This review will focus on a new product called 'Flipadom', by Trevor Carr, Jonas Lindgren & Bobby D, which is a service that promises to show you how to make money online by flipping domains.

They promise to show you a particular method of finding profitable domain names which you can sell quickly for a significant profit, but is this too good to be true?

Selling domain names is a very popular way to earn a profit but it can be an expensive method to use if you do not know what you are doing.

flipadom review

I have purchased 'Flipadom' to make sure this training module will help you make money online and that it is safe to use.

I base my article and video review or my personal experience while I used the service and the following is my opinion only.

What Is 'Flipadom'?

This service shows you a very cool method of identifying profitable domains which you buy cheap and sell on for a significant profit.

You are shown which databases to use to find deleted and expired domain names, which are available to buy, and then you are also shown where you can sell them.

This method is by no means unique, I have seen it before, but it is a viable and sustainable way of making money online if you know what you're doing.

the creator of flipadom

the creators of 'flipadom'

Inside the member's area you are given 11 videos which talk you through:

  • how to filter out the appropriate domain names on the domain databases
  • how to identify valuable domain names
  • where to sell them for the highest profit
  • how much you need to charge to turn a profit
  • and a few other tips and tricks...

The training is elementary and very brief, but this is ok because the method itself is straightforward and concise.

Is The Training Accurate?

The training itself is quite basic, but as I said before it is a basic method, so the training is adequate.

I do feel that the training could have gone into more detail on how to execute this method, by which I mean they could have added more information about:

  • possible issues and complications when selling domains
  • how to interact with buyers to increase sales
  • how to handle PayPal disputes
  • how to properly analyse a domain name to ensure you're buying a "clean one."
  • and so on and so forth!
sales example flipadom

A touch exaggerated if you ask me!

I felt there were many avenues within this method which could leave a beginner very confused because there are so many elements to take into consideration, I will show you an example in a second.

The training purely focuses on how to find the domains and list them for sale, that is it. There is very little information about any of the potential issues in my face.

Therefore I find the training to be just adequate, no more, and it could have been a lot better and given a lot more value.

For example:

In one of the videos, you are giving a reference to a website called where you can sell your domain name. 

The training video tells you that you will have to run a security check on your domain to give proof of ownership by pasting a piece of code in your hosting - but there is no training on how to do this.

If you are a complete beginner, at that point, you would be confused because you would have no idea how to setup your hosting for your domain name.

Can You Make Money Flipping Domains?

Absolutely! Buying and selling domain names has been going on since the inception of the Internet.

The early ".com" boom has always been operating in the background as people sell and buy websites, domain names and online virtual real estate every single day.

As the domain name extensions have now become extended to include thousands of different words, such as ".pet", ".press", ".coffee" and so on and so forth, some might say that the domain marketplaces have become saturated with millions of additional domain names now hitting the market.

List of Internet top-level domains

However, there is always going to be a demand for notable domain names, regardless of the niche or product that the domain name encapsulates.

So yes, you can still make money by flipping domain names. However, you need to be selective and choose your targets carefully.

flipadom reviews

Is 'Flipadom' A Scam?

No, I do not think that this Flipadom is a scam.

It is genuine, and method is real, and you can make money with it, but please bear in mind my points within this article because I want you to be safe while you executed this method.

You do get what you pay for, so you should expect gaps in the training which may end up costing you money unless you're careful!

Keep reading if you want to learn more about the possible pitfalls you may encounter when trying to implement this domain flipping strategy.

Do I Recommend You Buy It?

Yes, I do recommend you buy it. I paid $7 for my copy, which is nothing when you consider the method you learn here.

The training is by no means perfect, but you do learn another valuable lesson in how to make money online as an online marketer.

Therefore I do recommend it because you cannot put a price on knowledge. Knowledge is your edge when it comes to trying to make a profit online.

Potential Problems You Will Encounter

I want you to be a safe as you can when you spend your hard earned money using this method. With that in mind, I have put together a small collection of points you need to consider when you use the Flipadom strategy.

I will also include resources which you can use to further educate yourself on how to spot potential dangers when buying and selling domain names.

be careful when buying domain names

The True Cost Of Domains

The training alludes that you can buy domain names from 90 pence which, to be quite honest, is not true because when you get to the checkout, you will see that most of these domains will cost you in the region of $5 to $20 each!

Places like GoDaddy will always use advertising strategies to get you in the door but, unfortunately, the advertised price is not the price you pay.

This misleading information means if you were to buy ten domain names to try and flip, you would need to invest between $50 and $100 which is quite a lot when you consider the potential downsides to this method.

I agree that you can use coupons and various offers which GoDaddy have running all the time, but there will be a limit to how many times you can use these coupons.

Dealing With Buyers And Domain Transfers

Dealing with buyers can also be problematic. I have sold a few websites in my time, including domain names, and there are always unexpected complications when dealing with another person.

Problems may include such things as:

  • transferring between different domain registrars
  • the time delay of communication and transfer initiation
  • complications due to miscommunication
  • waiting for a buyer to pay
  • relisting domain names when a buyer refuses to pay
  • and many more!

These issues are something which is not covered in the 'Flipadom' training, which I think it should be because it is essential to know how to deal with these situations.

PayPal Disputes

Using PayPal is risky because the buyer is always covered by a 180-day money back guarantee where they can file a complaint and get the money back.

Since you are a sole person who is buying and selling on your own accord, without any real contract or escrow service in place, you are very vulnerable to being targeted by chargeback customers.

Chargeback abuse is very common, especially in this particular niche.

If you look at the website like Flippa, where you can buy and sell sites and domains, they openly advise you not to use PayPal for this very reason.

IMPORTANT - How to avoid PayPal disputes when selling domain names

Using an escrow service is much safer but, unfortunately, it is much slower and will incur extra charges.

Personally, I would not advise you to use PayPal because you will be very vulnerable to being targeted and lose money in the process.

Buying Undesirable Domains By Accident

You need to be very careful about buying the right domain.

The training does not go into any great detail about things such as:

  • toxic backlinks
  • any penalties or lousy history which may affect the domain name
  • the sources of the backlinks
  • buying branded or copyrighted domain names
  • and so on...

Things to check BEFORE buying a domain name!

There are always important aspects to consider when you buy a domain
name, most of which the training does not cover

The training goes along the lines of finding a great sounding domain name and buy it. There is almost no mention of the history of the background of the domain name, which will affect the price tag.

i recommend this product

I do recommend it but be aware of my warnings

My Overall Opinion About 'Flipadom'

Overall I would recommend you buy the service because, as I said previously, it is only $7 which is worth the money for learning any method to make money online.

I hope my review of Flipadom proved useful and that you consider my points before you buy it.

If you do buy it, the best luck, and I hope you implement my warnings and try and avoid making any silly mistakes.

I'm sure you will make a lot of money using this method if you implement the strategy taught by Trevor C, Jonas L & Bobby D and take action with the information you now know.

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