In this review, I am looking at a new product called 'Five Minute Profit Sites', by Chris Parker, and I am going to tell you if I think it's going to help you make money online.

The idea behind this method is that you use the software/dashboard they provide to build small affiliate websites to which you drive traffic utilizing a collection of tried and tested traffic methods.

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The service promises to show you a loophole in a multi-million dollar industry which can use to make easy money on autopilot.

The sales page appears to be very suspicious to me, and as always I have purchased it, and I am now sitting through the training to make sure it is going to help you make money online. 

The following is my personal opinion based on my experience while using the training provided by 'Five Minute Profit Sites'.

Inside The Member's Area

Inside the member's area, you get two welcome videos which show you around the member's area and how to use it, and you also get a frequently asked question section which answers the most common questions.

There are some tutorials on how to create your website and set up your domain with an autoresponder. The process of actually building a site is speedy, and you can be up and running with a very basic but effective landing page within five minutes.

Five Minute Profit Sites how it works

inside the members area!

How Does It Work?

The idea is that you use the software inside to build a simple website within a few minutes through their three-step process.

  • you create an account with ClickBank
  • you pick a domain from their predetermined domain list
  • connect an autoresponder to your membership dashboard
  • and you are ready to go!

After completing the three steps, you have created a very simple but highly converting sales page in the 'make money online niche', and when someone clicks to opt in to this sales page, their email address is collected in your autoresponder and you send out promotional emails.

The people who opted into the list then get a collection of free resources they can use to make money online which are, of course, branded with your affiliate links and if they buy something, then you get a commission.

From there the ideas that you spread your website's URL far and wide on forums, on blog posts, social media and so on to gain as much traffic as you can.

Five Minute Profit Sites inside members area

The maths is very simple. The more visitors come to your site the more emails you get, the more emails you get more money make.

I will admit that the process of making the website and branding it with your affiliate links is very cool, speedy and it is a very clever way to set things up.

However, I have some serious reservations about this method.

Why This Method Is Flawed

There isn't much to say about this strategy because it is so simple and straightforward. This product is designed and targetted for the inexperienced and naive affiliate marketers out there who do not understand the process of making money online yet.

I will do my best to show you why this method is unlikely to work for anybody who buys this, based on my own experience.

The Traffic Sources The Training Recommends

Solo Ads

The first traffic source recommend is Solo Ads. I would like to make it clear at this point is that anybody who knows my blog knows that I am not a fan of solo ads.

I agree that it can be effective and that they are perfectly a reasonable and legitimate way of driving traffic to a landing page but when you are a complete beginner this is the wrong way to go.

This is because it is costly and unless you know how to convert the traffic then it is a complete waste of money.

Solo ads provide a quick momentary burst of traffic but it is freezing cold, and it stops the second your purchased click volume has been reached.

Five Minute Profit Sites traffic methods

Snapshot at the traffic sources they recommend!

Unless you know how to take advantage of the new leads then you're wasting hundred dollars within days with no results.

You could, for example, pay for 500 clicks to come to your opt-in page and you may get as many as 200 opt-ins but you have to remember that you are promoting 'make money online' and the traffic you're getting is completely cold, meaning they have no idea who you are, and so your conversion rate is going to be very low.

The training provided does not show you how you connect with your audience to warm them up!

People who build their list using solo ads are continuously chasing their tails because the quality of their list is extremely low due to the fact that you are just selling not giving value and the people who join the list are completely cold when they join. They have never been exposed to your services or content before, why will they buy from you?

Solo ads are the equivalent of being stopped on the street by sales people who are asking for money; it's a numbers game. However, most people will just ignore you or get annoyed that you are contacting them and being so aggressive.

Article Marketing, Guest Blogging and Forum Marketing.

The article marketing traffic method suggests that you publish articles on article directories like EzineArticles to gain traffic. Chris encourages you to is write very short and simple articles, around 600 words, and post them with a link redirecting back to your landing page.

I do not need to tell you that this type of marketing is extremely outdated and even though it may drive a very small amount of traffic you are not providing any value and you will most certainly damage your website's SEO efforts if you ever were to try and improve your rankings.

Five Minute Profit Sites profit claims

VERY hyped up sales claims!

Chris even suggests you use PLR content and rewrite it a little bit. Wow!

This type of strategy may work briefly for 'churn and burn website' but not if you're looking to make money long-term and give value and help people.

