This review is about VO Genesis, by Jenny Lewis, and the training provided to help you find work in the voice over industry online.

Voice over work comes in many forms: videos games, tourist information, documentaries, promotional videos or perhaps for TV cartoon series. 

But does this training really provide you with adequate advice on how to apply for jobs? Will you be shown how to edit audio samples and represent yourself well in job applications?

The website is - and the price tag is $39.99. 

This review is based on my personal opinion when I used this product and I will show you inside the members area so you can get a good idea of what to expect when you buy this voice over training module.

My Personal Experience

When I first joined I was expecting the same old low quality product. The sales video seems to good to be true and it certainly looks like it will produce a mediocre method for making money online

However, once I entered the members area I could see that this product is OK. Naturally you get what you pay for, but it is a reasonable product. The training does reflect the price, $39.99, but it is a reasonable training module for learning voice over work and how to find a job within the industry.

Here are my reasons for my views.

What is inside the training?

Inside the training you will find 15 videos, each between 2 and 5 minutes long, which walk you through the various skills and technical abilities you need to efficiently find a job in the voice over artist industry.

These training modules are easy to follow as they are very short, all in video form and clearly show you how to edit audio source files, and uses slideshows to illustrate the message.

You see some very helpful and genuine tips, including:

make money as a voice over artist
  • How to get set up on job databases to find voice over work.
  • Quickest way to get recording equipment set up.
  • How to set up your equipment properly to ensure the best audio quality.
  • Tips and tricks for recording demos and sample voice recording.
  • How to edit your audio using a free editing software.
  • How to avoid awkward pauses, background noise, etc.
  • How to convey your tone of voice to suit different job descriptions, such as joyful and exuberant, for example.
  • Detailed tutorials of how to edit your audio samples in a free editing software.
  • How to emphasise on the right words when auditioning to help secure jobs.
  • How to analyse scripts from clients so you can make the best delivery.
VOGenesis is it worth it

The training goes into more details about various techniques to increase the quality of your auditions and sample portfolio. This is achieved by varying your vocal tension, sincerity and how to connect with the audience.

The modules teaches you diferent techniques to make your voice over work sound a little different from other. This includes:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Emphasis
  • How to analyse breaks in the scripts, which is used in conjunction with breathing and vocal tension.
  • Connecting with your commercial voice over by expressing emotion and conviction.

This is a small sample of what you learn inside the membership area. I am not saying it is the best training available online but for the price you pay, it is pretty good and it will help you learn some great skills to becoming a better voice over artist.

The Ebook Training

There is also a 93 page eBook which comes with the training. This is a comprehensive collection of useful resources and websites where you can apply for jobs or seek further information about becoming a full time voice over artist.

There are a vast array of tips on how to:

  • Learn cold readings,
  • Improving mental muscle memory,
  • Sounding convincing,
  • Improving your eye-brain-mouth coordination,
  • How to control your voice
  • and much more!

You are given further names of websites and resources for learning more about scripts, more advanced training services and agencies where you can take your new career to another level.

There are also some great links to:

  • Sourcing good audio equipment,
  • One on one coaching,
  • Building a home studio,
  • Royalty-Free music sources,
  • Recording equimpent
  • and much more!

Will the training help you find work?

This depends on the person. The training itself will not make you money because YOU have to put the work in and reach out to find the jobs.

The training will give you resources, useful websites and the method to produce good voice overs but, at the end of the day, YOU need to produce them, practise and go out of your way to apply for projects.

VO genesis review

How Much Money Will You Make?

This is impossible to say. I agree that the fee for voice over work is fantastic, you get paid $100+ to work for an hour or two. However, you do need to put in a lot of groundwork.

You need:

  • build a portfolio of sample audio recording to send to prospective clients,
  • be prepared for rejection and learn how to take constructive criticism,
  • be prepared to apply for a LOT of jobs BEFORE you get a paid project,
  • be willing to learn, adapt and improve everyday!

Making money as a voice over artist is no different from any other job because you have to work at it and be willing to dive into the niche with your heart and soul. 

Regardless of your chosen area of expertise you will never achieve anything unless you give it at least 6 months of hard work and commitment. Making money online takes time!

So, will the training from Genesis help you make money? ABSOLUTELY! But only if you are willing to put in the effort! The training itself won't magically get you a job.

is VO genesis a scam

is VO Genesis a scam?

No. I know it is rare for me to say this but the Voice Over Training By Genesis is a good place for a beginner voice over artist to start learning and hopefully make money.

It is certainly not perfect but you get what you pay for. The price tag of $39.99, is a very reasonable cost for the information you receive.

I would recommend you give it a try because it also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so there really is no reason why you should let this opportunity slip by.

