Trading the Betfair Exchanges is incredibly difficult and requires a great deal of perseverance and self control. That is why most people need to find a trustworthy and honest Betfair trading course.

There is a lot of content available to YouTube, showing professional traders like Caan Berry and Peter Webb talking you through the challenges you are going to face. These tutorials are great and they are genuinely valuable but they are only snippets of what it takes to become a full time trader on the Exchanges.

betfair trading courses

This is why so many people want to find a training course which will teach them the inner workings of sports trading in a linear and controlled fashion, as opposed to a 5 min tutorial here, and a 10 min in-play trading video there.

Which Course To Choose?

I own and use both of these courses listed below. Trading on Betfair is such a personal thing because each person responds differently to how the markets move, especially when there is money on the line.

In my opinion there is no right or wrong way to trade the exchanges because every market is different and each person reads the signals differently. My opinion about these courses are based on my own experiences and I learned a lot from them. 

Which one you will find the most valuable depends on your level of commitment, understanding of the markets and on the connection you make with the traders you are learning from.

Betfair Scalper

Betfair Scalper profits example

Click Me!

Launched in October 2016, this course has become the fastest growing course in the UK. With over 10 hours of instructional content and a 99% member retention, you can't complain too  much... full review

No need for a review, take me straight to the training...

Caan Berry Video Pack

caan berry video pack review

Caan Berry's Trading course is great for people who have more than a few months of experience behind them. You get to see Caan trading live and he shows you a few neat tricks on how to profit from.... full review

I've seen enough mate, take me straight to his training...

What Makes A Trustworthy Teacher?

To figure out if a course is led by a trustworthy person you need to perform a little bit of research. Simply Googling their names will show you a few things. 

Caan Berry:

You will see a colossal amount of videos by Caan Berry on YouTube where he pours his heart out about the journey from being a normal punter, to becoming a full time trader. He also has a blog where he has written for many years on the subject of Betfair Trading, even going right back to when he first started and before the big profits came.

Read from this what you may but it does speak volumes about someone who is willing to give out so much advice and share so much of himself and his experiences within a certain niche.

Not to mention, Caan is featured within Betfair itself. Betfair is a multi,multi, multi million pound corporation and for them to use Caan in an advertising campaign speaks for itself to be fair. Can you trust Caan's advice? Yes!

BF Scalper:

With Betfair Scalper it is a slightly different story. They have not been around for very long, since October 2016, and so there is not much information about them online. They have received a number of good reviews and I myself have tested their system with great results. 

During the training videos I get the same feeling about BF Scalper as I do with Caan Berry - you can tell they are passionate about what they are teaching. As you can see from my blog, I am not in the habit of recommending services I have not tried and loved.

Will Completing A Course Guarantee Profits?

Unfortunately not. Betfair trading is an incredibly difficult think to turn a profit from, in the long run I mean. Let me explain...

Trading on Betfair is a very unique thing to do. Every market is different and even though there are certain events that are "more likely to happen'" when certain signals occur, there are no "set and forget" methods of making money from trading sports.

This means it is down to each individual person to develop their own style when trading. 

When I trade, I can easily make a complete hash of a situation where I was positive I made the right decision, but the market went against me. This is when mentality comes into play. Much like when you use horse tipsters, you need to have a long term view about trading the exchanges.

You can trade horses, football, golf, greyhounds and many more and within each you have hundreds of markets you can trade, such as;

  • First goal scorer
  • Over/Under Goal Markets
  • Pre-Off Horse trading
  • In-play horse trading
  • and many many hundreds more!

My point is this;

Each type of sports and market will have different angles, different edges and different ways of reading the direction of the prices. Learning how to manipulate these markets for a profit takes time and tenacity and involves far more than I can cover in this single post.

These courses, mentioned in this post, will help you improve your knowledge of the markets and how they move, and why... BUT... they will not automatically help you make a profit.

The profit will come with time, once you have learned from your mistakes and spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours poured over race cards and price charts.