The guest blogging strategy they suggest follows the same line as the article marketing where Chris recommends you simply submit your articles to guest blogging directories and marketplaces. The idea is that you hope somebody wants it and accepts your work and publishes it on their website.

Guess what, if your article is 500/600 words long and inferior quality then nobody is going to accept your articles, simple as that.

The forum marketing traffic source they recommend is to contribute to niche related forums and to leave links going back to your product page.

This is a very old strategy and it does work to an extent but it is very time-consuming, and unless you are contributing genuinely honest and helpful thread comments then you're very likely to be banned by the moderators.

As I said, this is not a new strategy, and the moderators are acutely aware of people doing this, and they do not like it.

You're only allowed to do this if you can contribute genuinely lengthy and helpful comments which answer the questions people are asking.

You can of course avoid posting any links but only have a link in your profile description, but this means that you need to comment on a vast amount of posts before the click through on your profile page becomes large enough to drive traffic to your website.

Blog Commenting

Another traffic source they recommend is for you to start commenting on other blogs to leave your website URL as part of the comment or user profile.

Five Minute Profit Sites review

Sales page is completely misleading!

Once again I can tell you that this doesn't work and the amount of traffic you get from this is a very small amount Vs the effort you put in to leaving the comment in the first place.

I get dozens of comments on my website every single week, and I moderate every single one because every blog owner knows about this strategy, which is effectively spamming

Whenever someone leaves any link, even in their profile description, I will go to the link and check out the website.

If the website looks low-quality or it is simply a landing page, I will delete it, and in most cases, I will not approve the comment because I do not want other people promoting their websites on my comments section.

Press Releases

There is also a section on how to create press releases to gain backlinks and additional traffic.

This is another very outdated method and considering we are in the 'make money online niche' is very unsuitable because nobody is going to see it or use it.

Chris suggests in his videos that the press release can go viral if a news reporter picks them up, for example, but I can tell you that no news reporter will pick up a press release from a website which is as low quality as the one we build using this strategy.


You Are Not Providing Any Value

The website which you create using this method is a single page video opt-in form in the make money online niche. So if you were to follow the traffic methods they suggest and you started to see traffic, then you are essentially just sending people to another page to try and get their email address so you can promote equally low-quality products over and over again.

You are not:

  • writing blog posts
  • engaging with the audience
  • providing any value of any kind
  • answering any questions or helping people
  • and so on...

This is one of my pet peeves about these types of systems is that there is no value here; you're merely regurgitating the same products over again and selling the same hopeless 'make money online today' products which will never actually help anybody.

You Don't Control Your Own Website Or Domain

If you were to be successful using this method and you started making a regular income you have no control over your website because the hosting is provided by 'Five Minute Profit Sites', which also means you cannot edit the content or change anything on the site itself.

This means; if Five Minutes Profit Sites were to be taken down or to stop operating suddenly, you would lose everything.

You would of course still have your email list, but given the traffic sources and the low-quality products you are promoting it is going to be worthless.

Five Minute Profit Sites honest review

Why You Are Unlikely To Make Money Using This Method

The main issue here is quality of the email list which you build. You will be able to gather leads from solo ads or through the traffic source they recommend; the problem is they are going to be extremely low quality and take a lot off effort to build up!

This is because you are not engaging with the audience at any point and you're not giving value to anybody.

You are not providing any:

  • valuable content
  • video tutorials
  • how to tutorials
  • .... or anything for that matter!

This is because the only interaction you have with your visitors is one simple opt-in page and then a series of promotional emails which you send out.

This means that your conversion rate is going to be virtually non-existent because nobody has an emotional connection with you or your brand.

The fact that you are going to be promoting the same old make money online products you are very unlikely to make any sales.

Even if you did manage to make some sales, you're going to be continuously chasing your tail to get new leads.

You will always need to replenish your list because nobody will buy from you more than once as they realise how low quality your services are.

Would I Recommend You Buy This?

Absolutely not, I cannot put my name to this or recommend it to anybody.

This entire product is based on greed and targets the naive and inexperienced marketers out there.

If you were to go all in with this method, you would end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, before you'd realise this method just doesn't work.

All the methods they suggest you use to gain traffic are either very outdated or very expensive and unless you are giving value and engage with the audience this is no way to make a long-term and lasting income online.

I think this review of 'Five Minutes Profit Sites' illustrates my logic and thinking behind my opinions and I hope that this was helpful for you.