Have you had any experience with this training? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. When I looked at this product review for VOG, it seems the right fit for someone who is just starting out their career as a voiceover artists. I think it provides a great starting point where one can obtain a general understanding of how to begin this kind of career. However, I think there is more to it. I’m sure there is a lot more to know and learn. I’m unsure if VOG product provides enough information to actual help an artist to make money in this field.
    It seems the eBook could provide a lot of guidance and references on training, coaching, and hiring resources but I’m still thinkin this kind of information is available free online. Is VOG giving added-value? If so, what is the VOG eBook information about that is so exclusive and valuable? Also, does this product provide next steps in training? Does the eBook share real and current voice-over professionals contacts? It would be great to know if there are any leads or actual links to artist forums online where you can chat regularly with successful voice-over artists working today to find out their experiences, first-hand.
    I may be wrong, but I’d like to know if this VOG package is enough. Also, I see VOG has an update to VOG Elite package. I’d like to know what exactly is included in the upgrade and if it’s worth it. I think this VOG product could provide a lot of info on how anyone can learn how to become a voiceover artists, especially how to brand themselves but I hesitate that it is as easy as they claim. Your input is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. I think the thing that this product provides is a collection of information which would be incredibly difficult to put together by yourself. Sure, you could “google” – “How to become a voice over artist” but then you get an unbiased and random collection other people’s opinion and you would have to spend hours researching and digesting all this new information.

      With VO Genesis everything in one place. I agree that you will still need to do some due diligence by checking the information against other sources and so on but in terms of the convenience of having all this information brought to you in a nice and organized manner, it is worth the cost.

      As I mention in the review, simply buying this training module will not make you a voice over artist. You have to work at it and practise and be willing to put yourself out there.

      I would say that this is a great starting point and an incredibly cost effective way to evaluate if this career is for you.

  2. Wow I”be never herd of Vog before and now might consider pursuing this form of business. While in college I once took and intro to acting class that had us do mock radio ads. Still to this day I’m not sure whether my professor was insulting me or not when she told me “you have a great voice for radio!” Do to the similarity to the old saying “You have a great face for radio.”

    I had never realized that you could get voiceover jobs online and would be interested in exploring this aspect of my own capabilities. I am however a little confused on a few points:

    Is it possible to complete these job offerings completely online or does a person need to physically show up to the job location?

    For this to be a continued revenue source would a person need to buy better equipment than the standard built in laptop mic?

    And do you know what the average pay is for these types of voice over jobs?

    Again thank you for the information as you’ve opened a doorway I had long forgotten about.

    1. Hi,

      I would say that the average pay per job seems to be $100+. Many pay over $300 per job but this depends on the length and needs of the projects. However, the pay is incredibly good.

      In terms of equipment I would say you would definitely need a reasonable microphone to complete these jobs but you can buy a very good microphone for around $100 which would be more than adequate. 

      Any further upgrade to the recording equipment would come naturally as your skill level increases. The more work you complete, the more you earn and so the better equipment you can purchase to advance your career.

      All the jobs are online, unless the description is specific. I would imagine if you got a job working for a high budget operation, such as an animated movie or video game then you may need to go into a studio.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope this was of some help.

  3. I have never thought of the voice over industry yet many of the high traffic videos have voice over when I think about it. Have you already looked for those kinds of services for your website? I guess the equipment play an important role in the quality of voice over right? Great article! thanks for sharing

    1. The thing is that these days you can buy incredibly good quality recording equipment quite cheaply. Places like Amazon, for example, has a large selection. For around $100 you can buy a great mic with a pop filter. 

      However, I would agree that more expensive gear will be needed to advance your voice over career.

      Voice overs are used for everything. I think most people do not even notice because we are so used to it. Kinda funny when you think about it but there is money to be made within this industry, for sure!

  4. Hi there, I love the sound of this training and doing voiceover work does seem like an exiting and interesting job to me. You always tend to think it’s the kind of thing you can only do if you have a certain kind of voice, but of course that can’t be true as I’m pretty sure companies are looking for all differnt types of voices to suit their specific requirements.
    This Genesis training is really very affordable and seems to offer a lot of good advice and tips, and I think this would be great for anybody thinking of just trying something new, or even a side job. I personally, would love to call myself a voice over artist 🙂

    1. Practise makes perfect in this scenario. When I first started making videos for my website, I hate the sound of my voice. I still do! But, I started to change my tone of voice a bit and place emphasis on different words to change things up. 

      I found it easier to connect with my audience with face to face videos and my YouTube reviews, whcih works really well!

      Sound, pitch, background noise, sound quality and emphasis plays a huge part in the quality of a voice over recording. That is why i like the training at VO Genesis because it covers this in a good amount of detail.

  5. Informative review of VO genesis. 

    When I was trying to find an online source of income I actually looked into doing Audiobooks, and I was looking for training for that. 

    I wonder if this training is applicable to that as well. It seems like it. 

    By the way, your website’s name is great. I had a good chuckle when I saw it. I bet it catches a lot of attention in itself. 

    Anyway, thanks for the info!


    1. Doing voice over work is a fantastic way to make money online and, as you said Wilson, many people are looking for training. That is why I wrote this review, because there are many people who are looking for ways of making money online using this method.

      The sales page does come across as the usual hyped up nonsense however, in this case, it turns out that the product is actually quite good.

      If you require any further help or tips about this product then don’t hesitate to contact me again and thank you for taking the time to comment.

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