take Surveys

This product is a incredibly low quality.

When I first paid for it I quickly realised I had been sold a "trick on words" because all you get is basically a list of websites which pays you to take surveys.

The sales page is 100% misleading but it is worded in such a way that "technically" you do get what you paid for but it is done in such a sneaky and underhanded manner, it is incredible.

Steps To Take To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

You need to use your common sense here and think to yourself, "Why does this seem to good to be true?".

99% of the time, if a product seems to good to be true, it really is. All I can say here is that if you consider the points I have made in this post you have to think logically and consider the common sense angles, sometimes all the clues you need are right there in the sales page.

Many sales pages have a demo video, where the author shows you inside the membership area, and you can see plain as day that the sales figures are inaccurate and the method is flawed.

Why have I compiled this list?

I have compiled this list to showcase the similarities between these types of low end services. If you read each review you will see they all share very similar traits and sales techniques.

I want to help educate people on how to spot these types of smoke screens so that you can try and make money online in a safer and happier way. There is nothing worse than getting ripped off and I am hoping to do my bit here and save you some cash in the process.

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