If you have experience using the service, then please do leave a comment below to contribute to this discussion.

What Are Other Reviews Complaining About?

There are many other affiliate marketers who have equally negative views about Five Minute Profit Sites.

Jerry Huang, from has given it a very bad rating indeed with a 1/5 Star Rating!

Equally, Mark from has slammed the training inside, calling it:

I’ve reviewed over 500 systems on this blog and Five Minute Profit Sites does NOT rank highly. It’s a scam website that will never deliver on the promises of $500 a day.

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  1. Very good post. I learned a lot from your information. I had a similar experience with a different type but the same motivation was behind it. You did a good job presenting the problem and pointing out its weaknesses. You got your point across without sounding angry. I like the way you ended without being pushy you offered to help those who really wanted to build a business.
    Very well done.

  2. Wow you outlined that program really well. I learned so much about what methods don’t work for affiliate marketing. I hope this review helps to stop people from trying it out.

    Just one clarification for me, by solo ads do they mean like the ads you pay for on social media? Or is that something completely different?

    1. Solo ads is where you pay someone to email their list on your behalf. Basically a paid email. Social media adverts are just normal paid advertising.

  3. Very helpful information about that five-minute profit site. It is the same as what they were calling as an automated machine here in the Philippines which I believe is a bit fishy. It costs over $50 to join but there promise of generating sales is questionable.
    Thanks for your detailed review about that site so that other people will not be lured by their strategies.
    The best way to make money online is really through affiliate marketing.

  4. Thanks Philip for the great review on the five minute profit sites.

    As a personal rule of thumb I don’t purchase products that claim to have a “easy” way to make money online. If it was easy as they claim then everyone would be doing it.

    It’s a shame to see that there are products out there like this one targeting the new marketers who just have no idea.

    What product or service would you recommend for a new internet marketer?

  5. I was searching to learn more about solo ads when I come across your site. Never really understood what it was all about until now so thanks for the brief explanation. It’s interesting that such products like 5 Minute Profit still exist in modern SEO techniques, where users have very little tolerant towards online ads.

    However, I noticed that you labelled guest blogging as ‘outdated’. How true is that as I see many people are still doing it…

    1. Guest blogging itself is not outdated but the way they want you to do it is. They want you do post a lot of short and low quality articles on directories to gain backlinks – the old school way of doing SEO.

      Guest blogging is still a great way to drive traffic and backlinks but it has to be high quality and relevant content.

  6. Philip,

    I am really starting to believe (finally) that there is no such thing as quick money on the internet!

    These products are offered up to wannabe internet marketers, who are completely unaware that there are far better ways to earn money online.

    Thanks for this well thought out review. I enjoyed reading it!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It means a lot. 

      The affiliate marketing world is a scary place. people who produce services like this are very good ad producing convincing sales pages and offering way too much.

      Making money online is not easy but you do need the right guidance and training to make it work.

  7. The one major thing that I’ve picked up by Reading your review is that 5 minute profit sites has very outdated model in the way in which it promotes and teaches yoi affiliate marketing. So that means I’ve got to look the other way on this one.

    Do you have any suggestions for affiliate marketing programs that offer high quality and up to date training for affiliate marketing? I would definitely appreciate a response.

  8. Thank you for that honest review. When I saw that it generated traffic to a website, I was interested. I’m glad your review was honest because I probably would’ve ended up checking that out and wasting money. Everyone wants a little more traffic to their sight but I guess it just comes with a little hard work. Your review was excellent and easy to read. Great job.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes, services like this are misleading and oversell what they deliver. The promises they make in the sales pages rarely live up to the end product of their training. 

      In this case the training is incredibly poor quality and will not help anyone make money online as an affiliate marketer or any other way for that matter!

  9. This is really great. Too many times people get on the internet and search how to make money online and then all these get rich quick schemes pop up. They make all these false promises to you and when you buy they product, it’s completely worthless. But the worst part is that you can’t even get your money back. I am glad you are exposing these programs for what they really are.

  10. Hi Philip,
    What a great review of the five minute profit site. The 2 start review of out of 10 really says it all. I guess it’s kind of cool that they make the set up so easy and clean to look at. Sure sounds like it goes downhill from there though.
    It’s disappointing that there are so many “opportunities” like this out there. You perform a wonderful service providing review so less folks waste less money. Providing of course they do their research first.
    Thanks again,
    Mat A.

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