In this review, I am taking a look at a brand new product which is called Adsense Machine, by Ankur Shukla and Anirudh Bavra. This service was released in February 2018 and it is a training module which shows you how to make money by using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a website which is monetized with Google adsense.

My review is based on my opinion and experience after I purchased and tried this product.

The method is quite simple. You set up a basic website and then drive traffic, using Facebook ads, to your blog posts which are monetized with adverts from Google Adsense. When a visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid from Google.

But can it really be that simple? Or is there a hidden element here which is not being told?

Adsense Machine review

This method is supposed to be simple and straightforward. The training shows you how to set up a website, activate plugins, write content, set up your Google adsense account, monetize your website. But, it's not what you think and I will show you why you should probably not buy this product in this review.

My Personal Experience

When I first join the service, I can see straight away that I recognise the author, Ankur Shukla. He has released a previous product called Social Jacker, which  I wrote a review about.  If you read that review, you will see that I did not recommend it and I highly advised you not to use Social Jacker. This is kind of a red flag for me because generally speaking if an author has created low quality products in the past, they are likely to do so in the future.

The sales page is the usual hyped up nonsense with screenshots of profits and promises of making huge sums of money for very little effort, again, a big red flag.

adsense machine earnings screenshot

I purchased the additional add-on of 23 training videos and once I sat through them and watched it was confirmed that this is indeed a very low quality product.

The tutorial videos are only about two to three minutes long, at the most, and they leave a lot to the imagination and will only serve to confuse any beginner affiliate marketers. There are huge holes in the training - audience targeting, how to set up the campaign, the reasoning behind the method, profit calculations, and so on.

I ran a few tests as to prove my point. My findings are as follows:

Test Ad No.1 - Video

My first test ad, which is in the mountain biking niche, was a simple post boost of a previous video I shared on my page. As you can see, with the bid CPC amount which the training suggests I place, my demographic is isolated to very low quality countries. By low quality countries I mean countries which are very cheap to advertise to because they have a very low average online spend.

You can see my demographic is comprised of countries like Venezuela, Morocco, Libya and so on. There is nothing wrong with these countries, and I am sure they are lovely to visit, however they are not ideal for the online marketing world. They have NO spending power!

As you can see from my results my boosted post resulted in zero clicks and very low engagement.

Adsense Machine test ad 1 1
Adsense Machine test ad 1

Test Ad No.2 - Blog Post

My second test, which was a very clickable blog post, shows similar results. The countries, which the ad was shown in, are far from desirable and, as you can see, resulted in virtually no clicks and very low interaction rate.

These tests show that, even though the ad cost is very cheap for the amount of impressions you get, the actual click through rate is very low which kind of defeats the purpose of this training.

Adsense Machine test ad 2 2
Adsense Machine test ad 2

If you do not get clicks to your website you will not make money.  Also remember that it's only about 2% of the people who come to your website who will actually click on the adverts. Which means that it's only 2% of the clicks you get on your Facebook posts which will actually result in any revenue.

I'm sure you can see that this means that you will need to spend a lot of money on adverts in order to generate just a few dollars on your website.

Upsells Galore! - Back To The Sales Page

Adsense Machine 23 Videos Course

The first upsell is a 23 part video course where you can watch as the author creates a website, drives traffic to the website and starts making money with Google adsense.

This seems a bit odd, especially as we just paid for this course which was supposed to show us this. However, I paid the $27 and moved on to the next upset.

adsense machine upsell 1

Niche Access Club

The next upsell is the Niche Access Club, which is a done for you service where you get predetermined niches and keywords in order to help you make money faster. I passed on this upset.

Done For You Websites

The third upsell is a package where you get the plugins, plug-ins, and an automated method of creating brand new adsense ready websites quicker. This is to save you time and to help you make money earlier. These websites are automatically created with a few clicks, and will include the plug-ins and themes which you will need. Much like the Ecom Profit Sniper review I wrote recently, these hold no value.

adsense machine developer licence

The fourth upsell is the adsense machine developer licence. This licence allows you to sell the websites you create for a profit. You can also use this licence to make adsense ready websites for your family and friends by reproducing the same website that you made using the method from Adsense Machine. I passed on this, even though the price tag was only $37.

Complete Done For You

Upsell number five, which I hope is the last, is the opportunity to allow the author, Ankur Shukla, to set up the website for you. This will include the hosting and one years worth of autopilot content. This means you do not have to do anything but pay for the package, which is only $47. I also passed on this opportunity.

reseller's licence

The last upsell is simply a reseller's licence which allows you to resell the adsense machine software and training to other clients and you get to keep 100% of the profit. Price starts at $67. 

Training - Is It Up To Scratch?

The training I got consists of one PDF  document and a series of 23 tutorial videos. each and every one of his videos are extremely thin and only scratched the surface of what it takes to fully understand how the Facebook ad manager works.

Training Videos Include:

  • cost and Roadmap
  • Niche
  • how to select a niche
  • domain and hosting
  • WordPress
  • installing a theme
  • Facebook setup
  • Content
  • images and posts
  • adsense account
  • ad placement
  • Facebook business account
  • audience targeting
  • target cost per click
  • audience sets
  • Boosting posts
  • Campaigns
  • Scaling
  • profit monitoring
adsense machine training

Each and every one of the videos are extremely thin and only scratched the surface of what it takes to fully understand how the Facebook ad manager works.

