K Money Mastery is a complete money making training program which teaches you how to sell ebooks on Amazon's platform.

The training shows you how to write, publish and how to sell the ebooks - step by step. Now I have written a full review which covers all the negative, and some positive points.

Update - I have finished my review. Read all about what I found.

What Training Does K Money Mastery Provide?

From the sales page, I can see that the training seem very in depth - at least enough for the topic at hand - and there are many training videos to show you how to publish the ebooks. From the look of the program does seem like quite a sweet deal to me.

By the look of the screenshots I have made below, they do appear to cover all the areas you would think are important. From finding a profitable niche to the actual promotion and publishing of the ebooks.

However, I discuss it at length in my review. Let's move on.

a look inside k money mastery 2.0

The training supposedly continues to show every aspect of the publishing process and guaranteed profits are promised - always a warning sign but I will try not to judge until I try the product which I will do in my review.

What Is The Aim Of Using This Program?

The ultimate purpose of K Money Master 2.0 is to create a monthly passive income from the Amazon Kindle platform. The idea being that you keep publishing Ebooks and everyone will keep selling a small amount every single month. You keep publishing more, and more book, and keep cashing the cheques.

Personally, I am skeptical of this kind of promise. Especially when they talk about it being so easy. If it was so easy and he made so much money from this system, why would he sell the idea on and saturate the market for only $60! 

Is There A Refund Policy?

Luckily there is a rock solid refund policy - as with all ClickBank products. This is always a comforting aspect of this kind of product.


Final Thoughts

I am going to try this product and update you with my findings. The worst case scenario I guess is I get a refund, and YOU can save your time by reading this review! Full review has been written about K Money.

The best case scenario is I make a bucket load of cash on Amazon! However, I will remain skeptical until I am proven wrong. Hopefully one day this will happen.

Now that you have a small insight into what K Money Mastery 2.0 is about I am going to sign up, give it a try, and report back in a week or so.

If you already have tried this product and wished to contribute then please, do leave a comment below!

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  1. I’ve heard mixed news about K Money Mastery though, I think it doesn’t work for just anyone, you need to have prior experience on how kindle subscribers work and leverage on that.

    But personally, I think everyone can have experience if we buy a few ebooks there and see what it is from a seller’s book that we like and we don;t like and after that, just tweak according to what we have learned.

    Just sharing my 2 cents, I’m quite excited to see how your progress goes. Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see the verdict!

    1. It seems like the K Money Mastery 2.0 is selling an idea which only serves to make the creator money. The methods which are promoted to produce these eBooks are very low quality – relying on cheap outsourcing and “cheap” methods of ebook creations.

      All of these methods are affiliate links which the author then earns even more commission from.

      The whole system does provide a basic level of training to produce and sell eBooks on Amazon but it falls short. Why no take the time to create a proper training which can create a long term and real income?

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