How To Benefit From These Courses

The best way to get maximum value from these courses is to immerse yourself in them. Listen, learn, test and learn from your mistakes. Here are a few pointers...

trade with the MINIMUM stakes, even AFTER you finish the courses.

Once you finish the lessons, trade with £2 stakes while you are learning. Do not jump in and think you can start trading with £100 stakes immediately because when the price goes against you 6+ ticks you are going to be in a world of pain.

One of the biggest aspects to sports trading is patience. Keep trading with small stakes for a several weeks after you complete the tutorials and then...

Revisit the training and go through ALL the material again.

Once you are finished and you have started to test out some of the methods and theories taught by Caan or the BF Scalper team, go back and work your way through ALL the material again.

Use the experience you have gained and you will find you come back to the training with a whole new perspective. The markets you have traded in the time since you first started will have started to sink in and upon your second time through these courses you will learn a lot more - and I do mean a LOT more.

Be Patient And Commit

The most common mistake people make is to assume this is a 1 week thing. You watch a few tutorial videos and "Hey Presto!" you become a full time trader. That is not the case!

Most of you will already have jobs and trying to learn trading and have work 40+ hours per week is tricky. Caan has some valuable tips here.

Once you start, try and think long term and commit to learning for the next 6+ months. Revisit all the training again and again. Make notes of your mistakes. Minimize your losses and keep revisiting the learning material.

Keep your staking amount to a minimum! 

Have you had any experience with these courses?

I would love to hear from others who have completed these courses. Did they help you become profitable? What was your favorite part?

Please do comment below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi Philip,

    I have both of these, and for me it’s no contest. Caan’s material is in a different league to the Betfair Scalper dross. All they have done is take one of Peter Webb’s methods, the “make-market” approach, which Peter outlines for free on a YouTube video, and one which is outlined on one of The Badger’s YouTube vidoes, to back at the top of the short term range. Just employed as they are, they won’t work consistently enough for long term profit. Caan’s work is much more professional, and goes into great depth as to what you really need to learn and master. There’s a reason why Betfair have him as one of their accredited traders – he can walk the talk.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot.

      I agree they have very different styles and in my opinion, it comes down to your own personal preference. I found combining the two worked best for me. I would say that the BFScalper method is more than just the “make market” method. They use this in the opening videos to introduce the process of how you make money. There is more advanced method shown in subsequent videos.

      I usually recommend that people start with BFScalper and then move on to Caan’s training as I think it is a bit more advanced. Trading on Betfair is such a difficult thing because no one can make someone a great trader. It is no different from driving a car, or public speaking – some people can do it naturally, some can’t and others need to work hard at learning it.

      At the end of the day, you just need to learn, develop and soak up as much information as possible.

    2. Hi Daniel, (this message was left by the creator of BF Scalper)

      It is interesting that we don’t have a member called ‘Daniel Pierce’, considering you claim to be a member; and what is also obvious, with respect, is that you are talking through your hind legs.

      The make market is not a strategy we recommend to use as a long term profit, which we mention on the course, so nice try with that one, and as for not making consistent profits. Take a look at just 100 member emails here:

      All emails are validated and backed up for inspection, should it ever be required.

      You will also see emails and feedback from members in the members area showing how members have been on the course for well over 12 months with a 90%+ strike rate.

      As you have compared our course to another trader, with a slant on what we offer, I’ll also show you an email from one of our members which came in inside weeks of the launch, which will make interesting reading, and we have many others offering a similar theme:

      We are also the only vendor to offer a complete 100% money back guarantee, and considering 99% of our members stay on the course, I think that speaks for itself.

      I wish you a pleasant day ahead.


      Stuart – Betfair Scalping Course Creator.

  2. Hi Stuart, remind me to keep on your good side mate ? Product looks interesting but sounds like what I will have learned at Caan’s. Very positive to see more trading products out there these days though.?

    1. Hi Phil,

      No worries, although you might be surprised as many members are; we have a full 60 day money back guarantee, and I do the support myself so I am always around.

      Good luck in whatever you decide, and all the best for the future ?


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