If you have ever done any Facebook ads, or any pay per click advertising,  you will know that it takes more than 2 minutes and 53 seconds to fully explain how to select a niche to advertise to!

Or, for example, any affiliate marketers knows it takes more than 1 minute and 28 seconds to discuss how to target audiences on Facebook ads! 

This is not a particularly complicated topic but it does warrants a further explanation which is less than 2 minutes long. This is unfortunately all you get in this training, which will result in a lot of confused and frustrated beginner marketers.

The entire training follows this mentality and overall I find it very substandard, not adequate and most likely will not help the majority of people who buy this product.

Is this method Ethical?

You will know from a review I wrote recently about Social Jacker, which is a product by the same author, that this guy has a very low ethical standard.

In his previous products he recommended cloning other people's websites in order to make money, which is extremely unethical. Adsense Machine follows within the same ethical region, but quite as bad.

There is a PDF available to be downloaded which shows you how to open multiple Adsense accounts. Even though this is possible, there is a very good chance a beginner will get this wrong. Thus, making a mistake, and this will result in you losing your accounts, if you get caught. You can try, but if you mess up then you will lose your accounts.

adsense machine misleading information

There is also a train video on how you can copy other people's content and simply spin it, or automatically rewrite it, and post it as your own content on your website and Facebook. This is technically not illegal, and it is common practice amongst low quality content producers, but it is very unprofessional and improper way to show beginners how to create content.

Not only that, but the training suggests that your blog posts should only be 200 words! I could not believe this, when I first saw it, because this is effectively spam.

You will be producing extremely low quality content and just spreading it's across Facebook for one purpose only, to get clicks on your ads. There is no concept of providing value, useful information or a nice user experience. The only goal is to make money, which, personally, I do not agree with.

Will You Make Money?

Most likely not. My test ads show that the method does work and you will get some very, very cheap traffic. However there is one problem and one very misleading aspects of the advertising shown for Adsense Machine.

The profit screenshots they show you is not the net profit, the revenue screenshot they show you is the gross profit which means you have to take away the cost of the Facebook ads before you are left with your profits.

Total Revenue -Total Expenses = Net Profit

As you can see from my test adverts, even though the cost per click or cost per engagement is very cheap, they are very low quality because very few people actually click on the links. ALso, the demographic is not a "buyers" demographic which means the CTR on the Google Ads will be low!

This means you are going to have to spend a lot of money to get a fraction of the clicks you need in order to earn the ads revenue from your blog page.

This also makes the screenshots very misleading because from the $1,000 profit screenshot only $20 of that will be profit, if you're lucky.

You also have to remember that because the manual bid (Cost-per-click bid) that is recommended is so low your demographic will be in less commercial countries with lower spend per capita. Countries like Algeria, Nepal and Afghanistan for example. These types of countries have a very low e-commerce culture and there spend per head is very low.

These types of countries tend to have very low internet penetration which means a very small amount of there population have access to the Internet. If you also add in there complicated political and online laws, which can prohibit import of foreign products and what type of adverts they are allowed to see, it's severely limits your potential for profit.

Alternatives To Adsense Machine?

If you want to learn how to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to a converting product or sales page then you should check out Penny Clicks Academy. I have written this review about this training module. I recommend it!

What do you think? Have you had any luck with this product? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I got scammed by Econ Profit Sniper, IO was charged $37.00 then I was charged twice $44.00 on my visa and didn.t receive anything from them , should have known better just by their name Profit SNIPPER

    1. I am sorry to hear about this. Yes, products like these do offer very little value and they can, more or less, charge you what they want. It is incredibly difficult to get your money back.

      If you head to my homepage,, I can show you a safe, honest and stable way to make money online. I hope you find something you are looking for. Email me if you need any direct assistance.

  2. Hi Philip, thank you for your honest review. It’s really important to have guys like you, who tell their honest opinion on a subject and don’t try to sell it to get money. To the product, I got to say I got very careful about what I buy especially when they set up a sales funnel like these dudes do. I also think that when it sounds too good to be true it’s not true. but anyway it’s awesome that we still have trustworthy guys like you to reveal scams like that. Thank you.

  3. This was a great review, it’s nice to see a marketer giving an honest review of a product. Usually you get rave reviews of junk products just so they can get a commission. You are doing a great service by saving people their hard earned money. Your domain name is amazing by the way.

    1. Much appreciated! There are a lot f affiliate marketers who simply recommend any product they can just for a commissions. Ethical products are few and far between these days which is a great shame. 

      It is service such as Adsense Machine which tarnish the Internet Marketing world, not always due to the method they use, but with the low quality training they provide.

      Sometimes I review services which actually have quite a good idea behind them but the execution is so underhanded, low quality and misleading it is incredible! I often wonder why they cannot put a bit more effort in and produce a quality training modules which shows relevant SEO friendly and genuinely helpful demonetisation methods.

  4. Hi Philip,

    Adsense Machine sounds like a typical scam. Produce garbage and sell it as a get rich quick scheme. And unfortunately, so many people fall for it.
    Affiliate marketing takes hard work, good content, and frequent blog posting. I tried targeted Facebook ads and spent a lot more than I made for negative profit. And here is this guy telling you to blast the world with Facebook ads. It’s not likely to succeed.
    Thanks for the great review of a crappy product. I’ll steer clear of this one.

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