I’m going to tell you all about Video Marketing Blaster. As always, I buy, try and test the software so I can give you a completely honest review on if I think this program will help you make money online. So, if I’ve appeared on page one, I suggest you don’t navigate away just yet.

Honest review of Video Marketing Blaster

What Is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is essentially a fancy keyword searching tool which is designed for use with YouTube. What this means is it will allow you to search for various keywords that don’t have a lot of competition. You can then “spy” on your competition to find out what keywords and tags they’re using.

After you’ve figured that out, you can copy them, make them better and as a result rank higher on search engines. So, how does it work? Well, let’s take a look.

video marketing blaster review

How Does It Work?

I actually tested VMB by ranking my review of the software! pretty cool right?

Right, let’s jump in and I’ll show you how it works. I thought the best keyword to use for this exercise was “video marketing blaster review” because that’s what I’m trying to rank for. I thought it would be quite funny if I could rank higher for the product I’m actually reviewing, while using the product – that would be fun wouldn’t it? And it worked!

using video marketing blaster to rank videos

Right, this is what I think. As I was scrolling through I thought the tags were really cool, and the titles were really nice, but…the description will have to be completely re-written. It was just too spammy and stuffed full of keywords. Below here though is really cool, because it essentially tells you what people are saying, and you can just double click on it. It then pops that text into your description and you can alter it accordingly.

video marketing blaster keyword research

At this point, I would recommend that if you buy this product get the pro version. The main reason is I’ve seen the video on finding a niche, and it’s a much more visual representation of the process I’ve just shown you. These two features are OK, but there are tools that you can use which are free and you can use them as a chrome extension which does that for you in a much more user-friendly way.

This process is a bit “clunky” and can be irritating to use. Having said that, I think it’s really cool and very handy to have. As you probably know, ranking YouTube videos without any knowledge of what other people are doing or what tags to use is really difficult. So, I’m off to continue adding this text in, re-writing the description and sorting out the video. Next time you see me, I’ll be on YouTube.

Help Video Marketing Blaster PRO

PRO version of VMB

What is the purpose of this software?

So, what is Video Marketing Blaster for? Well, it’s there for people who want to rank higher on Google or, rather for those who want to rank higher on Google and YouTube with their videos. When you look at other videos on YouTube that you’re going to rank against, it’s difficult to know what they’re trying to rank for.

There are all sorts of keywords, tags and various descriptions etc, so it’s hard to know what you’re up against. That said, the main ones to look out for (which you really need to understand) is what tags and keywords the competition is targeting, and you can’t see these. So, with a program like this one you can “snoop” (for want of a better word) on the competition so you know exactly what they’re doing.

Alongside that, you can use a piece of software like this to explore different keywords, and tags as well as find out which keywords don’t have a lot of competition. This, in turn, helps you produce videos that can potentially rank higher.

Why I Recommend The Pro Version

The one thing I found when testing this software is that if I were you I would invest in the pro version. This is because with the pro version you get extra features such as the ability to track your ranking, which I think is pretty cool. However, the main thing is you have the option to analyse your niche and track your ranking much closer.

All in all, you get a much more visual representation of your listing. It will tell you if you’re listing is good or bad. The software will also tell you if the competing listings are creating good SEO so, essentially what you get is information on what tags, keywords, titles or descriptions are doing well by picking out certain parts.

Most importantly, and this is what I really like about the pro version is it will tell you how you can rank better. So, when you scroll down the software will give you a really cool “ranking factor”, it tells you how many likes, how much watch time and how many social tags you need to enable you to rank on page one of search engines.

Help page Video Marketing Blaster PRO

Why The Pro Version Will Save You Time & Money

What you should remember is this isn’t just about ranking because the program allows you to search certain keywords it may be that you come across keywords that aren’t worth ranking for. In which case you won’t bother using them. If you don’t have this tool, it could mean you end up spending hours making videos which include keywords that aren’t worth ranking. So, you won’t be wasting precious time (and energy). Plus, you’re likely to gain more traffic.

So, that’s why I would recommend the pro version because you get more features. The basic version is fine, BUT there are other extensions out there such as VidIQ (chrome extension) that essentially do the same thing, and they’re free. Also, these are a bit more user friendly and simpler to use. So, if you’re going to buy this tool I recommend you get the pro version because you’re likely to get much better results.

Help Video Marketing Blaster PRO

Will You Make Money Using This Software?

The short answer to this one is yes, you will make money using this software. Obviously, it comes down to more than just keyword research which I’ll talk more about in a minute, but essentially this program is going to give you an edge over the competition. After all, not everyone posting videos on YouTube (depending on the niche) will use software like this because they’re just an average person who has a channel, and they’re just making the odd video here and there.

Obviously if you’re in the SEO or online marketing niche then, yeah, it’s going to be tough but if you have say, a blog about woodworking or a YouTube channel about holidays, or for example, a food channel having a tool like this will give you an edge over the competition.

I come back to the word “snoop” but it’s true, you can. You’ll be able to take a look at the top-ranking videos out there, see what they’re doing and do it better which can only be a good thing for your business. That’s basically the point to this software – to give you an edge over the competition however, there is………..

One Thing VMB Can't Help With!

As I’ve explained above there is a lot this software can do to help you rank higher on search engines and on YouTube but the one thing it can’t help you with is watch time, and this is super important! If your videos don’t have engaging content, or don’t give information that’s useful to those watching, guess what? They won’t watch, and this means you’ll slip down the rankings regardless of what sort of software you use.

It could be that you’re just starting out and you’re still a little shy on camera or haven’t really produced videos before. This means you might be unsure of what the best videos need in terms of visuals, in which case, I wouldn’t recommend you don’t buy this program (just yet).

If your serious about the internet business you’re in, this software will definitely help you move up the rankings. I’ve used keyword search tools before, and this one is really good. Just bear in mind that if you’re starting out, it will help but could turn out to be a bit expensive until the video quality you have is “up to standard”.

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  1. Philip, I have been quietly following you for a couple of months, and I like what you do. I have not met a more honest businessman in my more than 20 years of marketing online. How does that work with you? Meaning, how does putting integrity over just putting rubbish out into the marketplace work for your business?

    And don’t get me wrong. I am not implying you aren’t making lots of money; however, we all know you could be making much more by simply not caring. Seriously, there are lots of dishonest people out there who are making a killing selling junk to the masses, and they do it without a conscious whatsoever.

    All that being said, your messages are always read when they hit my inbox. I have a new website that is up and coming. I hope that it meets your approval when it’s all said and done. You’re keeping me honest, my friend:)

    1. Hi Barry,

      You are absolutely right. I make nowhere near as much as I could. If I promote the same junk as everyone else I could easily clear $20,000 per month. However, I want to sleep at night. When I review products which are of incredibly low quality I feel so bad for people who end up buying it because I know for a fact it will not help them at all. Two weeks later, I see the same author releasing yet another product which is exactly the same but rebranded and renamed.

      They must have skin as thick as anything because they surely get a lot of hate mail, desperate cries for help and very unpleasant communications. I join many of their Facebook groups, which are associated with the new releases, and they get filled with very angry people’s comments as soon as they realise they have been ripped off. The authors do not even bother replying or deleting the message, they just abandon their own support.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and hopefully I can do my bit to help people online!

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